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Man Builds Giant Kinetic Art Piece Using 100,000 K’Nex

Tuesday 12.31.2013 , Posted by
knex kinetic art

I’m sure you’ve seen some form of kinetic ball machine before. Small balls are lifted to the top of long rollercoaster-like tracks and dropped through a series of fascinating paths until they reach the bottom – only to be scooped up again for another ride. Austin Granger is no stranger to these machines, but uniquely, he’s been building them for the last few years out of the K’Nex construction toy system. Now, he’s topped all his other efforts, creating a massive 23.5 foot tall, 40 foot long machine using over 100,000 pieces! [Read more...]


Tessellated Masks Folded from One Sheet of Un-cut Paper

Sunday 12.29.2013 , Posted by
Joel Cooper Tessellated Origami Masks 1

These masks may look like complex woven mats of metal or fabric – and that would be impressive – but the truth is even more astounding. Origami artist Joel Cooper uses a folding method called tessellation to create his elaborate masks out of one piece of paper without cutting or glue. His faces have a distinctly geometric form that is otherworldly and beautiful. Yes, this takes practice. [Read more...]


Harbin Ice Festival 2014 Unveils Some of Their Snow Sculptures Early

Thursday 12.26.2013 , Posted by
harbin-art-expo 1

Although temperatures reach -30 °C, many people flock to China each Winter to explore the magical Harbin Ice Festival. Some of the finest ice and snow sculptors in the world come to showcase their talents, creating massive snow creations that tower over the Winter Wonderland. The official annual start date of the Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival is January 5th and goes through the end of February, but sculptures of this magnitude take quite a bit of time to prepare, so we can get a little sneak peak of what to expect. 80% of the sculptures are done, and those visiting now get to see them in the making. [Read more...]


Massive Model of Rivendell From The Hobbit and LOTR, Built with 200,000 LEGOs

Tuesday 12.17.2013 , Posted by
Rivendell in Lego 2

When it comes to Middle-earth, there are few places more beautiful than Rivendell. Home of the elves, this magically lit outpost from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings could easily be paradise… even if it’s built out of LEGOs. Alice Finch recently teamed up with David Frank to create an insanely massive model of the place using around 200,000 LEGO pieces to complete! [Read more...]


World’s Largest Gingerbread Village Goes Down in Holiday History

Monday 12.16.2013 , Posted by
World's Largest Gingerbread Village

The holidays bring out many different types of spirit: the spirit of giving, the spirit of love, the spirits of whiskey and, most recently, the competitive spirit. Chef Jon Lovitch worked for a whole year (all while wearing a Santa hat I’m sure) to construct what is now officially “the world’s largest edible gingerbread village.” When the trusty guys from the Guinness Book of World Records stopped by, the 300-square foot village weighed in at a whopping 1.5 tons! [Read more...]


Artist Cuts Exquisite Trees into Luxury Shopping Bags

Thursday 12.12.2013 , Posted by
Yuken Teruya Trees Cut Into Paper Bags 1

If there’s one living thing NOT excited about the holiday season, it has to be the tree. Think of all the wrapping paper, newspaper ad sections and piles of shopping bags! Japanese artist Yuken Teruya has been transforming that last item into something that recalls its living source. With impressive precision he cuts a two-part silhouette – the lower branches and trunk, and the leafy top – into the side of each bag. Then he carefully folds them down into the space inside, joining the two shapes together and finally rooting the base of the trunk with a single drop of glue. Looking inside, viewers are treated to a magically idillic scene, softly lit through the holes above. [Read more...]


Disintegrating: Exploded Exotic Cars by Fabian Oefner

Wednesday 12.04.2013 , Posted by

Fabian Oefner Exploded Exotic Cars 3_2

In the blink of an eye, the classic Mercedes stopped in front of you perfectly explodes into a million pieces, spraying mufflers, brake calipers and intake manifolds high into the air. At least that’s what it looks like is happening in Fabian Oefner’s surprising new series. We’re fond to Oefner’s visually stunning work, but usually it involves slinging paint around his immaculately clean studio, or at least playing with ferrofluid, magnets and water colors – this series is something completely new. And don’t worry, no classic cars were harmed in the making of these images – despite how real they look, these are actually tiny models. [Read more...]


Sweet Architecture: Gingerbread Art Museums by Caitlin Levin and Henry Hargreaves

Tuesday 12.03.2013 , Posted by

Gingerbread Art Museums by Caitlin Levin and Henry Hargreaves 1

If you look at the picture above, at first it appears to be a photograph of the famous Frank Lloyd Wright designed Guggenheim Museum… but look again. Is that a sprinkle of sugar on the side? Turns out it’s just one in a series of impressive gingerbread art museums created by food artists Caitlin Levin and Henry Hargreaves for a display at Dylan’s Candy Bar during Art Basel Miami. And you thought you had gingerbread house skills! [Read more...]


Stunning Hand-Carved Cave Cathedrals by Ra Paulette

Tuesday 12.03.2013 , Posted by

1 Ra Paulette

With a keen sense of empty space and no drawings whatsoever, Ra Paulette has been excavating caves for the past 25 years. Using simple tools like shovels, a maddox, and more back and forth trips with a wheelbarrow than you can imagine, he turns caves into beautiful meditation spaces. Always working alone, the 67 year old visionary sculptor has completed 14 expansive caves so far. He never has a plan for what the finished product will look like, but never fails to impress when his visions come to life. [Read more...]


Convincing Animal Sculptures Made from Old Junk

Sunday 12.01.2013 , Posted by

Edouard Martinet Insect Sculptures from Junk 16

Taking discarded junk and turning it into sculptures isn’t exactly new, but these fantastic sculptures from Edouard Martinet have something that most don’t: a striking resemblance to the animals they represent and a level of detail that only years of experience could create. Using vintage metal from old bicycles, electric fans, spatulas, and other discarded bits, he has created a surprisingly convincing body of work. [Read more...]

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