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Graphic Quote #3: The Big Lebowski

Thursday 01.19.2012 , Posted by

A Visual News original series for lovers of infographics and cult movies. Here’s the movie clip [Read more...]


SOPA Venn Diagram

Wednesday 01.18.2012 , Posted by

The Internet community has spoken and it appears U.S. lawmakers have listened…for now. Visual News was proud to join the January 18th black-out protest. We’re also excited to be back online sharing great visual content with you. That said, the fight is far from over. SOPA and PIPA have lost some support, but the lobbyists behind them will find new acronyms to disguise internet censorship legislation. We encourage you to stay vigilant with us in the fight against internet censorship. [Read more...]


Graphic Quote #2: Back to the Future

Thursday 01.12.2012 , Posted by

A Visual News original series for lovers of infographics and cult movies. When possible, we’ll try to include a clip of the quote — (also, consider this your obligatory spoiler alert…though if you haven’t seen this movie , we have a bigger problem on our hands). [Read more...]


Visual News Original: Diversity In The Premier League

Tuesday 01.10.2012 , Posted by

England’s legendary Premier League has come under quite a lot of criticism as of late. With a number of race related incidents over the last several months, most recently seeing the banning of striker Luis Suarez after charged racial comments, we asked the question: just how diverse is the Premier League? [Read more...]


Graphic Quote #1: Super Troopers

Thursday 01.05.2012 , Posted by

Combine our love for infographics at Visual News with my personal interest in movies and you have our new Visual News Original series Graphic Quotes. Over the next few months we’ll be posting a weekly graphical interpretation of popular movie quotes. [Read more...]


Focus: Where is Mass Media Taking Our Attention?

Wednesday 06.15.2011 , Posted by

From the multiple conflicts in northern Africa, the tsunami and earthquake in Japan, ongoing economic problems in the US and more… it seems strange that the media would give so much attention to the situation with Andrew Weiner. In his newest contribution to Visual News, Robbie Douglas created a piece centering on this issue and it’s alternate options, stating: “I wanted to address the focus that’s been on him and his questionable but legal behavior rather than on more important matters.” We couldn’t agree more. [Read more...]


Breaking Through: The Struggle in Libya

Tuesday 03.08.2011 , Posted by

Here is the newest piece by artist Robbie Douglas. Titled “Breaking Through,” it represents the green Libyan flag with its citizens breaking through. An all seeing eye peers out from behind the curtain witnessing and remembering the tumultuousness events in the country. He used hb and 6b pencils, tortillions and colored pencils on Bristol paper. Click the image for a full size view.

[Read more...]


Breaking Chains: North Africans Rise Up Together

Monday 02.28.2011 , Posted by

With protesters in Egypt still filling the streets, fighting in many Libyan cities and much of northern Africa in some state of upheaval, Visual News artist Robbie Douglas was inspired to create a pencil drawing, titled Breaking Chains, that illuminates the situation and it’s vast scale. [Read more...]


Kill Switch: When Governments Turn Off the Internet

Tuesday 02.08.2011 , Posted by

The recent protests, and subsequent restriction of Internet access by the Egyptian government have led to much speculation as to whether the US Government might one day exercise a similar option, which is actually not very difficult to do with a relatively small number of Internet Service Providers needed to comply with such a government order. In this Visual News Original, artist Robbie Douglas joins us again with his trusty 4b and 6b pencils, along with tortillions, colored pencils and acrylic paint, on 70 lb. drawing paper. Go here ( to see his previous piece, Mouth Zipped Shut, an editorial piece about Julian Assange of Wikileaks. [Read more...]


Mouth Zipped Shut

Monday 02.07.2011 , Posted by

Whether you consider Julian Assange to be a hero or a traitor, or something in between, we do know that the Wikileaks controversy has tremendous implications for the future of journalism and the freedom of speech itself. [Read more...]

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