How Much Does Solar Cost in Your State?

Solar is a great way to get yourself free from the power grid and take control of your own energy generation, while also helping to drastically lower your impact on the environment. Solar panels last a long time too, once you’ve installed them, they often provide reliable power for well over 20 years, silently generating electricity with little to no maintenance. Sounds great! So why are people slow to implement this fantastic technology? The initial cost of solar is sometimes prohibitive for families, especially if their energy needs are high. This graphic by One Block Off the Grid, uses over 45,000 results from their online solar cost estimation tool to show what you can expect, on average, in your state.

Green Cars 101: What Makes Sense For You?

There are suddenly a lot of green, fuel efficient car options on the market. From the iconic Toyota Prius Hybrid to the new Chevy Volt Plug-in Hybrid and Nissan Leaf Electric, different technologies are being used to get the same job done. But how do these cars work and compare to each other? This graphic by 1 Block Off the Grid, a cool company that facilitates community solar purchases, looks at 4 popular green vehicle types and what makes them shine or fall short on the road to a cleaner future

Rejected Ad Campaigns of the Coal Industry

Did you know the US’s number one source of carbon emissions is coal? That black, sooty fuel has done more to pollute the air here and in countries like China than any other means of generating power (the latter country having a near permanent dust cloud hanging over it). This fun infographic by One Block Off The Grid, pokes fun at some fictitious and decidedly retro marketing campaigns the coal industry could use to set the record straight.