Check Out This Hellish New Airline Seating Layout

Flying economy can be miserable. Luggage searches, bad food, the odd crying baby and absolutely no leg or shoulder room. Now Wired just found that a French company has patented a seating configuration which promises to make it even worse. Their concept places the middle passenger–already the worst seat–facing backwards. Their “Economy Class Cabin Hexagon” would pack in more neighbors than ever before, and put them right in our face too.

Our Most Interesting Charts of the Week

It’s been a big week. From Pluto photos to the Suicide Squad trailer, there was a lot to be excited about. And, naturally, we came across a few data sets that we thought were particularly interesting. In this QuickViz roundup, we share our favorite data sets, visualized just for you. It’s a little news and a little fun in a few charts. Enjoy. 

5 Amazing Video Ads About Amazingly Boring Things

Just because you sell something super boring doesn’t mean your ads need to be. We rounded up 5 brilliant video spots for some of the most boring and unappealing things. Here’s proof that they can still get TONS of attention with the right talent behind them. Let’s go!

Squarespace’s New Video Ads Look Like 30-Second Art Pieces

We’ve all heard of Squarespace, the DIY website that emphasizes beautiful design and ease of use. (Literally, its ads are on practically every podcast.) While plenty of brands boast the same offerings, Squarespace is aggressive in practicing what they preach—both for themselves, their customers, and their customers’ businesses. And with three new videos, they are pushing the envelope again, creating spots that are less ads, more art pieces. 

Gear Guide: What to Take on an Urban Exploration

Whether it’s finding abandoned metro stations hidden under the streets of New York City or exploring abandoned hotels on the Sinai peninsula, urban exploration is a favorite adventure for many photographers. Going to those abandoned places takes more than a little planning however, so we pulled together a list of the basic equipment needed to go, capture great shots, and come back safe.

The Best #WhiteHouseTour Pics Now That the Ban Is Lifted

Despite what we hear, there can be radical change in Washington, D.C. That is, if you’re on a White House tour and want to take a photo. The White House recently lifted its photo ban, now allowing visitors to snap pics with cameras and small cameras and encouraging them to post to social using the #whitehousetour hashtag. The First Lady made the announcement two weeks ago (using social media, naturally):

#TBT: A ’50s Band-Aid Commercial That’s Weird and Brilliant

We love a good #TBT, especially when it’s kinda funny, kinda weird, and kinda brilliant. And that’s exactly how we’d describe this vintage Band-Aid ad. The product has been around for almost a century, and we’ve seen just about every iteration of marketing for it: now with Neosporin! now in neon! But back in the day, the selling points were a little less sexy. In this particular commercial, they’re going for a simple feature: look how well it sticks! 

Video Projects that Kick Ass at All Budgets

While the cost of production decreases, often the quality doesn’t increase as a result. To produce a TV commercial in the ‘60s, you would need a film with a crew on site just to switch out the reels on the cameras. Then the film would need to be developed, and before non-linear editing systems, film was manually spliced together.

Now, with the decrease in production costs, many producers are killing it— regardless of budget. Large-scale productions can do the most innovative things with their budgets. Little guys with shoestring budgets are biting at the heels of the big guys . The beautiful thing is that we can expect more from everyone. Here are a few that are kicking butt at different levels.

Why Kevin Kelly’s 1,000 True Fans Theory Is More Relevant Than Ever

Do you remember what your MySpace profile looked like? I couldn’t, so I looked it up. It’s gone. I don’t remember how many friends I had; I know it was actually quite a lot, at the time I was massively promoting the profile for my expedition. One of our crew members had 100,000 friends. At the time that seemed powerful to all of us. MySpace seemed powerful—for a time, it was.

Marvel Comics Remixes Covers to Honor Hip-Hop Albums

We recently talked about why hip-hop makes for great visual content. This week, the trend continues with some serious hip-hop love coming from Marvel Comics. This October, the company is releasing more than 50 covers of their popular titles, remixed to honor iconic hip-hop album covers. Kamala Khan gets the Lauryn Hill treatment. The Amazing Spider-Man pays homage to A Tribe Called Quest. We couldn’t be more excited.