Vectorfunk Wildlife- A Graphic Design Project by Matt W. Moore

Matt Moore 1

Animals have been an inspiration and muse for artworks since prehistoric cave drawings, but this new modern twist by Matt W. Moore is as refreshing as it is awesome. The ongoing series of Wildlife features these ten animals so far in Moore’s self-titled “Vectorfunk” style. The street artist and graphic designer uses bold colors and unique geometric patterns to create supercool digital creatures. He also applies the style to larger than life murals, giving walls and buildings a contemporary makeover.

Steve Simpson Remixes the Ubiquitous Barcode

Creative Barcode Designs from Steve Simpson 16Creative Barcode Designs from Steve Simpson 1

Check out these seriously fun remixes of barcode design from Irish illustrator Steve Simpson. Actually, “barcode design” is almost a misnomer, completely overlooked by everyday designers. The ubiquitous symbol is simply looked at as a necessity. Simpson says we should forget that idea and get more creative. Just look at the many ways he’s reworked the vertical lines required for the barcode to work: they can become crocodile teeth, a sushi mat, Latin American style birds (or at least their legs), and even a convincing cactus forest.

Jazzy Abstract Maps of Famous World Cities


Some cities make you want to take out your favorite jazz records, sip on some wine and completely bliss out as you look down on the lights below. These posters from Toronto-based, self-taught artist Jazzberry Blue are just the right accompaniment for those moments – outlining the streets of famous world cities with a mid-century abstract flair. We wouldn’t want to navigate streets by these maps, but we sure would navigate life influenced by their spirit!

Superheroes: Their Past and Present in One Image

Superhero past present header

They are now the characters of myth and legend, their stories so woven into our collective psyche that their histories seem more fact than fiction. Batman, Wolverine, Spiderman, they inspire us with their struggles, overcoming young lives unlike any other, and showing us the heroic way to deal with them. San Francisco-based graphic designer Khoa Ho is creating fantastic images in his Past/Present series, showing us these figures as their young selves being initiated into superhero status, and as they appear now, fully clothed in their disguise of choice.

Bicycles: You Are What You Ride

You are what you ride 1

Have you ever considered what your favorite bicycle says about you? It could be far more than you imagined, expressing anything from that hidden “Gangsta” attitude you have inside, to the fact that you are a complete weirdo. Like it or not, a bicycle is a serious fashion statement… especially in this time of extreme 2-wheeled popularity. Luckily for us, French designers Romain Bourdieux and Thomas Pomarelle are here to help us find out just what our bicycle style is saying… and sharing with the street around us.

BMD Design Serves Up Tasty Retro Typography

BMD Design 8

With an aged patina of motor oil and the healthy scent of flaming exhaust wafting through the air, BMD Design out of Bordeaux France has some vintage influenced designs that will get any motorhead or rummage sale enthusiasts mouth drooling. Forget about digital perfection, this is the hand-made, home-spun article and the rubbed off paint is there to prove it. BMD has made a name for itself with old-school iconography and well organized flourishes of typography… it’s a style often attempted but rarely executed with such deft skill.

Soft Drink Evolution: Their Can Designs Since the 1950s

soft drink can evolution header

The products created by soft-drink companies rarely change, so how do you keep your brand feeling fresh, relevant and enticing? Redesign the can! Soft drinks have been a part of world culture since the early 20th century, with their iconic logos often dominating the landscape and making a mark on the subconscious of thirsty nations. Travel to cities like New York and you’ll see gigantic Coca-Cola billboards towering overhead, brightly displayed in neon and on jumbo-trons. Travel through countries like India and entire buildings can be haphazardly covered with dozens of individual signs featuring their ubiquitous logos.

Sharp Graphic Design from Shanghai


If you’re looking for unique design inspiration, you won’t do much better than the work of Tang Shipeng. This Shanghai-based freelance graphic designer/typographer is producing some wonderfully versatile work, all with an eastern aesthetic that can be highly refreshing to weary western eyes. From his posters, to his books and typefaces, each and every example is a study in clean minimalist design.

A Periodic Table of Muppets


Jim Henson was the mastermind behind The Muppets, which has been a staple of American children’s upbringing and development for decades. The coolest part about them is that they aren’t exclusively interesting to children. Grown-ups have found their absurdist, burlesque and self-referential style of variety-sketch comedy enthralling. Designer Mike BaBoon has created this comprehensive depiction of many memorable Muppet characters from throughout the years (and he even threw in some not-so-memorable ones as well). Whether you’ve been a fan of The Muppets since you were in diapers, or just beginning to enjoy them in their current incantation from their seventh movie, The Muppets (written by Jason Segel), this periodic table of Muppets is enjoyable for all generations of Muppets fans.

Iconostory: Minimalist Designs Represent History

1 Rene Mambembe

From the big bang all the way to Usain Bolt’s 9.58 second hundred- meter dash record in 2009, French graphic designer René Mambembé takes us on a minimalist journey through history. With clean, simple designs to represent each major event, looking through his work is almost like taking a history quiz to see how many key moments you can identify. After the dinosaurs and the Ice Age, Mambembé starts with Cubism in the 1900’s and goes decade by decade highlighting the most memorable occasions, ending with some likely predictions for the 2010’s. Brush up on your history by trying to label each minimalist design as you scroll through!