The Bizarre “Truppe Fledermaus” from Kahn + Selesnick


It’s hard to get more bizarre or intriguing than these recent works from the New York/British collaborative duo Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick. Their mixed media series of photographs, paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures see a world of greenmen, bats and death dancers prancing about the countryside and the near outskirts of sometimes familiar towns. The imagery and the characters themselves often tightrope a fine line between the playful and the haunting… and it only gets better when we know the story behind what’s going on.

Visual Bits #419 > Animals Do The Darnedest Things

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Visual Bits #417 > Beaches, Birds, & Bettys: Vintage

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Magical Landscapes by a Legend: Eyvind Earle

Eyvind Earle 1

The work of Eyvind Earle is truly timeless, looking so current it could have been painted yesterday by a mature artist we’d flock to gallery openings for… but Earle passed away almost 13 years ago. His lifetime of work continues to inspire with its imaginative, dreamlike scenery; confetti-like array of colors across the canvas; and for the many influential film works he helped create. If these landscape paintings look familiar, we’ll tell you why.

Vintage Predictions of Life on Other Planets

3 Frank R. Paul life-on-mars

In 1939, we knew much less about our solar system, so much less that these illustrations by Frank R. Paul may have really made people wonder about what strange life may be living on other planets. His drawings were some of the first images seen by science fiction writers Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke, and Forrest J Ackerman, making him one of the greatest influences on the early pieces in the genre. Using what little knowledge scientists had about the compositions of each planet, Frank R. Paul drew his predictions of what humans might find should they try to inhabit the other planets.

Visual Bits #405> The Cats Meow: Wacky Vintage Photos

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Visual Bits #397 > How It Was Back Then: A Vintage Era

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Visual Bits #396 > International Women’s Day

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It’s Only a Paper Moon: Good Times, Vintage Portraits

Paper Moon 12

Long before Instagram, photo booths or even the common ownership of a camera, you could get your photograph taken sitting on the moon. Often a fixture at fairs, parties and carnivals, people sat in the crescent of a smiling “paper moon,” as if lifted to the stars. A photographic phenomena primarily of the early half of the 20th century, it captivated the imagination of a world pre-Photoshop and gave many a memorable image of great times.

Visual Bits #386 > Fun Photos From A Bygone Era

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