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This Artist Spent a Month Creating a Digital Sundial. He Says “Don’t Throw Out Your Watch”

Monday 03.17.2014 , Posted by

Appearing to be only a solid block of metal with a series of holes punched through it, Toronto-based artist Daniel Voshart’s Sun Cube prototype is actually a study in precise celestial geometry. Inside the cube are hundreds of channels cut to match the exact angle of the sun and cast dot-matrix style numbers underneath for each daylight hour. [Read more...]


Don’t Spill the Milk! Oddly Melting Pottery by Livia Marin

Sunday 03.16.2014 , Posted by

Livia Marin makes cups that runneth over – literally. In her Nomad Patterns series, the artist sculpts broken china teacups, pitchers, and vases whose edges ooze into glossy, perfectly-patterned puddles.  [Read more...]


Look What the Sea Washed In: Wild Animals Made from Ocean Trash

Thursday 03.13.2014 , Posted by
Gilles Cenazandotti Animals Made from Ocean Trash 3

Gilles Cenazandotti Animals Made from Ocean Trash 4

Corsican artist Gilles Cenazandotti is a beachcomber, sifting through the sands in search of plastic garbage washed ashore. He is using his under appreciated treasure to build a life-sized bestiary in a fascinating commentary on overconsumption and its effects on the animal world. [Read more...]


Porcelain or Splashing Sea Foam? This Bizarrely Beautiful Vase is Neither

Tuesday 03.11.2014 , Posted by
Eragatory Floralia vase 1

Like delicate porcelain transformed into splashing sea foam, these fantastically beautiful, yet utterly unusual vases bridge the gap between functionality and pure aesthetics. The 3D printed design was created by Eragatory, which creates the form using a series of semi-automated steps that allow for customization on each decision. [Read more...]


These Are Clearly “SilverWareBack” Gorillas (and Other Animal Sculptures Created with Flatware)

Sunday 03.09.2014 , Posted by
Gary Hovey Flatware Silverware Sculptures 13

Unless a delicious piece of crème brûlée is sitting on your fork, you might not be thinking about art when it comes to flatware. Gary Hovey is different. Since 2004 he’s been using forks, knives and spoons as the medium for his nature-based artwork. From the ruffled fur of a bear made from the tines of a fork, to the ears of an elephant made from fanned knife handles, each of his sculptures are made completely from eating utensils. [Read more...]


Nature Melts with Color: Herb Williams’ Crayon Sculptures

Saturday 03.08.2014 , Posted by
Herb Williams Crayon Sculptures 1

According to artist Herb Williams, “Crayons are a gateway drug”… and perhaps that’s why he’s one of the only independent buyers in the world who maintains an account with Crayola. He melds the colorful wax sticks into fantastically large sculptures, buying each of the plethora of colors in packs of 3000. After cutting each stick down to size, he wraps them around pre-built forms and sometimes melts them down to form one solid mass. His sculptures occasionally use hundreds of thousands of pieces to complete. They are at once unusually bizarre and familiarly nostalgic. Just get a whiff of that Crayola smell! [Read more...]


Heading to SXSW? Check Out Column Five’s Unreal Paper Craft Animation

Friday 03.07.2014 , Posted by

The crafty people at Column Five now have offices in California and New York, so what better way to announce their country spanning convergence on SXSW this week than this stellar paper craft animation? Whether you prefer mustard covered hot dogs, fresh zesty tacos or a juicy rack of ribs, the short animation will keep your eyes well pleased and your stomach… well… fiber filled. It’s paper after all. [Read more...]


These Two Artists Are Living Together in a Gigantic Hamster Wheel

Wednesday 03.05.2014 , Posted by
Hamster Wheel Scott Lynch 1

If you thought sharing a small apartment was difficult, imagine being these two artists sharing a gigantic hamster wheel. Taking the challenges of co-habitation to a new level, Ward Shelley and Alex Schweder have taken up residence for 10 days on a giant 25 foot wheel furnished mostly with orange and red Ikea furniture… that matches their hip orange and red jumpsuits. Shelley is living inside at the bottom, because he’s afraid of heights, and Schweder is living outside on the top, some 30 feet off the ground. The piece is called In Orbit. [Read more...]


Mini Museum Makes History Portable

Thursday 02.27.2014 , Posted by

In my wildest dreams, my home would be filled with amazing relics from our planet’s history. My shelves would be filled with things like dinosaur fossils and lunar rocks, constant inspiration in every room.

So that may never happen. But now I can have small pieces of those extraordinary things in one portable little display. [Read more...]


Stark White Animal Sculptures Contrast With Nature

Wednesday 02.26.2014 , Posted by
Ben Foster Sculpture

In a stark white blend of digital and analogue, Ben Foster creates computer-like, faceted sculptures that live not on the screen, but in the physical world. From a howling dog, to a graceful horse and a seal, Foster welds his animal themed works from flat plates of metal, smoothing their seams and painting them bright white to reflect the changing gradations of daylight on each surface. [Read more...]

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