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Drawing on Instagram Cats with Purrfectly Charming Results

Tuesday 09.17.2013 , Posted by

Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 9.51.08 PM

We all know that every cat has an exceedingly unique personality. Was your feline friend intended for something greater than leaping great heights or shredding curtains… perhaps being an astronaut or demolition expert? Sometimes these things are obvious, and sometimes we need a little help. Amanda Coffelt and her cat Bob are here for us, setting out to enhance the feline world on Instagram, one picture at a time. Their project idraw_on_cats has seen Bob and many of his friends transformed into their alter egos with just the touch of a pen. [Read more...]


Somewhere Under The Rainbow: Looming Threads By HOTTEA

Monday 09.16.2013 , Posted by


The pedestrian tunnel above New York’s Williamsburg Bridge never looked brighter until it was hit by yarn bomber HOTTEA. This Minneapolis-based street artist’s latest creation, Rituals, envelops urban wanderers beneath a kaleidoscopic canopy assembled from 2,000 strings of yarn. [Read more...]


Visualizing the Fires of Yosemite: Interactive Graphics, Maps, and Photos

Saturday 09.14.2013 , Posted by

2013 09 13 yosemitie npr
(Image source: NPR)

Nearly 400 square miles have burned as a result of an August 17th campfire that went awry.  After three and a half weeks of battling the blaze, the wildfire is now 80% contained, and costs estimates are totaling $96.2 million. The LA Times reports, “The blaze has destroyed at least 11 homes and 97 outbuildings, according to the Forest Service. More than 3,000 firefighters were battling the blaze.” [Read more...]


Playing with Food: The Art Toast Project from Ida Frosk

Friday 09.13.2013 , Posted by

The Art Toast Project

What if famous painters had used a piece toast as their canvas, and foodstuffs instead of paint? Well, it might have looked something like The Art Toast Project. Brainchild of Norwegian Instagram food artist Ida Skivenes (who goes by her online pseudonym Ida Frosk) The Art Toast Project is a series of our favorite paintings by well-known artists, created entirely out of edibles on slices of toast. [Read more...]


These Are Things Reveal More Than Just a Greeting Card Line at WMC Fest

Thursday 09.12.2013 , Posted by
Photo by Alaina Buzas

Photo by Alaina Buzas

We all love the story of the underdog. Or, the story of the underdog achieving. But the story of the underdog triumphing, but then stumbling and falling and scuffing their knees over and over again? That’s a little hard to take. [Read more...]


Smiling From Ear to Ear: The Happiest (Not to Mention Drug Free) DJ on Earth

Tuesday 09.10.2013 , Posted by

1 DJ der guten laune is the happiest DJ in the world

Move over Energizer Bunny, we’ve discovered someone more energetic- and he doesn’t need batteries- he runs on music! DJ Der Guten Laune (German for DJ Good Moods) is quite possibly the happiest man on Earth when he is in a musical flow. The 58 year old DJ from Köln, Germany traveled to Copenhagen to help Woohoo Inc. celebrate their tenth anniversary. DJ Der Guten Laune was a perfect match for WooHoo Inc. because their company specializes in promoting happiness in the workplace. They offer workshops and tips for employees and employers on optimizing happiness, which ultimately increases productivity and profit. Redditor alexanderkjerulf is the founder of the company and posted these pictures to r/Happy to introduce this energetic, ball of happiness to the community. [Read more...]


The Solar Powered GoSun Stove: Cooking From the Future

Monday 09.09.2013 , Posted by

GoSun Stove

You know that nauseating feeling when you realize that your ‘new’ computer is already outdated?  Today I feel that way about cooking. This new solar cooking device makes my traditional stovetop look and function like an antique.  The solar powered GoSun Stove simplifies cooking technology to a romantic state of powerless efficiency. This space-age looking oven boasts a meal in 20 minutes, up to three pounds of food, and a max temperature of 550 °F (288 °C). [Read more...]


White Bed Frames Take Montreal: 30 Lits by Kanva

Friday 09.06.2013 , Posted by

Kanva 30 Lits

30 Lits – French for 30 Beds – is an urban art installation by Montreal multidisciplinary architecture and design studio Kanva. Located in an abandoned lot in Montreal’s city center, 30 bed frames appear beside the sidewalk as if out of nowhere. [Read more...]


In Rock-Hard Focus: Make A DIY Concrete Camera

Friday 09.06.2013 , Posted by


Move over, Holga. Images are quite literally set in stone with this concrete camera, made by New Zealand photography lover and Instructables user amuu. Through amuu’s charming tutorial, any budding photographer can transform ordinary cement into a fully-functioning pinhole camera, complete with tiny wooden shutter and film spool.  [Read more...]


Print Black & White Photos at Home with a Smartphone Based Enlarger

Thursday 09.05.2013 , Posted by


As you shoot photos with your snazzy new Samsung Galaxy or iPhone 5, do you secretly long for the days of darkroom printing? Do you almost exclusively use the Inkwell filter when posting on Instagram? Are you a Lomography collector? If you even remotely wanted to answer “yes” to one of those questions, than this potential new gadget could be your dream come true. Called the Enfojer, it’s an old/new school photographic enlarger that creates real-life black and white prints using only your smart phone as the light source. Simple. Brilliant. I want one. [Read more...]

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