Bar Mitzvahs & Breakdancing: A Coming of Age Tale

B-BOY is a story of a boy who is coming of age in two cultures – the culture of his religion and the culture of his passion – and the lessons he learns from each.

The Birth, Life and Death of a Soldier… As Told by a Hand

Sometimes we find ourselves impressed by the simple things in life, the things that when done correctly become highly moving and meaningful… take hand puppetry for example. It’s not everyday that we run across a video of a painted hand, complete with plastic googly eyes, and find ourselves deeply moved, but that’s exactly what this video “Fine” has done. A tribute to the great sacrifices soldiers around the world pay for their dedication to home and country, Italian filmmaker Virgilio Villoresi’s expressive hand gestures take us through the life of a solder, from his hopeful birth to his ultimate demise in combat.

Au Poil! French Animation Takes It To The Toilette

It’s not to often that you find a story with decided toilet humor which keeps you captivated for 5 minutes, but that’s just the case with this new short: Au Poil! The French language animation brings to life a large cast of interesting characters in its brief running time, introducing us to a host of bathroom accessories with attitude and very different levels of hygiene. It’s a battle for privilege and freedom, all wrapped up in one small bathroom.

Love Is Making its Way Home

With over 12,000 pieces of construction paper, a beautiful vision, and lots of patience, director Erez Horovitz and his animation team of almost twenty people have produced a captivating 4 minute stop-motion animation that will leave you smiling and whistling. This short music video featuring Josh Ritter’s (voted by Paste Magazine as one of the top 100 living songwriters) song of the same title tells the captivating story of a man leaving the country for the city, falling in love, and… you guessed it… “making his way back home” to the country to settle down.

50 Year Old Photos Transformed Into Surreal GIFs

Designer and artist Cari Vander Yacht works for the well known advertising company Wieden+Kennedy by day… but by night she paints and works on experimental projects like this wonderfully surreal series “TGIMGIF” (Thank God It’s Monday’s Graphics Interchange Format).

Mr. Happy Man: 88 Year Old Shares Daily Love

When people first encounter 88 year old Johnny Barnes, standing on a traffic island, waving his arms and blowing kisses at the many cars driving by, they probably wonder about his sanity. Yet, this charming and youthful fellow has more wisdom to share about life and love than almost anyone you’ll encounter. Each day, Barnes spends 6 hours, rain or shine, waving to cars, sharing love with passerby and doing his very best to better the world through his presence. In the beautiful film below, you’ll find he’s far from crazy, but rather has a beautiful and simple philosophy on life from which we can all learn.

A Solar Report With Images Revealed by the Sun

You don’t get a much more appropriate use of technology than this booklet for Austria Solar. Using ink that remains invisible until sunlight touches it, this crisp design by Mathias Nösel and Matthäus Frost of Serviceplan, comes in a foil envelope only revealing its imagery when opened to the rays of the sun. It’s a lot like those 1990s shirts that exposed their sweet prints as you strolled outside… only this is a whole lot less cheesy.

Nervously Interactive Artwork Blends Virtual & Reality


We have come a long way in the field of artistic projections, and new ways of interacting with these images are quickly creating an exciting world of moving, touchable beauty. Much like the screens on a mall floor allowing shoppers to jump on bubbles and virtually pop them, or the hologram of virtual Japanese pop star Hatsune Miku, the world is becoming increasingly interactive and virtual… in the case of Annica Cuppetelli and Cristobal Mendoza’s ‘Nervous Structures,’ the interaction is simple, flowing and beautiful.

Visualizing The American Beer Revival

The history of the American brewing industry has been one of dramatic ups and downs, from a vibrant past of locally stocked saloons, to prohibition and the complete shutdown of the industry, to todays far reaching microbrewery scene. This fast-paced motion graphic from our friends over at, explores that wild ride through the past 110 years.

Maker Spaces: Community Based Product Creation

One of the most exciting new ways to bring products to market has a very community oriented vision: they’re called Maker Spaces. Much like Hacker Spaces, these are tool and knowledge sharing environments where people can experiment with product and business ideas, working on projects from prototyping and fabrication, to fine-tuning of products and even launching businesses. This video, shot by Self Made in Hawaii, is one of the better explorations of these new communal spaces, featuring an interview with Jerry Isdale, founder of Maui Makers.