Binary Prints Appear Wildly Different at Day or Night

Alex Trochut Binary Prints header

When we arrive in a new place at night, the world looks different. Colors – if we see any – are muted, and dark shapes dominate a landscape difficult to accurately decipher. When the morning comes and we see the same place again, it can appear completely different. Colors invisible in the night now appear bright or even florescent. Objects hidden in shadow reveal themselves. Why bring this all up? Because this new series of posters from Alex Trochut, called Binary Prints, turns the whole light/dark concept on its head, revealing far more at night than during daylight hours.

Monolithic Typography in Vintage Collage Worlds


In Space Relationship, huge typographical forms rise from the grounds of vintage structures, dwarfing often famous locations with bold and mysterious messages: INTERVAL, LARGE, FRONT, DISCONTINUITY. The scenes themselves blend together imagery from vintage postcards and photography into a collage of impossibly scaled worlds – bridges, mountains, boats and rivers are all dwarfed by ornate victorian ceilings which tower above the foreground, enclosing the scene with a grandeur more architectural than natural. These infinitely explorable images are the work of French illustrator and graphic designer Stéphane Massa-Bidal aka Rétrofuturs.

The Cocktail Chart of Film & Literature


Whether you’re reading a classic novel or watching the latest film, sometimes a story can just make you… thirsty. We’re talking Don Draper’s Old Fashioned, Hunter S. Thompson’s Singapore Sling (with Mescal back and beer chaser) or James Bond’s ubiquitous Martini (a Vesper if we’re talking Casino Royal). These drinks in many ways define the characters in the literature and films we love, while also instilling a healthy thirst in many of us. Now Pop Chart Labs has produced a delicious new poster honoring 49 of these story based beverages.

Retro-Fantastic Posters from Mads Berg

Mads Berg Illustrations 4

It’s hard to create more nostalgia than with the faded tones of a vintage advertising poster. Those glorious old ads push just the right buttons, bringing back memories of blissfully warm days, breathtaking views while traveling and good times spent with friends. Danish illustrator Mads Berg works with these classic influences, creating some of the most delicious retro posters we’ve seen.

Stunningly Designed Stellar Maps of Our Night Sky

stellavie-print-silkscreen-stellar-map 1

For anyone who wants to see their place in the universe, there is hardly a better way to get perspective than taking a look at the stars. With head lofted towards the sky we see a multitude of worlds so distant that the light originated eons before our birth. These star maps from Stellavie Design Manufaktur are perhaps the most lovely we’ve seen, providing us with both attractive detailing and meaningful content… the perfect inspiration for becoming more familiar with our night sky.

The Story of a Designer’s Tattoo in Memory of Dad

Kirk Wallace Dad Tattoo 1

Many tattoos are put on with less than a second thought… others go through months or years of planning and involve a storied narrative. This tattoo is one of the latter. After Boston based designer Kirk Wallace’s dad passed away earlier this year he fulfilled a promise that is truly touching, creating a tattoo design carefully crafted around the memory of his dad – the very person who taught him the art of drawing.

Looking Back at a Year of Daily Geometry

Tilman Zitzmann Daily Geometry 6

For just over a year now Tilman Zitzmann has been daily exploring two of his design fascinations: geometry and minimalism. Each day on his tumblr blog he posts a deceptively simple geometric form in his tasty retro style. Most examples look like they could have been lifted from your parent’s 50s or 60s textbooks, the ones that featured beautiful geometric instructions and infographics on the world before the term was even coined. For anyone design related, this is inspiration gold.

105 World Artists Decorate Paper Dogs

lazerian gerald paper dog project 14

If you gave 100 artists the same square canvas’ and told them to paint them, what you got back would be a lot of square paintings. In a similar way, British design studio Lazerian is doing the same thing… only they are doing it with paper dogs. Nicknamed “Gerald” their pointer like pup has been passed around to artists world-wide (with a head nod to the now classic CowParade), creating a pack of colorful and creative dogs for people to collect and assemble themselves.

A Visual Compendium of Cameras


Whether you’re using a digital camera or a film camera, photography is photography… and we’re happy to say that Pop Chart Labs knows that. Their soon to be printed Visual Compendium of Cameras traces the history of the world capturing device through 100 landmark renditions, from the original film based Kodak camera of 1888 and the Leica A of 1925, to the digital Canon EOS 5D Mk II and Go Pro Hero III of today (yes, names have become longer). For any lover of capturing the world around them – whether in black & white or high definition moving color – this poster is camera gold.