Then & Now- Famous Face Mash-ups

Marc Ghali- 1 - O:X

They say history tends to repeat itself and apparently the saying extends to the looks of those making history as well. From Hollywood heart-throbs and singers to princesses and civil rights leaders, Marc Ghali has found the perfect pairings from then and now. The Toronto-based graphic designer has combined the faces of two similar figures in the public eye decades later.

Visual Bits # 448 > Beauty In Black & White: Old Photos

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Monolithic Typography in Vintage Collage Worlds


In Space Relationship, huge typographical forms rise from the grounds of vintage structures, dwarfing often famous locations with bold and mysterious messages: INTERVAL, LARGE, FRONT, DISCONTINUITY. The scenes themselves blend together imagery from vintage postcards and photography into a collage of impossibly scaled worlds – bridges, mountains, boats and rivers are all dwarfed by ornate victorian ceilings which tower above the foreground, enclosing the scene with a grandeur more architectural than natural. These infinitely explorable images are the work of French illustrator and graphic designer Stéphane Massa-Bidal aka Rétrofuturs.

Visual Bits #445 > We The People: Photography & More

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Tatooine today: Traveler seeks old set of Star wars


To some Star Wars fans, Episode IV: A New Hope was the best Star Wars film ever made. It was the first one, made by George Lucas, and it launched the passionate followed by enthusiasts around the world. In the first hour of the film, the setting is in a vast desert on the Planet Tatooine. There, Luke Skywalker discovers he is more than just a farmer boy shooting womp rats for fun, Obi Wan is brought back to jedi action and Han Solo lays low from slug gangster Jabba the Hutt. So the question looms, what’s happened to Tatooine now?

Eclectic Remixed Movie Posters by Latvian Artist


Latvian illustrator Harijs Grundmanis has created his own artistic niche, using a unique surreal style that reinvents or creates alternative imagery for film posters. His distinctive style grants the observer with a tantalizing vision of each particularly famous movie.

Visual Bits #433 > The Tall And Short Of It: Vintage Times

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1950’s Disney Live Models Combined with Cartoon

Sleeping Beauty

Long before computer animation, in the old, magical, early days of Disney, animators used a rotoscope to draw over live-action film. Frame by frame, the artists would trace over the actors and actresses that enacted each scene. Retronaut dug up some of these old images from Disney movies and it’s amazing to see the actresses that played our beloved princesses like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella. Disney was ahead of the trend, slimming down the waists of the models for the animated version, like the magazines now do regularly with Photoshop.

Visual Bits #427> Pop Art Keepin’ It Real: Funny & Cool

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Astronaut Fashion: Spacesuits Through the Years

1 Project Mercury

Imagining what the iconic picture of Buzz Aldrin on the moon might look like if he weren’t wearing a space suit can be stomach churning when you think about all of the elements that the personal space ship protects against. Without the pressurised gas to maintain internal pressure, all of the gases in his body would expand at a rapid rate, causing his blood to boil, and he would have no oxygen to breathe. NASA has a great interactive that shows a friendlier cartoon version where Andy the Astronaut demonstrates what would happen to a human in space without protection, then you can take a virtual tour of the space suits that have made history. Enjoy watching the evolution of the space suit as you scroll through this collection.