Your Favorite Films in 40 Seconds: A Revolutionary New Sub-Reddit

The Big Lebowski

If you love GIFs and you love movies, get ready to have your mind blown. Some GIF masters on Reddit have squeezed feature length films into 40 second versions in super-speed, somehow still capturing all of the key scenes. The 40-second flicks now have a home in the sub-reddit r/FullMovieGifs where you can see them all and upvote or comment on your favorite ones.

Humanity in the Raw: Captivating Photographs

In Cosmos, the wise Carl Sagan said, “Human history can be viewed as a slowly dawning awareness that we are members of a larger group. Initially our loyalties were to ourselves and our immediate family, next, to bands of wandering hunter-gatherers, then to tribes, small settlements, city-states, nations. We have broadened the circle of those we love. […] If we are to survive, our loyalties must be broadened further, to include the whole human community, the entire planet Earth.

Join In On the Photoshop Battles

Photoshop was one of my favorite procrastination tools in college. Anytime I had an important paper to write or test to study for, I would use it to superimpose my head on to Sports Illustrated swimsuit models’ bodies for Spring Break motivation. Unfortunately I never reached the skill level of these talented Redditors. If you are a photoshop expert or just enjoy the magical humor that photoshoppers bring, allow me to introduce you to an amazing sub-reddit: r/photoshopbattles.

Rockin’ Reddits- Re-Styling Your Favorite Characters

It’s always fun to see a cartoon character re-vamped by an artist in a way that you’d never expect. Wilma Flintstone as a pin-up girl, Smurfette as a sexpot, Iron Man Pixar style, and the Nightmare Before Christmas’ Jack & Sally as realistic people are just a few of the clever pieces that you’ll find in our Sub-Reddit of the week AlternativeArt.

Rockin’ Reddits- Old School Cool

Where can you play kick the can with Ernest Hemingway, stand on stage with Freddie Mercury, and kick back with Alan G Shepard in the mission control room at NASA all in the same day? It’s not a dream, it’s not an acid trip, it’s Old School Cool. Old School Cool is a Sub-Reddit where users share old photos of people looking awesome. Described as “a pictorial celebration of history’s coolest kids, everything from beatniks to bikers, mods to rude boys, hippies to ravers and everything in between,” Old School Cool is the safest way to time travel.