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Magician Creates a Balloon Animal Every Day For a Year

Monday 01.06.2014 , Posted by
Prince George Balloon Animals 2

So, what did you do with your 2013? Whatever it was, I’m pretty sure it didn’t match the inflated lunacy and downright dedication of magician Rob Driscoll. He spent the last 12 months making balloon animals… one, every, single, day. From a blow up turkey dinner and lightweight model of Wall-E the robot, to a jumping puma and a Tardis police box for the Dr. Who anniversary. Each day was marked by creative balloon twisting and now the collection of sculptures has reached more than 365. [Read more...]


Self-Portraits Everyday Since 1999!

Wednesday 01.04.2012 , Posted by

Jeff Harris decided one day in 1999 to do a photo a day, long before the trend began. Jeff had a normal job working in an office environment, but his self-portraits depict him doing wild adventurous activities… activities he probably wouldn’t have done if he hadn’t embarked on taking a picture of himself every single day.

Through his photographic journey, Jeff has taken 4,748 photos and is still going. He has an amazing story to tell with his photos and his five minute video below will share the tale with you. Enjoy.

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A Clever Doodle Every Day

Thursday 08.25.2011 , Posted by

I Love Doodle (aka Lim Heng Swee) has been pumping out a clever and often cute drawing every day for the last 202 days. Part of his Doodle Every Day project, that’s a long time when you consider that almost every one is something worthy of printing and keeping around to put a smile on your face (don’t fret… you can get prints here). If you’d like more smiles, you can get them on Twitter, Facebook or at [Read more...]


Daily Posters Based On BBC Headlines

Friday 05.06.2011 , Posted by

With the hope of spurring more world news interest in the U.S., artist Johnny Selman decided to communicate his message using a more “visually interesting vehicle.” His ambitious project sees him creating a new poster each day for an entire year, each based upon the headlines from the front page of the BBC News website. Considering the tight schedule on which he works, Selmans posters are incredibly well done and clever. See his continuing daily works at

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