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Stamen’s New Web App Draws Watercolor Maps

Monday 03.26.2012 , Posted by

Some people just see the world in a more colorful way… and this new web app from Stamen proves it. Working much like any other web based mapping system, users simply type in what town or city they want to see and swish… the page is populated with a beautifully rendered watercolor-like map. Towns appear awash in colorful blues, greens and reds that neatly bleed into their neighbors in gradient pools. Lines appear sometimes wide and sometimes narrow in the organic, rounded style of the wet art form. [Read more...]


Invisible Children + Resolve: The LRA Crisis Tracker

Monday 03.12.2012 , Posted by

The Invisible Children organization has set the internet ablaze this week with their newest KONY 2012 video — which went viral on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook — and has succeeded in its goal of making African war criminal, Joseph Kony, famous. From celebrity backers — Oprah, Kim Kardashian, Ryan Seacrest, and Rhianna to name a few  — Twitter updates, long winded Facebook rants, and critical assessments by Yale sociology professors, everyone is talking about it; and the reaction has been both good and bad. [Read more...]


Oil Prices: A Current Snapshot of the U.S.

Wednesday 03.07.2012 , Posted by

Fuel prices have begun to sky rocket in the U.S. again, with no end in sight. It’s leading to rising costs in travel, shipping and consumer products nation-wide. The question: what exactly is behind these rising costs and what can we expect in the future? [Read more...]


The United Zipcodes of Craigslist

Monday 03.05.2012 , Posted by

When you visit the Craigslist website, the first thing you usually do is select the region you want to search within. Those Craigslist defined boundaries are sometimes pretty broad, from the San Francisco Bay Area to the entire state of Maine. A while ago, John Nelson of IDV User Experience created a very intriguing map based on those boundaries which is both useful as a window into what the Craigslist folks view as our local regions and as a targeted marketing reference. Now, Nelson has created an even more useful map, this time visualizing the nations zip codes which fall within the Craigslist boundaries. [Read more...]


How Much Does Solar Cost in Your State?

Wednesday 02.29.2012 , Posted by

Solar is a great way to get yourself free from the power grid and take control of your own energy generation, while also helping to drastically lower your impact on the environment. Solar panels last a long time too, once you’ve installed them, they often provide reliable power for well over 20 years, silently generating electricity with little to no maintenance. Sounds great! So why are people slow to implement this fantastic technology? The initial cost of solar is sometimes prohibitive for families, especially if their energy needs are high. This graphic by One Block Off the Grid, uses over 45,000 results from their online solar cost estimation tool to show what you can expect, on average, in your state. [Read more...]


US Interstate Highways as a Subway Map

Friday 02.10.2012 , Posted by

As for useful readability, there are few examples that do it better than the iconic London Underground Map. Instead of placing stations in there actual location, or depicting the real path of underground trains, the maps simply cuts to the chase illustrating where people need to connect to their next train. Designer Cameron Booth has recently updated his wonderful US Interstate Highway map which uses the same smart design language to create a highly attractive and useful map. [Read more...]


Interactive Hand-Drawn Map of Central Reykjavík

Friday 01.27.2012 , Posted by

Whether it’s remote far-away places, strikingly majestic scenery or creative music unlike any other, Iceland has a lot of reasons to beckon you… and this new hand-drawn map brings its capital city to life with a perfect fit for the beautiful country. Illustrated from an elevated isometric view, the colorful map features central Reykjavík, population 120,000, and covers a surprisingly large area of the small city, from the new Harpa Concert Hall (which will soon feature James Taylor, Elvis Costello and a production of La Bohème) to the cities iconic Church of Hallgrímur… it’s all here, and it’s interactive too! [Read more...]


Airbnb’s Global Growth: Visualizing The Journey

Thursday 01.26.2012 , Posted by

Few new businesses have been received with as much excitement as the world-wide private accommodation renting Airbnb… and no wonder, the site has literally exploded with activity in the last two years. This absolutely gorgeous new graphic by design whiz Kelli Anderson, looks at the growth of the massively successful company, which now allows you to rent over 19,000 exciting locations in 192 countries. If this doesn’t give you the travel bug, nothing will. [Read more...]


Drawing the Roads of a Fictional Suburbia

Wednesday 01.25.2012 , Posted by

If the designers of 1950s suburbia had been allowed to run completely amuck with their road planning, their outcroppings of American dream homes may have looked something like the drawings of Ross Racine. That’s right, these aren’t scanned and manipulated photographs, cut and pasted together, but rather drawings done freehand directly on a computer and then printed with an inkjet printer. His meticulous works look at the relationship between design and actual lived experience, looking to subvert the rationality of urban design, and bring light to the uncomfortable quirks those design choices hide below their surface. [Read more...]


The Puke State? Old Nicknames of US States Told by Pigs

Monday 01.23.2012 , Posted by

How far we have come in modern advertising… and how much we’re missing! Nearly 130 years ago W.H. Hill & Co produced this colorful pig-themed example of cartography, featuring the states and territories of 1884′s America. “Sole manufacturers of Hill’s Hog Ringers, Hill’s Triangular Rings, Calf & Cow Weaners, Stock Markers, etc,” the map is a perfect example of early day product placement, although a subtle one: each of the featured hogs has the companies unique triangular ring in its little snout (even the curtain is held back by their signature triangles). [Read more...]

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