Maker Spaces: Community Based Product Creation

One of the most exciting new ways to bring products to market has a very community oriented vision: they’re called Maker Spaces. Much like Hacker Spaces, these are tool and knowledge sharing environments where people can experiment with product and business ideas, working on projects from prototyping and fabrication, to fine-tuning of products and even launching businesses. This video, shot by Self Made in Hawaii, is one of the better explorations of these new communal spaces, featuring an interview with Jerry Isdale, founder of Maui Makers.

Mad Men Meets Star Wars?

What do you get when you mix a powerful Jedi Knight with a top selling Ad Man? A company called Sterling Cooper Vader Price according to this videos creator. Wisconsin-based graphic designer Dann Matthews had the very unique (and weird) idea of mashing up the 46 second intro to Mad Men with Darth Vader starring as Don Draper. Considering the dark silhouette used for the TV show’s intro, Darth seems right at home. The Imperial march plays in the background as Vader falls, as if symbolizing the ultimate downfall of his power.

The Man Who Lived on His Bike

Author James E. Starrs once said “Melancholy is incompatible with bicycling” and this catchy new video, which will make you smile ear-to-ear and itch to hop on a two wheeled contraption, proves Starrs was right. I’m sure Montreal based cyclist Guillaume Blanchet would agree too. He spent 382 days riding through the streets of the sometimes cold, sometimes hot and sometimes rather scary Canadian city filming himself from the handlebars of his bike, all the while looking like he lives on the saddle.

Ad Ethics: When to Take Leo Burnett’s Name Off the Door

Just what exactly makes a company “good,” especially when that company is an advertising agency? Leo Burnett, founder of the eponymous ad agency, had a pretty good handle on the answer to that question back in 1967 when he made his retirement speech titled “When to take my name off the door.” Now, on the 75th anniversary of the firms beginning, a Brazilian design studio has made a stylish retro animation to celebrate the executive behind such iconic advertising campaigns as the Pillsbury Doughboy, Tony the Tiger and the Marlboro Man. If you’re addicted to watching Mad Men like so many others, this fellow is the real deal.

Starwars Uncut: The Full Film Now Online!

Three years ago on a computer not so far away… a plan was hatched to create a completely open source version of Star Wars: A New Hope, using the members of the internet. Envisioned by Casey Pugh, that vision became Star Wars Uncut, a crowdsourced version of the cult-classic film created by fans around the internet. Casey invited them (and you) to create 15 seconds of the original movie, to be combined with other 15 second tributes into a full length internet extravaganza. The resulting film – Star Wars Uncut: Directors Cut.

When Books Play at Night

Sean and Lisa Ohlenkamp like to re-organize book shelves and make snappy animations. See their latest example below set to custom music as they re-organize a book store in Toronto. Beautiful and rhythmic; it’s all for a love of books.

Abbey Road Gets A Live Webcam!

Few if any street crossings can claim the same world renown as the one on Abbey Road. The famous “zebra crossing,” known for gracing the cover of the Beatles 1969 album Abbey Road, has become something of a pilgrimage for fans the world over. They arrive daily to capture similar pictures of themselves crossing the street in iconic Fab Four fashion, sometimes by themselves, sometimes in groups numbering in the hundreds. Now Abbey Road Studios, the building credited with most of the Beatles albums and single recordings (along with many acts like Pink Floyd and Badfinger) has installed a live webcam facing the famous street crossing.

Cosmic Animations Capture A Surprising Reality

When I first ran across these cosmically captivating animations by Ignacio Torres, I was sure the sparkling clouds in the images where created on a computer… it really surprised me when I found out they are actually made of colored dust and reflective confetti! Torres, a recent photography graduate from the University of North Texas, began the project with the idea in mind that all human life is ultimately made of cosmic matter, the result of a stars death.

Location-Aware Albums are Like Real-Life Soundtracks

Imagine walking through a public space and having your music change as you stroll, fitting perfectly with each new setting like a soundtrack to your life. Can you picture it? Want it? Then check out BlueBrain’s location-aware albums.

To promote their latest tracks, BlueBrain, a Washington, DC-based music group comprising two brothers, launched a series of iPhone apps that play the band’s latest tracks according to the geographic location of its listeners in Manhattan and Washington.

Television Lets You Reach Inside, Control the Action

You remember Wonkavision from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, right? Well that portal like ability to reach in and manipulate things inside your television has just become reality… or pretty close. Media student Jayne Vidheecharoen from the Art Center College of Design in California has designed a prototype TV that converts physical hands into virtual ones when users put them in the back of the television, allowing them to manipulate what’s on the screen. Fun stuff!