The World’s First Circular Keyboard Puts The Old Straight 88 To Shame

Although the piano wasn’t born this way, Lady Gaga’s lead keyboardist, Brockett Parsons had to have something just as unconventional as the shows he was performing in. With a team of “mad scientists” his vision of a circular keyboard that surrounds him was made a reality. The team consisted of Chuck Johnson- point man who gathered the team, Dave Starkey- the electronic man of QRS Systems, and Richard Fell- the piano pro who made it real. His round keyboard, which he lovingly nicknamed the “Brockettship” made it’s debut in Seoul, South Korea for Lady Gaga’s Born This Way 2012-2013 tour. With a mission to “re-imagine the world of keyboard performance and deliver ground breaking, performance grade keyboard creations” the PianoArc was born.

Is This How Millennials Will Save the World? It’s Beautifully Simple, and Incredibly Lazy.

They’ve been called the “selfie generation,” lazy, entitled and worse. But as this beautiful video explores, maybe there’s more to millennials. They’re “digital natives,” born into the first generation that grew up surrounded by digital technologies with no need to adapt. Able to harness the power of the online world in ways unimaginable be previous generations, they look to social media and high-tech solutions to make the biggest difference with the smallest effort. And while people may accuse them of being lazy, time and again the data has shown that they value social good over personal profit.

Touching Self-portraits Document the Psychological Journey of Grieving Death

After losing her fiancé in a helicopter crash in 2012, Sarah Treanor quit her job as a graphic designer to pursue a deeply emotional exploration of grief through photography. The creative endeavor is symbolic of her psychological experience in process and in imagery, and captures the essence of the dark, peaceful, and disorienting journey of mourning. The heart-wrenching feeling the images evoke is universally familiar and carefully dissects the most difficult aspect of the human experience – death.

Superheroes & Famous Characters Get An Elizabethan Make-over

French photographer Sacha Goldberg doesn’t take himself too seriously and we love it! With a review from his mother that states “he is certainly the best photographer of his neighborhood” in his about section, his exaggerated humility is endearing. Goldberg became an internet sensation with his superhero grandmother photo series and is back again with an equally funny concept. He transformed superheroes, princesses, and the cast of Star Wars into portraits you might see on the wall of a castle and it’s pretty amazing.

For His Wife’s Birthday, This Husband Commissioned 23 Artists to Make Portraits of Their Baby

Husbands take note: this is master level gift giving! Chicago-based photographer Ernst Berlin (or Rezinatoriously on Reddit) decided to give his wife an incredible gift for her first birthday with their newborn son, Jacob. To create what he wanted he enlisted the help of the talented people at RedditGetsDrawn, where he commissioned 23 artists to make portraits of his 8-month-old son. He gave everyone 2 months to complete their work, and 40 photos to choose from. The results are truly magical.

Watch This Swiss Cyclist Absolutely Crush a Ferrari on a Rocket-Powered Bicycle

Forget pedaling. Swiss cyclist François Gissy hit a blistering 207 MPH on his rocket-powered bicycle, setting a new world record. He performed the stunt November 7th at Circuit Paul Ricard in France, running a number of test laps on his lightly modified bike before going for top speed. His time to reach it? Just 4.8 seconds!

A Human Catapult Launches Base Jumpers, Angry Birds Style

After news leaked around the web, the Flying Frenchies have released a quick teaser of their recent high flying antics. This time around they’ve built a human-sized catapult on the top of towering cliffs. Instead of “Angry Birds,” this should be called “Crazy Humans.”

A full-length film created with 30 people over 3 months will be coming soon… and they promise a catapult wasn’t the only thing they took up the cliffs.

Elderly Toddlers Demonstrate That You Are As Young As You Feel

There is nothing cuter than a sweet old lady or man, except babies. This photo series combines the best of both worlds for some cuteness overload. For a New York Times article called “What if Age Is Nothing but Mind-Set?” about several behavioral psychology studies on aging, photographer Zachary Scott dressed up toddlers as grandparents. We love seeing animals in human clothes, but babies in adult clothes may have raised the aw-factor. With makeup, prosthetics, and a fair amount of photo editing, Scott made charming predictions of what six little kids might look like in 60 years.

Origami Meets Mathematics In These Unbelievable Hand-Folded Designs

Sometimes it’s hard for non-math people to understand how anyone could be so passionate about it, but these tangible examples of mathematical topics make it easy for anyone to see the complex beauty. Using math to understand the laws behind paper folding, Professor Thomas C. Hull has created some origami sculptures that seem impossible. The geometric work above, called Pleated Multi-sliced Cone, was a collaboration between Hull and world renowned origami artist Robert J. Lang. Lang used a computer program called Mathematica to design the concept and crease pattern, which artist Ray Schamp printed on elephant hide paper, them Hull spent around 20 hours, over the course of 2 weeks, folding it into the final structure. In the video below, Hull discusses the implications of origami to show mathematical concepts and projections for the future of origami.