2011: A Look Back at The Year in Kickstarter

Kickstarter is officially a phenomenon! From funding civic projects like turning derilict New York lots into urban farms, to creative ventures like turning Michigan’s Rabbit Island into an Artists Residency or launching an inexpensive tool for shooting smooth video pans, the funding powerhouse is quickly revolutionizing the way we see grass roots projects come into reality… and no wonder: is there anything more exciting than being directly connected to making well thought out, world changing projects come to life and getting something back in return??

Visualization: The 2011 Highlights on Digg

Roswell Letter

Social news site Digg.com saw its share of ups and downs through 2010, particularly after the launch of V4. The tumultuous last months of that year had many wondering if the site would make it through 2011. It not only made it through but improved dramatically with the launch of hot new features and a glimmer of hope. Through the wave, one thing has remained constant: the ever-growing diversity of content.

Paying More in 2011: The High Cost of Inflation

If you thought an omelet for breakfast was a good low cost option, you’d be right, but last year you would have saved 7% more. This very readable graphic by Nathan Yau of FlowingData.com, lays out the sobering fact that in just one year the people of the U.S. are paying on average 2.7% more for goods and services.

Good Times at South by Southwest

Brian Solis is surrounded.

Hot off the press from sunny South by Southwest, we thought we’d share some fun shots from the event taken by our friend Kris Krug. If you’re a fan of the internet/film/music world (and who isn’t?), you’ll find some crisp pictures of those well known faces you’ve seen around the web doing what they do best… having a blast.

Kris Krüg is founder of Static Photography, an all encompassing photographic service that captures everything from models to architecture. See more of his prolific work on flickr.

Party On! Lightning in a Bottle 2011

Looking for a wild and inspiring festival? Look no further than the decade old, Lightning in a Bottle. Happening May 27th through 30th in Irvine, California, there will be fire dancers, circus shows, yoga, extravagant music performances and plenty of chances to dance your ass off. With an environmental policy of “Leave it Better, Leave it Beautiful,” it’s also a party you can go home feeling good about. See you there!