Cartography Typography: Chicago Poster Company Maps Cities, Lakes, And A Few Human Organs

2013 09 ork great lakes

Starting with her design of a Chicago map hanging on her living room wall, Jenny Beorkrem wondered if other people might also want to hang the poster on their wall. Working a day job as a graphic designer, Beorkrem began Ork Posters with just a few sales on Etsy.  She learned to screenprint, produced more posters, and then some blog writers started to take notice. This spike of interest gave her reason to expand her offerings and create more designs. Since its beginning in 2007, Ork Posters now offers 26 maps – with the Bronx just added this past August. Although Ork Posters has scaled up to accommodate the number of orders, they are still printed locally in Chicago. 

These Are Things Reveal More Than Just a Greeting Card Line at WMC Fest

Photo by Alaina Buzas
Photo by Alaina Buzas

We all love the story of the underdog. Or, the story of the underdog achieving. But the story of the underdog triumphing, but then stumbling and falling and scuffing their knees over and over again? That’s a little hard to take.

Charting the Beatles: Nerdy Designs Indulge in Obsessive Minutia about the Fab Four

John Lennon transformation

For the past three years, Pop Chart Lab has been producing stellar infographics on a ridiculous range of subjects. Graphics include such topics as beer, kitchen utensils, and superpowers. PCL’s business goal reads, “to render all of human experience in chart form.”  Last week, the Brooklyn based company released Volume 3 in their series of infographics about the Beatles, completing a nice little set.

The Storied Evolution of the Star Wars Logo

Star Wars 01 Ralph McQuarrie Scrapbook

When it comes to movie logos (or franchises for that matter) there are few as iconic as the now classic Star Wars trilogy… but how well do we really know the design behind that logo? As it turns out, the famously “spacy” typography featured in the now familiar logo wasn’t finalized on all print media until a while after the first movies release, and some early versions slipped through becoming quite familiar in their own right.

Vectorfunk Wildlife- A Graphic Design Project by Matt W. Moore

Matt Moore 1

Animals have been an inspiration and muse for artworks since prehistoric cave drawings, but this new modern twist by Matt W. Moore is as refreshing as it is awesome. The ongoing series of Wildlife features these ten animals so far in Moore’s self-titled “Vectorfunk” style. The street artist and graphic designer uses bold colors and unique geometric patterns to create supercool digital creatures. He also applies the style to larger than life murals, giving walls and buildings a contemporary makeover.

Steve Simpson Remixes the Ubiquitous Barcode

Creative Barcode Designs from Steve Simpson 16Creative Barcode Designs from Steve Simpson 1

Check out these seriously fun remixes of barcode design from Irish illustrator Steve Simpson. Actually, “barcode design” is almost a misnomer, completely overlooked by everyday designers. The ubiquitous symbol is simply looked at as a necessity. Simpson says we should forget that idea and get more creative. Just look at the many ways he’s reworked the vertical lines required for the barcode to work: they can become crocodile teeth, a sushi mat, Latin American style birds (or at least their legs), and even a convincing cactus forest.

Jazzy Abstract Maps of Famous World Cities


Some cities make you want to take out your favorite jazz records, sip on some wine and completely bliss out as you look down on the lights below. These posters from Toronto-based, self-taught artist Jazzberry Blue are just the right accompaniment for those moments – outlining the streets of famous world cities with a mid-century abstract flair. We wouldn’t want to navigate streets by these maps, but we sure would navigate life influenced by their spirit!

Superheroes: Their Past and Present in One Image

Superhero past present header

They are now the characters of myth and legend, their stories so woven into our collective psyche that their histories seem more fact than fiction. Batman, Wolverine, Spiderman, they inspire us with their struggles, overcoming young lives unlike any other, and showing us the heroic way to deal with them. San Francisco-based graphic designer Khoa Ho is creating fantastic images in his Past/Present series, showing us these figures as their young selves being initiated into superhero status, and as they appear now, fully clothed in their disguise of choice.

Bicycles: You Are What You Ride

You are what you ride 1

Have you ever considered what your favorite bicycle says about you? It could be far more than you imagined, expressing anything from that hidden “Gangsta” attitude you have inside, to the fact that you are a complete weirdo. Like it or not, a bicycle is a serious fashion statement… especially in this time of extreme 2-wheeled popularity. Luckily for us, French designers Romain Bourdieux and Thomas Pomarelle are here to help us find out just what our bicycle style is saying… and sharing with the street around us.

BMD Design Serves Up Tasty Retro Typography

BMD Design 8

With an aged patina of motor oil and the healthy scent of flaming exhaust wafting through the air, BMD Design out of Bordeaux France has some vintage influenced designs that will get any motorhead or rummage sale enthusiasts mouth drooling. Forget about digital perfection, this is the hand-made, home-spun article and the rubbed off paint is there to prove it. BMD has made a name for itself with old-school iconography and well organized flourishes of typography… it’s a style often attempted but rarely executed with such deft skill.