Beautifully Detailed Paper Models You Can Build

When I ran across these tiny models recently at London’s Design Junction, I couldn’t believe how detailed they were… each looked like a small jewel of clever design. Most people are accustomed to finely detailed plastic models, but these seemed to convey the same sense of precision using only eco-friendly recycled paper. Looking closely at the vehicles in the lineup you’ll notice that their structure is built up with carefully planned ribs which are slotted together to create 3D forms. These range from round rally car wheels to opening Jeep doors and articulated bulldozer scoops. It’s really quite impressive.

Visual Bits #269> Sinking Into Installations

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A Paper Crafted Audi & How It Was Made

Using only paper as his materials, graphic designer Taras Lesko was recently commissioned by Audi to create a model version of their snappy new A7 automobile. Putting his print, cut and paste skills to work, Lesko came up with a version of the car that looks almost as if it could really drive. Be sure to check out the great ‘making-of’ video below and then head to for more of this talented designers creations.

Life-Like 3D Paper Portraits

I can only imagine how difficult creating faces must be for an artist, because the slightest distortion could make the character unrecognizable. Instead of struggling with the art of perfectly replicating facial proportion by hand, however, Bert Simons sculpts people digitally to increase accuracy. The Dutch artist creates 3D papers sculptures using a “dot per dot” method.