Burning Man Approves all 35 Effigies This Year

This just in: the Burning Man leadership has approved all 35 applications for regional effigies in 2012. As a way of celebrating local communities and their efforts in supporting the Burning Man ethos and its cultural movement, the Circle of Regional Effigies (C.O.R.E.) organizes the wild art installations that will be created by Burning Man regional groups around the world.

In 2011, 22 effigies were built by representatives from communities as diverse as Hawaii, New York, Ireland, Saskatchewan and San Diego… to name just a few. The designs themselves need to be within the dimensional limits of 20 feet by 20 feet and mostly made of wood. They are all placed in a ring around the Man (rumor has it, this year will be multiple rings) and burn simultaneously on Thursday night of the week long event. Last year was the first year this happened and let’s just say you’re not going to experience anything like it anywhere else on this planet. I was personally in the center when the 22 effigies went off last year and that moment will forever be one of the most memorable of my life.

Crochetdermy: Winter Sweaters on Stuffed Animals

Although they look warm enough to hang outside on a cold winters day, these crochet covered animals are far too fine to face any inclement weather. Conceptual artist Shauna Richardson has been creating the full scale, witty yet beautiful pieces for a while now, further pushing her theory that “anything can be art.”

Just the Facts: Visualizing Facebook

This great infographic explores the ins and outs of social web giant, Facebook. Created by Antonio Lupetti, the clean graphic features 11 stats about the site, from users globally to how long they spend on the site. Amazingly, Facebook will reach 1 Billion users sometime in the year 2012 which will be 1/7 the world’s population. Follow Lupetti on Twitter or of all things… Facebook.