Get Ready for the First 3D Printed Short Film

French artist Gilles-Alexandre Deschaud is about to make history by debuting the first short film made completely with 3D-printed pieces. The film “Chase Me” uses nearly 2500 individual pieces to create the story of a young ukulele carrying girl on a walk through the mysterious forest. While others have created 3D printed animations, this will be the first that could be called a short film.

Journey Through an Ever Evolving Fractal Forest

Juilius Horthuis takes us on a journey through a lush and evolving forest made of fractals. His video experiment, Where Forests Are… continues a series of exploratory work inspired by the natural world. Horthuis calls his poetic work “a fractal haiku.”

Le Gouffre: An Award Winning, Painterly Short About Building a Rickety Bridge Across a Chasm

For being the first animated short film they’ve produced and directed, Lightning Boy Studio has certainly set the mark high. Exquisitely crafted by a Montreal-based team of three animators, the film Le Gouffre (The Chasm) features two travelers that come across a deep obstacle in the midst of their journey. The beautiful landscape they traverse is made all the more stunning by the painterly treatment given to each scene. It lends a hand-crafted aesthetic rarely found in 3D animation.

Fractal Experience 2: GIFs That Maximize Creativity in a Tiny File

These GIFs may seem like simple eye candy, but they are actually complex arrangements exploring the relationship between geometric patterns, fractals and patterns in the space time continuum. This series is a continuation of Erik Soderberg’s first set of GIFs released in 2011, titled Fractal Experience. In contrast to his earlier work, these images move.

Each Frame of This Stop-Motion Animation Was Made with a 3D Printer

With highly accurate 3D animation the standard in today’s world, it’s refreshing to see someone taking animation back to its origins when every frame was hand made… even if they did use highly modern technology. The creative folks at DBLG recently finished up an in-house project that sees an animated bear walking up a never ending flight of stairs, and each frame in this animation is individually 3D printed!

Fun App ‘Seene’ Covertly Primes You For The 3D Revolution

The current race to develop 3D technology is a little like the race to invent color television after an era of black and white. Our media is on the brink of coming full-circle, back into the third dimension after being trapped in a flat virtual world since 3D movies went out in the 60s. New 3D tech is being announced daily in the form of printers, scanners, TVs, glasses… what’s next? With every revolutionary innovation comes a beautifully pointless product (like Snapchat to temporary content). These trends can be ‘stupid’ on the surface but they can also function to assimilate foreign ideas into mainstream culture, paving the way for world changing tools. One such tool in the 3D tech world is a pointlessly-revolutionary app called Seene.

Beautiful Honda Ad: It All Started with a Motorcycle

I dare you not to love this new ad from Honda South Africa. Created in the same wrapping animated style as the overwhelmingly beautiful music video for Danger Beach’s Apache, the short piece looks at the storied and successful history of Honda and their many products. I’ve watched this 5 times and it still looks gorgeous.

Visual Bits #180> Illustrations Galore

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Endearing Monster Drawings Pop From the Screen

It seems like the web is being overrun by animates GIF images, from short movie clips to 3D photographs that trick us into seeing all their dimensions… but to see an artist who makes his own artwork look 3D, that is very unique. These imaginative images look a lot like a cross between the cartoon work of Matt Groening and the linear qualities of the late Maurice Sendak, complete with friendly looking monsters. Seattle based illustrator/artist Dain Fagerholm has taken his original pen based artwork and remixed it in stereographic GIF form, giving his images the pop of simulated 3D.

Imagination at Mini: Not So Small

Just announced at the Geneva Auto show, Mini has a new concept car out. It features some really clever details like a tailgate that will hold your snowboard and double folding doors that help in tight spaces. But, the main reason you’ll find this featured here is the amazing video Post Panic put together to promote the car. The mixed media film combines live action with 2d/3d animation, motion graphics, stock footage and visual effects for a really clever spin around the Mini design office. Whatever your opinion about the new Mini’s styling, the advertising is tops!