Zen Float Tent – World’s First Affordable Isolation Tank For Home

The benefits of sensory deprivation tanks are no secret: relaxation, deep meditation, soothing chronic muscle pain, increased athletic performance, and an overall sense of well being, but until now these benefits came at a pretty hefty financial cost. The average isolation tank costs $10-30k with the cheapest model available at $4,500, but now Zen Float has created a model that is available at a fraction of the price- just $1,700 and can be self-assembled after it is delivered to your door for free! Much lighter than the traditional models, the Zen Float Tent will weigh a little more than a water bed once you add the epsom salt and water and can be assembled in any room of your home so you can float whenever you want! With a single float session averaging $70 at most float centers, just 25 floats would cover the cost of this invaluable item.

Red Bull Stratos: Skydiving From the Edge of Space

The Red Bull Stratos Mission is a mission teetering on the edge of space. It involves one man, one balloon, and one jump from the edge of space with the goal of breaking the speed of sound. Felix Baumgartner and his team of experts plan to lift him to 120,000 feet in a stratospheric balloon and make a freefall jump, hurtling towards Earth at supersonic speeds reaching 700 mph. By reaching these speeds, he hopes to be the first human to reach Mach 1 and break the sound barrier during a skydive freefall. 

Take That You Ugly Ship


“Your ship looked like s#!t, so we painted it,” is the tag line from the Vimeo video showing the process of sprucing up this busted ship. Deemed “The Fun Ship,” this massive vessel has been beached at Llanerch-y-Mor near Mostyn since the summer of 1979.  For those of you, like myself, that do not know where to find Mostyn on a map, it is around the way from Liverpool in the UK (see map below). Liverpool based Empirewise Ltd had big plans for the ship to transform into a 300-room hotel, static leisure center and market, but not much has happened since its arrival in ’79.

Go Pro Torpedo Accidentally Captures Dolphins!


These days, engineering anything from a homemade RC helicopter to a personal submarine is about as easy as going to kickstarter and then taking a few trips to the hardware store. There are countless plans, tutorials, and guides out there to help anyone to get on track towards inventing just about anything. With the objective of capturing underwater footage, Mark Peters took some time creating a mini torpedo housing for his GoPro camera – something sleek he could tow behind his boat while deep sea fishing. His inventive design used a plastic housing which allowed the camera to float behind the boat and capture the tuna he and his buddies reeled in.

500 Year Old Map of America Found Hidden in Book

Just in time for Independence Day, one of the first European maps to recognize the continental mass known today as North and South America was discovered tucked between the pages of an old geometry book in the Munich University Library. The map, which is over 500 years old, was created by German cartographer Martin Waldseemüller using data from Amerigo Vespucci’s voyages to “The New World” from 1501-1502, hence the designation “America”. Until now, the map had been lost sometime in the 19th century after being misfiled in the university library. Including this one, there are only 5 versions of the map that are known to exist and one of them sold for $1 million at an auction in 2005.

First Wingsuit Landing Without A Parachute!


Jeb Corliss recently found his videos all over the news, featuring his near fatal crash at Table Mountain in South Africa. He survived and after many other previous stunts including flying through a cave in China, it is a wonder he is still alive today. His crash was not enough to discourage stuntman Gary Connery in his recent world record wingsuit jump, landing without a parachute into a pile of cardboard boxes.

Instagram Logo Comes to Life

The combination of a polaroid camera and Instagram may be the dream of hipsters everywhere… and with a little luck that dream might become a reality. A marketing and communication studio called ADR Studio has created a concept design of an Instagram camera. They call it the Instagram Socialmatic. The camera would be a 16GB WIFi enabled camera that looks just like the Instagram logo. The concept features a flat 4:3 touch screen, WiFi and bluetooth function for instant sharing to Facebook, Led flash and optical zoom, two camera lenses for regular and filter shots, and even a 4 color printer for the polaroid fans out there. The printed images would include a QR code for connecting to photographer’s Instagram profile. The printed images also would have a sticky strip (like a post-it) to enable sticking it up wherever you please.

A Solar Boat Just Circumnavigated the Globe!

Scheduled to arrive back at its beginning port of Monaco today, May 4th, the Turanor PlanetSolar has just completed a 19 month voyage around the world using only the power of its solar panel covered deck. The highly unique ship, which is built in catamaran fashion, is the worlds first vehicle to travel completely around the globe using only solar power — in this case 38,000 SunPower solar cells.