Airship Ahoy! Superb Steampunk Paintings

Vadim Voitekhovitch Steampunk Paintings_01

What could possibly be better than traveling in a dignified steam powered airship, surveying the prosperous land below through small paned windows, while wearing your finest victorian fashions? It’s hard to think of anything that would top such an experience, and Vadim Voitekhovitch’s steampunk oil paintings bring this fantastic alternate universe of the past to life with a realism that almost makes it tangible.

A New Voice for Vintage Paintings

Using vintage lithographic reproductions of romantic 19th century paintings, artist Wayne White inserts his own bold phrases and words. His careful attention to details like reflection and shadow make the images appear as if this was the way they were originally intended. White seems far from stopping on this typographical remix project: find many more of his “Word Paintings” at