Pathetone Weekly’s Clothing of the Future

Apparently, back in the 1930s, there were high expectations for our current fashion trends. Pathetone Weekly, the British cinemagazine, ran semi-news blurbs featuring obscure topics that aired from 1930 to 1941. This episode in particular was quite amusing, as it displayed concept clothing created by American fashion designers detailing what they believed clothing would look like in the year 2000. The ideas ranged from women wearing cantilever heels and electric belts to men wearing telephones on their chest and pockets to give “candies to cuties.”

Ties: Debt Slavery in the USA

With Occupy Wall Street spreading to other nations, the movement continues to grow ever stronger by the day. This piece shows the JP Morgan Chase logo attached to a set of handcuffs, as a short time after the Occupy Wall Street protests began in New York, JP Morgan gave the NYPD the biggest one-time donation it had ever received: $4.6 million. It would seem the movement is having an impact

Did Evo Morales Watch Avatar?

World's Most Dangerous Road, Bolivia-2

Evo Morales has a reputation in the USA for his anti-USA sentiments.  Abroad, in many cases he is seen more along the lines of a socialist revolutionary than a nature loving environmentalist. At home in Bolivia, he is a man of the people, growing up as a farmer in a working class family.  His roots with the Aymara people in Bolivia win him points with local people, even though he may be seen as radical abroad. It is these roots that give him a tight bond with the natural world and as the 80th president of Bolivia, he has passed a law reminiscent of the belief system portrayed in the film Avatar.

The Climate Reality Project–Are these natural disasters caused by climate change?

Chaiten Volcano Eruption (25 of 29)

Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, tsunamis, tropical storms, glacial melting, record temperatures, floods, epic snowfalls, are all words we hear quite often lately.  All of these natural disasters, storms and phenomena are abnormal compared to our recorded history of weather.  After the Indian Ocean tsunami that hit Southeast Asia in 2004, the devastation of these events became much more real to the world. The recent storm that hit the east coast is estimated to be a multi-billion dollar catastrophe.  Then there is Japan, Chile and Haiti, the list goes on.

Visualizing The Top Secret Network of Government

“You think you know America, but you don’t know Top Secret America,” says this new interactive visualization by The Washington Post. According to the investigative piece, following the events of 9/11 the U.S. created a fourth branch of government far more secretive and unaccountable than the well known Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches. Where is this third branch? All around us. Since September 11th, nearly 1000 counter terrorism organizations alone have been added all around the country. Who and where are they? This in depth piece allows us to investigate locations by zip code, see the connections between different organizations and even find the independent companies that are contracted with the government.

The questions posed: are all these measures worth the cost both financially and socially? Click here to explore.

Broken Through: A New Flag for Libya

In celebration of the overthrow of Gaddafi’s long and tightly held grip on the people of Libya, artist Robbie Douglas created a new piece he calls “Broken Through.” A sequel to his previous work, “Breaking Through,” this rendition sees the iconic green flag torn completely through, revealing the new red, black and green flag. Robbie says the people of the country have now “escaped the control of the old regime and are now outside of it, tearing it down.”

Left vs. Right: What is Their World View?

Just what defines a left or right leaning American’s politics? Information lover and self-described “left-leaning journalistic type” David McCandless set about to create an unbiased look through the lens of the left and rights world view. Thanks to sometimes heated comments and discussion on his site, we bring you version 1.5… updated with less bias than ever before!

Art Inspired By The British Phone Hacking Scandal

In the last few days we have seen long-held allegations of phone-hacking come to a head against News of the World, a British newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation . Did the periodical actually tap into the voicemail account of a murdered 13-year old and the phones of fallen soldiers in Iraq and Afganistan? Time will tell, but the organization has far from a clean record when it comes to digging for information.

Just as Murdoch releases an nation wide apology in Britain’s newspapers, we bring you artist Robbie Douglas’ interpretation of the situation: titled “Privacy.” He draws Murdoch with earphones on, plugged in and listening to an unsuspecting world.

Wikileaks Mastercard Parody Ft. Julian Assange

This stinging new parody of a Mastercard commercial looks at the nearly $15,000,000 in donations the behemoth credit card company has blocked from international secret dispensary Wikileaks, and features a cameo by the man himself – Julian Assange. Currently on house arrest, the short piece was filmed from Assange’s current residence and created by the news and politics video group The Daily Conversation. You can find out how to successfully donate to Wikileaks here.

Focus: Where is Mass Media Taking Our Attention?

From the multiple conflicts in northern Africa, the tsunami and earthquake in Japan, ongoing economic problems in the US and more… it seems strange that the media would give so much attention to the situation with Andrew Weiner. In his newest contribution to Visual News, Robbie Douglas created a piece centering on this issue and it’s alternate options, stating: “I wanted to address the focus that’s been on him and his questionable but legal behavior rather than on more important matters.” We couldn’t agree more.