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Atmospheric & Eerie Sculptures Built in Aquariums

Sunday 10.12.2014 , Posted by
Mariele Neudecker Aquarium Sculptures 1

Mariele Neudecker creates fantastic sculptures inside large water filled aquariums. Using an intriguing combination of materials, including chemicals to create eerie atmospheric effects, her “Tank Works” invite viewers to move closer and explore the world within.

Her sculptures take their inspiration from romantic paintings and photographs, using lighting to create life-like sunbeams and dense fog around sculptures of mountains, trees and even a model sailing ship. Like the real world, the chemistry-based atmosphere in the tank has a life of its own, slowly changing over time to create new environments. [Read more...]


This Incredible Hulk Sculpture is Totally Nuts (Yes, It’s Made From Them)

Tuesday 10.07.2014 , Posted by
BanHunLek Scrap Metal Sculptures 1

I’d like to say this Hulk sculpture is life-like, but we’re talking about a made-up superhero here. Let’s just say finding it down a dark alley would make you consider turning around…

Built by Thailand’s BanHunLek, the piece was built from scrap metal like most of the work from their shop. Pulling apart old rusting cars to salvage the metal bits is all in a day’s work. In the case of their latest Hulk sculpture (it’s not their first) the weathered surface just makes it much more tough. The most impressive part: look close, and it’s made almost entirely from nuts welded together. [Read more...]


These Toy Soldiers Have Traded in their Guns for Yoga Poses

Tuesday 10.07.2014 , Posted by
Yoga Joes 1

The Warrior pose has never been more fitting than for Dan Abramson’s series of toy soldiers: Yoga Joes. Soon to be launched through Kickstarter, his hilarious toy soldiers have put down their weapons and are in the middle of a peaceful yoga session. Just what you need after combatting a long day. [Read more...]


This New Book Features the Darkest LEGOs We’ve Ever Seen

Wednesday 10.01.2014 , Posted by
Ryan Rubino

These certainly aren’t your kid’s LEGOs. Famed brick building artist and author Mike Doyle is back with another book of LEGO-based art – this time with a decidedly spooky theme. With chapters titled Creepy Crawlers, Dark Towers, Indulgences, Evil Attunement, Pits of Fire, and even Riot Girls, the new book, called Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark, is decidedly lacking in fairy tale castles or race cars. [Read more...]


Food-Specific Silverware Sticks A Fork Into Bad Table Manners

Tuesday 09.30.2014 , Posted by

Can’t tell a salad fork from a soup spoon? Israeli designer Lee Ben David puts the confusion to rest with her “Very Specific” cutlery set, in which each utensil is designed to be used for one particular–and typically tricky to eat–food item. [Read more...]


These Dioramas Look Real… Until the Artist Puts His Hand in the Shot

Monday 09.29.2014 , Posted by
Satoshi Araki miniatures 1

If you’ll humor me, I’d like to call these tiny dioramasminiature miniatures.” Japanese artist Satoshi Araki’s teeny tiny models are rich in detail, so much in fact, that they look like reality when captured under his careful lighting. But then he puts his finger in the shot and their true scale is revealed. Impressive. [Read more...]


Old Skateboards Stacked, Shaven, & Polished Into Colorful Wooden Mosaic Sculptures

Sunday 09.28.2014 , Posted by

An avid skater with an infatuation for all things skateboarding and art, Haroshi found a way to combine his passions and re-purpose old, broken skateboards at the same time. The sculptor collects broken skate decks and turns them into beautiful, 3D wooden mosaic art works. In this series called HARVEST, he re-purposed skate decks into colorful creatures, including pop culture icons like Mario. Some of his designs are 2D wall mosaics, others look like smooth colored statues. A fun fact about Haroshi’s 3D sculptures is that they also have a metal part from broken boards hidden inside their layers of wood, which he believes give soul to the statue. The idea for this came from 12th Century Japanese Buddha sculptor Unkei who would place a crystal ball inside the sculpture where the Buddha’s heart would be. [Read more...]


Florentijn Hofman’s Gigantic Lounging Bunny Meets a Fiery End

Monday 09.15.2014 , Posted by
Florentijn Hofman Gigantic Bunny 7

You’ve definitely seen the work of Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman before. He’s the creator of the world’s largest rubber duck that’s been slowly floating to harbors around the world. Now he’s created a bunny sculpture that is no less gigantic. Called “Moon Rabbit” the sculpture was part of the Taoyuan Land Arts Festival located at Dayuan Town Naval Base in Taiwan. The piece was made as a homage to East Asian folklore, which talks of a rabbit that lives on the moon (you’ve seen that before right?). Here the bunny gazes up at the sky, perhaps dreaming of getting back home. [Read more...]


A Wooden Wave Made from 9076 Individual Parts

Monday 09.15.2014 , Posted by
HG Architecture Part to Whole 1

HG-Architecture of Seoul Korea, have created a wave-like wooden structure that is a mix of striking complexity and sinuous simplicity. Looking something like a clever stack of rectangular Jenga blocks, the piece is based on the idea that everything in nature is made from individual components. Atoms and molecules make up complex structures like waves… and people too. [Read more...]


Strange Encounters: An Exquisitely Bizarre Series of Clay Sculptures

Friday 09.05.2014 , Posted by

We’ve seen plenty of photoshopped animal heads on human bodies, but Italian artist Alessandro Gallo has put even more effort into this beloved pastime by making his creations by hand- out of clay! His characters, often in everyday clothes, like someone you’d pass on the street, look bizarrely realistic and somewhat creepy at the same time. Gallo’s attention to detail is impeccable and his hybrid series will be displayed in his upcoming solo show at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in Manhattan. The series, which he calls “Strani Incontri” which is Italian for “Strange Encounters” opens tomorrow (September 6th) and will be available for viewing through October 4th. [Read more...]

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