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Brilliant Refraction Action by Soo Sunny Park

Thursday 11.14.2013 , Posted by

01 Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 7.42.40 PM

Artist Soo Sunny Park leads us through real-life pearly gates with her large-scale installation Unwoven Light. Using twisting fragments of chain-link fence as massive frames, Park fills the common wire structure with hundreds of plexiglass squares, each piece taking almost ninety hours to complete. Like giant diamonds doused with light, the sinuous installations hung in Rice University‘s gallery space, transforming the blank white box into a luminous crystalline world sparkling with color and movement. [Read more...]


Wildly Imaginative Fish Lamps by Frank Gehry

Thursday 11.14.2013 , Posted by

7 Fish Lamps by Frank Gehry

If you’ve studied architecture then you’ve undoubtedly been inundated with the unique designs of Frank Gehry, but it’s not just buildings that this man of many talents has used to express his creative mind. His idea for these fish lamps came from a project for Formica over 25 years ago, quite by accident. When a sheet of ColorCore laminate was shattered, Gehry’s clever mind went into overdrive and he envisioned the broken shards of plastic as fish scales. Using a metal frame work he applied the ColorCore fragments to create beautiful, glowing fish lamps, which have traveled the world from museum to gallery. [Read more...]


Beautiful Journalistic Pop-Up Books by Colette Fu: Capturing the Diversity of China’s Southwest Yunnan Province

Tuesday 11.12.2013 , Posted by


For the past 6 years Colette Fu has been photographing the minorities of China’s Southwest Yunnan province, capturing the unique cultures of the region and recreating them in a beautiful way: pop-up books. No, these aren’t your kid’s pop-ups, her creations weave together the complexities of life in 3D form. Her latest series We are Tiger Dragon People 我們是虎 captures local festivals and culinary tastes, popular legends and the weave of local clothing, all with her densely collaged style. It’s the perfect form to represent such a colorfully diverse culture, and it’s all done with a delightfully mature, journalistic eye. [Read more...]


Custom VW Beetle Covered in Wrought Iron Gate Designs

Saturday 11.02.2013 , Posted by

1 Beetle by vrbanus

Everyone who likes a good old fashioned VW Beetle, will love this one by MG Vrbanus even more! After 3,500 man hours in 6 months, 5,000 Swarovski crystals, 70kg of wrought iron, and 24-carat gold leaves, this 1970 Beetle has become the perfect “Just Married” vehicle, provided it doesn’t rain. Croatian company MG Vrbanus makes elegant gates and fencing and chose the Beetle to advertise their quality craftsmanship. They stripped off the white sheet metal work, exposing the raw mechanics and applied wrought iron sections in its place. [Read more...]


Bizarrely Improbable Objects That Make You Think

Friday 11.01.2013 , Posted by

Giuseppe Colarusso Improbabilita 1Giuseppe Colarusso Improbabilita 12

Italian artist Giuseppe Colarusso is creating objects that are completely useless. From a table tennis paddle with a hole in the middle, to a square rolling pin, each of his creations demonstrates his playful deconstruction of its original purpose, giving that purpose a humorously pointless twist. [Read more...]


Stop Motion Video of a Creepy Lobotomy Pumpkin Carving (and its Ghastly Ending!)

Thursday 10.31.2013 , Posted by

ford pumpkin carving

Just in time for Halloween – a seriously creepy pumpkin lobotomy time-lapse carving by Chris Soria. He spent 15 hours cutting in the ghastly details of this fantastic 360 degree illustration by Jason Smith. The talented duo teamed up to create a commission for Ford, who created the GIF. Check out the unexpected ending in the video below. [Read more...]


‘Nice Cup Bro!’ Makes Tea Time Rock: Unique Mugs From Around The World

Friday 10.25.2013 , Posted by

Jason Bige Burnett

The coffee mug: the silent accessory to your morning addiction. Mugs become so ingrained in our daily routine that we become simultaneously desensitized and emotionally attached to the ancient vehicle for liquid fuel. Do you have a favorite cup? I do. It brings stability to my life. We all get close to cups. I mean, we pretty much make out with them everyday. So, if you carefully select your significant other than maybe you should carefully select your coffee cup too. After all, there is nothing worse than a jealous, argumentative, ugly cup. Is this really what you want to spend the rest of your life with? Don’t get discouraged, there are a ton of amazing mugs perfectly compatible with your personality. To explore a staggering variety of unique handmade mugs by hundreds of artists head over to the beautifully niche ‘Nice Cup Bro!‘ blog. [Read more...]


Fantastic Sculptures Made from Common 2 by 4 Lumber

Thursday 10.24.2013 , Posted by


Unless you think your home is a work of art, you probably weren’t thinking about sculpting the last time you hit the lumber yard. Artist Morgan Herrin is doing something like that, taking common 2×4 lumber and using it for the most uncommon of purposes: creating fantastically perfect surreal sculptures. His creations are just as bizarre as his material, and equally beautiful too. In one example the bust of a woman is enveloped by sea life; in two others, medieval knights are seemingly dissolving into cave-like stalactites. [Read more...]


Paper Goes Viral: Cellular Sculptures By Charles Clary

Monday 10.21.2013 , Posted by


Germs never looked so clean-cut until they met artist Charles Clary. A painter and papercrafting artist originally from Tennessee, Clary uses an Xacto knife to dissect hundreds of colorful sheets, which he stacks to create beautiful molecular reliefs. Resembling delicate microbial colonies that contaminate the walls they touch–while simultaneously evoking sound waves, fractals, and topographical landscapes–his works transform simple two-dimensional surfaces into pulsing, surreal structures.  [Read more...]


3rd Rock from the Sun: Stylish Fire Pits Shaped Like the Earth

Saturday 10.19.2013 , Posted by

1 Mother Earth Fire Pit by Rick Wittrig of Fire Pit Art

There’s nothing more beautiful than cozying up by and staring at a blazing fire on a chilly night, except maybe if it’s in one of these incredible fire pits by master blacksmith Rick Wittrig. His Third Rock series features beautifully crafted iron globes of the Earth. An art sculpture you can use- it’s even more stunning with fire gleaming from every continent. An 8ft tall version of this piece made the perfect centerpiece at the 2010 Winter Olympics. [Read more...]

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