DandKPodcast: The Crazy Funny Instagram You Need to Follow ASAP

Kyle Mooney is a hilarious comedian who you probably know as a castmember on Saturday Night Live. He’s the master of the unassuming-awkward-white guy who tries too hard, and he’s great at capturing the subtleties of his different characters. Some classics:

Charts of the Week: Amy Schumer’s Box Office, Donald Trump, and More

Each week’s news cycle brings us great stories and great data for us to visualize. From Amy Schumer’s box-office win with Trainwreck to the amount Americans will spend on their pets this year, this week didn’t disappoint. Here’s a roundup of our QuickViz charts of the week.

These Quirky ‘Combophotos’ Reveal Surprising Views of the World

From top to bottom, this photo series is very clever. Combophotos, a personal project by Creative Director Stephen McMennamy of BBDO Atlanta, pairs two images in delightfully unexpected ways. Each is sliced horizontally, and combined with a complimentary image: turtles grow helmets in place of shells, people take drinks out of water towers, and a milk jug pours white rope.

5 Minimalist Animations that Convey Big Ideas

When we peel away the layers of complexity in a project, we are left with only with the message at its core. That’s one of the BIG reasons why minimalist projects can have a huge impact. Do them right, and they’re brilliant, but do them wrong, and they’re just boring. Here we highlight 5 animation projects that nailed the delicate balancing act of detail vs. simplicity and convey so very much with very little.

#TBT: Vintage Sneaker Ads

Before there were sneakerheads desperate for a fresh pair of kicks, there were plain old shoe companies hawking their goods. Of course, they were still selling lifestyle in one way or the other, but they are a far cry from today’s hyper-designed, hyper-futuristic sneaker ads. For this #TBT, throw on some kicks and walk down memory lane with these vintage sneaker ads. 

Crossover: Budweiser Is Owning It.

Last week I wrote about the Whatever USA campaign from Bud Light in a roundup of great projects at various budgets. When I first heard about it, I thought it was a bit absurd and the typical big brand, big budget waste of money. Many big campaigns are, but when I started researching the campaign for my article, I realized just how smart Budweiser’s whole range of current campaigns are.

Instead of trying to reinvent themselves like many aging brands do, Bud Light has just decided to own it. From their #upforwhatever campaign, promoting the idea that Bud Light is good for any occasion, to the #WhateverUSA town takeovers, they are taking the idea of an everyman’s beer seriously.

Prezi’s Drew Banks On the Keys to a Great Presentation

What makes a good presentation? It’s more than just pretty slides. We recently caught up with Drew Banks, Head of International at presentation software company Prezi, to get his take on creating effective presentations, the future of presenting, and more. 

A Drone Just Made the First Legal U.S. Delivery

Commercial drone deliveries took 24 short hops closer to reality last Friday with special clearance from U.S. regulators.

Australian drone startup Flirtey worked with NASA, Virginia Tech, and others, to make a series of flights in a project called “Let’s Fly Wisely”.

5 Ways to Check Your Ego and Be a Better Creative

Each Tuesday we like to give you a creative tip to help you mix up your routine, try something new, and glean fresh inspiration. This week’s tip: Kill your ego to save your creativity. 

Ego. It isn’t all bad. But it’s too easy to get wrapped up in your own self, convinced you are smarter, more talented, and more deserving of recognition than those around you. Unfortunately, those beliefs can get in the way of just about everything in life: your relationships, your work, your own creativity and ability to evolve. Hence, a regular ego check is important. Think you have a handle on yours? Think again. Here are five tips to challenge your ego. (Hint: At least one will make you cringe; that’s the one you should definitely try.)

Groove Glider: Column Five Spent Hack Day Making a Video Game

Every few months Column Five shuts down for an office-wide Hack Day. It’s a great time to brainstorm new ideas, mix up the daily grind and experiment with new creative work. Now, they’re proud to share one of the projects hatched up at their last Hack Day. Introducing C5’s very first video game, Groove Glider. It’s a side-scrolling space-shooter that’s part game, part mixtape (so you’ll definitely want your speakers on for this).