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Every Year for Christmas, This Photographer Dresses Up His Dog

Tuesday 12.23.2014 , Posted by
Mouse 2014

20 years ago, photographer Peter Thorpe started a wonderful Christmas tradition. For his annual holiday card he enlists the help of his dog, using elaborate costumes to transform him into different animals. It’s hilarious fun, and very, very clever. [Read more…]


PrintSnap: A Home-Built Camera That Prints on Receipt Paper (and Almost for Free)

Thursday 12.18.2014 , Posted by

Holding a physical photograph is a rarity in this age of digital photography, but Seattle-based electrical engineer Michael Ciuffo has come up with an unusual way to put lots of images on paper for very, very little cash. He’s using an ordinary roll of receipt paper as his instant film. [Read more…]


Using Stuff From Around The Office, These Hilarious Colleagues Replicated Famous Art Works

Thursday 12.18.2014 , Posted by

While most of us just use gchat or scroll our social feeds while we’re bored at work, these employees had a much more creative idea. At their Squarespace office in NYC, they decided to use objects around the workplace, their imaginations, and themselves to remake famous art pieces. Started by co-workers Francesco Fragomini and Chris Limbrick, they called the project Fools Do Art and have been continually adding to it on their breaks. Now their colleagues have joined in on the fun as they re-enact their own favorite art pieces as well as suggested submissions from all over the Earth. [Read more…]


Photographer Builds Detailed Sets in the Streets of New York (Then Leaves Them for People to Enjoy)

Wednesday 12.17.2014 , Posted by
Justin Bettman Set in the Street 2

Walk down the street in New York and you could see a living room, bedroom or bathroom right on the sidewalk. It’s an ongoing art project from photographer Justin Bettman and stylist Gozde Eker called Set in the Street. It sees the duo building elaborate sets right out in the open using discarded materials and furniture. In fact, most of their materials are found on the street and have simply changed locations. [Read more…]


Filmed on Super 8, This Retro Video Will Make You Want to Go Outside and Tear It Up

Monday 12.15.2014 , Posted by
Ski Boys 1

“Ski Boys” is one of those celluloid treats which inspires through its sheer exuberance. This video will make you want to run outside, find some nature and do some high kicks… just for the heck of it. Filmed by the crew at Vancouver, British Columbia film production studio Zenga Bros., the retro masterpiece captures the crew’s antics on an 8-foot toboggan fitted with roller skate wheels, catching air in a flying squirrel suit, and riding a fleet of unusual home-made mutant bicycles. [Read more…]


15 Famous Authors Paired with Shelter Dogs That Look Just Like Them

Thursday 12.11.2014 , Posted by

Mark Twain once famously wrote, “The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.” We guess he’d be more than happy, then, with Italian photographer Dan Bannino’s dyptichs comparing famous authors to canines which have a striking resemblance. Bannino adopted his dog, Rothko, from a shelter about a year ago, and was soon inspired to create a series to give his shelter companions a voice. He calls the work “Poetic Dogs.” [Read more…]


This Super Man With Down Syndrome Is Not Camera Shy

Sunday 12.07.2014 , Posted by

One of Rick Ashley’s favorite photography subjects is also his brother-in-law. Michael is a sweet 50 year old man with a beautiful spirit and a passion for wearing his Superman suit. Although Ashley has known, loved, and photographed Michael for nearly forty years, he began his first official photo project in 2009. The series which is named Michael, after its star, is meant to honor his brother-in-law. Michael loves participating in the photo shoots and Ashley captures the essence of his contemplative, playful spirit. [Read more…]


Erik Solheim Took 3888 Pictures of His Yard to Capture The Four Seasons in One Image

Monday 12.01.2014 , Posted by
Eirik Solheim Seasons 1

Eirik Solheim spent an entire year capturing the changing seasons from one window of his house in Oslo, Norway. The artist, hacker and all-around interesting fellow was using an old SLR set to capture one image every 30 minutes for the whole year (this was back in 2010). When the year was over he selected 3,888 images from the 16000 total (to match the 3888×2592 pixel resolution of his camera). Then he used a custom script to take the first line of pixels from the first image, the second line from the second image, and so on. In the resulting picture, we see January on the left and December on the right. The whole year arrayed in one-pixel-wide slices. Fantastic. [Read more…]


Monk With A Camera: Feel Good Documentary Tells The Story Of Nicholas Vreeland’s Path To Enlightenment

Wednesday 11.26.2014 , Posted by

Growing up as the good-looking, jet setting son of U.S. diplomats and grandson of legendary Vogue magazine editor Diana Vreeland, Nicholas Vreeland began his adulthood as one of NYC’s most eligible bachelors. With a career in photography, he was the embodiment of the American Dream, but in 1985, after a trip to India, he changed the course of his life to become a Buddhist monk. Leaving all of the material possessions from his former life behind, there was one item that sneaked back into his life. His brother gifted him a camera when he moved to the monastery and though this passion is secondary to his monastic life, he sees his work as “personal poems.” [Read more…]


Please, Sir, Can I Have Some More? Juxtaposed Daily Meals of the Rich & Poor

Monday 11.24.2014 , Posted by
North Korea

Artists Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin are obsessed with food: from recreating famous buildings with gingerbread to documenting prisoners’ last meals, their projects probe what we eat. Their latest series, “Power Hungry,” visualizes inequality by contrasting what a typical meal might look like for the powerful and the powerless. [Read more…]

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