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Breaking Chains: North Africans Rise Up Together

Monday 02.28.2011 , Posted by

With protesters in Egypt still filling the streets, fighting in many Libyan cities and much of northern Africa in some state of upheaval, Visual News artist Robbie Douglas was inspired to create a pencil drawing, titled Breaking Chains, that illuminates the situation and it’s vast scale. [Read more…]


Kill Switch: When Governments Turn Off the Internet

Tuesday 02.08.2011 , Posted by

The recent protests, and subsequent restriction of Internet access by the Egyptian government have led to much speculation as to whether the US Government might one day exercise a similar option, which is actually not very difficult to do with a relatively small number of Internet Service Providers needed to comply with such a government order. In this Visual News Original, artist Robbie Douglas joins us again with his trusty 4b and 6b pencils, along with tortillions, colored pencils and acrylic paint, on 70 lb. drawing paper. Go here ( to see his previous piece, Mouth Zipped Shut, an editorial piece about Julian Assange of Wikileaks. [Read more…]


Mouth Zipped Shut

Monday 02.07.2011 , Posted by

Whether you consider Julian Assange to be a hero or a traitor, or something in between, we do know that the Wikileaks controversy has tremendous implications for the future of journalism and the freedom of speech itself. [Read more…]


The Domino Effect: Unrest in the Middle East

Friday 02.04.2011 , Posted by

There’s a revolution happening across the Middle East. Sure, it began with Tunisia, but the wide-ranging socioeconomic and political issues that are often characteristic of authoritarian governance — corruption, unemployment, poverty, lack of a free press, and exorbitant food and fuel prices — are not unique to its soil.

Click the graphic below (a Visual News original) for a full sized look:
[Read more…]


Protests in Egypt: Marching Against Mubarak (Infographic)

Wednesday 02.02.2011 , Posted by

On January 25, 2011, Egyptians began the first of a series of rallies to protest low minimum wage, high unemployment, and lack of freedom of the press under President Hosni Mubarak. The February 1 rally marked the largest day of protest so far.

An original infographic by Visual News [Read more…]


Happy Birthday! Wikipedia Turns 10

Friday 01.28.2011 , Posted by

Wikipedia, the user created Encyclopedia Brittanica for the modern era, just turned 10 years old on January 15th. To mark this informational milestone, we created an infographic detailing the current state of this much loved and resourced website, using stats from Pew Research and Wikipedia itself. Read, learn and enjoy!
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New Year’s Eve Alone… With the Rest of the Internet

Thursday 12.30.2010 , Posted by

On New Year’s Eve, you might find yourself surrounded by thousands of strangers, who also spent $90 to get in line for… well… drinks served in plastic cups, standing outside in the cold watching animatronic Dick Clark on a jumbotron.  Or, you might be in the comfort of your home, waiting for the clock to strike midnight with your virtual and real friends around the world. We created this comic to wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year. Click on the image below or here to view the full-size version.


No Man’s Land: The Demilitarized Zone Between North and South Korea (Interactive Infographic)

Wednesday 12.08.2010 , Posted by

In the ceasefire of July 27, 1953, the DMZ was created as each side agreed in the Armistice to move their troops back 2000m from the front line, creating a buffer zone 4km (2. 5 miles) wide. However, this area has not been without its share of conflict since. Here, we examine the strange border relationship between North and South Korea.

Click here or on the image below to view the full-size interactive (and to view the interactive graphic on your iPad)


Inside the Mind of Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange (Infographic)

Tuesday 12.07.2010 , Posted by

As the story develops on a daily basis, we now see giant companies either granting or (more often) withholding support for Julian Assange. It is remarkable to think about how dependent we are on a small handful of companies to be able to send/receive and deposit/withdraw money, and how simple it is for a company or individual to be frozen out of the system, whether via government pressure or from a PR-driven desire to avoid controversy (perhaps rightly so, depending on which side of the fence you are on). Whether you love him or hate him or sit somewhere in between, this is a monumental event, with implications for the security of people around the world, the rights of journalists, the relationships among governments and for the freedom of speech as we think we know it. For more insight into some of the foundational thinking that led to this martyr/hero/villain/freedom-fighter, you might enjoy the archive of his old blog (at least until it is deleted from the Internet). We decided to take our best crack at figuring out how his head has been wired. Click the image below or here to view the full-sized graphic. [Read more…]


COMIC: Kim Jong Il on Diversification

Friday 10.15.2010 , Posted by

You might be new to our site, but we are bringing news about visual artists and we are (increasingly more) bringing visuals about the news. In this comic, a Visual News original, Kim Jong-Il gives some highly practical notes on how to become wealthy.

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