How Perfect are these Iconic Bands Made With LEGOs?

For LEGO and music lovers, these images are a match made in… well, LEGO actually. Malaysian Adly Syairi Ramly has been building iconic bands out of tiny LEGO figures – and the results are surprisingly recognizable. Yes, the Beatles rendition above is easy to identify, but just check out how pitch-perfect he’s gotten less obvious bands like Pearl Jam and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. I almost wish the titles weren’t there so we could play ‘guess the band’.

How Rad Were Old Game Graphics? The Real World Contrasted With Their Gaming Counterparts

If you were a gamer in the early ‘90s, you probably remember raving about the awesome graphics. It seemed like the future was right around the corner, about to pop into full color photo realism… I mean, just look at Jean-Luc Picard’s head!

To see how ‘real’ each of those games really was, Brother Brain (aka NYC artist John McGregor) has done movie/game mashups, showing us an animated look at how the old games measured up to reality… or at least a promotional picture.

Rediscovered Land Art in Egypt: The Beautiful Geometry of Desert Breath

Viewed from above, the Land Art project Desert Breath looks too perfect to be real. The two spiraling arms of positive and negative conical forms create a surreal scene upon the Egyptian desert floor, echoing the forms of nature found in plants, water and the very shape of our galaxy. Coming down to earth, the view only becomes slightly more believable. The features are gigantic: the outside cones towering taller than a human, and the shimmering center pool spanning almost 100 feet.

Two Brothers Re-Create Their Mother’s Favorite Pictures of Them…20 Years Later!

16 Two Brothers Recreated 20 Childhood Photos

All mothers love thoughtful, sentimental gifts and these 2 brothers delivered! They dug up some of their mother’s favorite photos of them when they were young and tried to reproduce them, a little more awkwardly, as grown men! Now 29 and 26, they dressed as similarly as possible to their childhood outfits and traveled to the same landmarks for a photo shoot that looks like a lot of fun. One of the brothers, olias32, submitted the pics to Reddit.

SPIN Magazine Covers of the 90s


Each of SPIN Magazine’s glorious covers of the 90s are a piece of space fabric in the timeline of rock’n’roll history. The first issue of SPIN arrived in May, 1985, with this statement of purpose from founder Bob Guccione Jr: “Spin is a fresh, intelligent alternative to a mostly tired, complacent music press. It is an upbeat magazine without politics and in love with rock’n’roll and all its kindred spirits.” Since then, SPIN has become one of the most seminal rock music magazines the world has ever seen. SPIN celebrates its 28th birthday this year, which marks nearly three decades of churning out some of the best writing rock’n’roll has ever seen.

Rad Fighting Game Backgrounds Without the Fighters

Fighting Game Background GIFs 1

From Street Fighter 2 to Samurai Showdown and King of Fighters, the 90s were filled with a fantastic collection of 2D fighting games. It was more than just being able to hit, punch and kick fast enough to dominate your opponent – you needed to know the key/stick combos to unlock hidden super moves, quickly wreaking havoc on the health meter of your foe. When you weren’t completely focused on the fight going down, there was something surprisingly special about these games too – the low-fi repeating graphics scrolling across the background. Redditor RudeBootie, a big fan of these now vintage games, has created 125 fantastic repeating GIFs devoid of the fighting action and in doing so has brought our attention to the imaginative virtual arenas where all these punches were being thrown.

Airline Passengers Photographed Through the Window

Passengers John Schabel photographs 1

Even from the airport terminal it’s hard to make out the tiny people packed into a modern jet, but if you strain your eyes you can see expectant faces waiting for takeoff… or anxious to get off and stretch their legs. Photographer John Schabel’s series captures just that, travelers in the space of time after seating and before takeoff.

Documenting the San Francisco Rave Scene

If you were around San Francisco in the 90’s, it was impossible to escape the colorful, joyous parties of the exploding rave scene. The influence these massive parties had was world wide, still reverberates today and for many was a life changing experience. Now the creative crew at are working on a full length documentary, focusing on the people that experienced those events firsthand and had their lives shaped by the hopeful, yet often misunderstood movement.

Old School Snowboarding Ads from 78 to 92

Today we take a trip down memory mountain, looking at some of the iconic snowboard ads that put the sport on the map. Snowboarding hasn’t always been the popular ride of the slopes that it is today; not long ago, some of us might remember, it was actually shunned by most of the ski parks. Boarders would literally have to hike to the top of a slope or get a snowmobile ride just to cut a line through some powder.
So give thanks for the pioneers of snowboarding and board on!