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Massive Handmade Cloud Leopard Paper Cut Sculpture

Thursday 05.30.2013 , Posted by

Nahoko Kojima 1

Using one single- rather large- piece of black paper, Japanese artist Nahoko Kojima of Solo Kojima hand cut an unbelievably intricate cloud leopard sculpture. The cutting process took five months and it was assembled by securing it in the air by fishing wire hung from the ceiling. The Crafts Council chose Kojima among just nine other international artists to display work in the Project Space at the Saatchi Gallery in the UK earlier this month. Before that, in February, the piece was assembled at Le Beffroi in Paris.
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Isidore Koliavras’ 3D Comic Book Art

Monday 05.27.2013 , Posted by


Isidore Koliavras is a Greek character design guru, whose forte is creating 3D images of comic book superheroes that could almost be alive. He creates the storied pictures with specialized CGI software optimized for human modeling. His comic book superheroes, each with hours of digital manipulation, encompass a dynamic and highly entertaining collection. [Read more...]


Incredible 3D Printed Photography

Thursday 05.23.2013 , Posted by

1 3D Printed Photographs

The team at Instructables has a printer that transforms black and white prints into unique three-dimensional worlds. The Objet Connex500 3d printer uses a rigid, semitransparent white material that don’t look like much when seen from the side, but when lit from behind the images gain texture and dimensionality. I don’t know much about any of this, but I do know awesome looking pictures when I see them. [Read more...]


3D Sculptures Seamlessly Blend Into Paintings

Thursday 04.11.2013 , Posted by


Japanese artist Shintaro Ohata combines painting and sculptures to create a world somewhere between two and three dimensional. When viewed head on, the unique sculpture/painting duos look like a flawless painting, but stepping further back from another angle you can see that the characters in each painting are actually polystyrene 3d sculptures of the same texture and color as their canvas background. Ohata was born in Hiroshima in 1975 and has spent his career as an artist depicting scenes from every day life in a cinematic way. [Read more...]


Paper Sculptures “From within a book”

Saturday 03.02.2013 , Posted by


“From within a book row on row a forest of knowledge continues to grow. While brackets and comma’s flourish and bloom, we fear the end begins to loom.” These are the words that can be found on the amazing book sculptures created by Emma Taylor. She carefully picks each book she turns into a work of art. With her careful hand, she brings out the story literally in the form of cut out pages of the book. [Read more...]


Coming Soon: Amazing New 3D Doodling Tool

Tuesday 02.19.2013 , Posted by


I’m beginning to get jealous of all the cool toys that kids these days have to play with- particularly this new invention by WobbleWorks that will be available in October of this year. As a kid of the 90’s I thought I was pretty cool with my vibrating Squiggle Wiggle Writer and Magic Copier but with this new 3Doodler, you can create 3D sculptures as easily as you could make a drawing. The innovative new toy makes it affordable for the average person to have a device with 3d printing capabilities. Invented and created by experienced robotics and toymakers Peter Dilworth and Maxwell Bogue, the device melts ABS plastic (like most 3D printers) and it dries instantly when it hits the air. [Read more...]


More 3D Illustrations Jump Out of the Sketchbook

Monday 02.11.2013 , Posted by


Back in June we featured some amazing 3d sketches by Japanese artist Nagai Hideyuki and now we are stoked that there are some new ones to share. Hideyuki has also created some videos showing the 2 dimensionality of the sketches when viewed at different angles. This batch is a little more colorful than the last, yet equally impressive. Hideyuki has really mastered this technique and inspired other artists to bring their sketches to life. See more of his works on Facebook and deviantART. [Read more...]


Falling Snowflakes Captured in 3D

Tuesday 01.22.2013 , Posted by


Snowflakes have been something we’ve marveled at for centuries. The idea that no two are exactly alike, the way that some are good for snowballs and others are not, and the way that they are formed have always been topics of interest. Now a team at University of Utah, lead by atmospheric scientist Tim Garret, have created a super high speed camera set that can take 3D images of snowflakes in mid-air. The Multi-Angle Snowflake Camera (MASC) is triggered by infrared sensors to capture snowflakes as they fall from the sky and can capture thousands of images each night. [Read more...]


3D Pavement Art from the Inventor of the Style

Friday 12.28.2012 , Posted by


Kurt Wenner is a master artist and master architect famous for inventing three-dimensional pastel drawings, which are also known as 3D Street Painting or 3D Pavement Art. He has spent a lifetime creating art forms, works of art and architecture, as well educational programs in a vast array of venues and media. Central to his own creative process is the knowledge of both classicism and artist’s geometry. [Read more...]


Imaginative 3D Worlds From A Paper Theater

Sunday 12.23.2012 , Posted by


In her little paper craft theater, Elly MacKay meticulously creates, lights, then photographs dreamy scenes. Although the final product looks like an illustration or painting, the actual process is much more fastidious. Once MacKay comes up with an idea for a scene, she begins to conceptualize it with thumbnails, drawings and words. Using a plastic material called Yupo paper, she draws and cuts out the layers she will need. Using wires she carefully places each piece where it belongs and adds additional touches, like parchment paper skies or tissue paper for landscapes in the distance. [Read more...]

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