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Is it Copying, Remixing, or Just Chance? Website asks of similar artworks: Who Wore It Better?

Sunday 08.11.2013 , Posted by

Who Wore it Better 11

Call it a copy, call it a tribute… we might think we’re in the age of the remix, but we’re not: this has been going on for a long, long time. Just check out the mind blowing Everything is a Remix series by Kirby Ferguson or these creative comparisons from a fantastic site that asks: Who Wore It Better? Whether it’s Roy Lichtenstein directly appropriating comic book art from Joe Simon & Jack Kirby (and making a small fortune on the subsequent paintings), or van Gogh reworking Jean-François Millet’s painting in his own impressionistic style, there have been centuries of inspired ideas passed from one creative individual to the next… and even our most exalted heroes of creativity aren’t exempt from the practice. After all, as Picasso reportedly said, “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.” [Read more...]


Vibrant, Fractal Floor Installations at Museum Valkhof in the Netherlands

Friday 08.09.2013 , Posted by

1 suzan drummen

Like peering into a 3 dimensional kaleidoscope, Dutch artist Suzan Drummen has created gigantic, colorful floor decor. Using chromed metal, mirrors, crystals, and stones she cleverly arranged the shiny bits into stunning geometric arrangements. Like fractals, from afar the shapes look bold and beautiful, but upon looking more closely the intricate details can be seen. The installation is on display at Museum Valkhof in the Netherlands. Lustrous circles and spirals extend from the floor to the walls, creating a gorgeous rainbow of colors for visitors to interact with. [Read more...]


11 Art Installations that still need funding for Burning Man (Updated Aug 1)

Saturday 07.27.2013 , Posted by

burning man art

Every year thousands of enlightened human beings travel from all over the planet to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada to participate in the Burning Man gathering. There is anything and everything there including many large scale art installations that take years to build sometimes. At this year’s gathering, there will be over 400 such art installations set up all over the desert area. While the Burning Man organization is very supportive of the arts on the “playa,” it is only partially funding about 1/7th of all the installations this year. [Read more...]


Intertwined Scrap Wood Becomes Tree Columns

Thursday 07.25.2013 , Posted by

1 Henrique Oliveira trees

Sao Paulo artist Henrique Oliveira makes fierce installation art using scrap wood from the streets of Brazil. At first he would take peeling pieces from the plywood barriers around the city, with weather damage that were falling apart, using them as canvas for paintings, but soon he realized that the flexible nature of the medium could be used to make unimaginable installations. He begins with a plywood skeleton (which he buys) and then uses his salvaged plywood to give texture and color to the structure. For his latest installation in Palais de Tokyo, Paris, Oliveira made it seem as if the columns of the building were growing intertwined tree roots. [Read more...]


Counting Sheep In Technicolor

Monday 07.22.2013 , Posted by


Why do the most creative ideas come at night? Much of the psychology on the topic explains that parts of your brain responsible for processing new information will relax, allowing the more mysterious parts of your brain to run wild.  [Read more...]


Baa Baa Black Sheep- Have You Any Phones?

Sunday 07.14.2013 , Posted by


Remember back when people actually used their landlines because we didn’t have direct access to them at all times via cellular service? Go back a little further before cordless phones with buttons to that obnoxious rotary phone- where you had to wait for the wheel to return before dialing the next number and if you mis-dialed a number you had to start all over again- not to mention the tangling cords and obnoxiously small radius that tied you down to one spot. Other than reminiscing, and antique collections, there is not much use for the phones that once existed in every first world household. Jean-Luc Cornec came up with an amazing way to recycle these phones by turning them into a flock of sheep! [Read more...]


Astounding Sculptures Growing in Montréal

Friday 07.12.2013 , Posted by

montreal plant sculptures 1

It’s an art festival that will delight gardeners, sculptors and the public alike – the Mosaïcultures Internationales de Montréal is a massive international mosaiculture competition taking place in Montréal, Canada. The exhibition, which opened June 22 and runs through September 29, features an astounding 22,000 plant species and cultivars spread through 10 greenhouses and 30 themed gardens… all carefully arranged to form living sculptures like a convincingly fluffy dog made of grass, to an unbelievably lush Spirit in the Woods. [Read more...]


Surreal Glowing Photography Lightbox Installations

Friday 07.12.2013 , Posted by


Remember playing with Lite Brite when you were a kid, poking holes through the black paper with colored pins to create dinosaurs and sailboats? Swiss artist Daniele Buetti takes that concept to a whole new level with these beautiful installations. For a series called “Hands”, he beautifully photographed fists and fingers with surreal tints on a black background, then placed the photograph on an aluminium light box. He punctured thousands of holes through the image so that it appears the hands are impossibly holding on to light. See more images from this series on Bizarre Beyond Belief. [Read more...]


Real Fiat 500s Crushed Into 2D Art

Monday 07.01.2013 , Posted by

1 Ron Arad Fiat

You know how when you find a flower, you can press it between the pages of a book to make it last forever? Israeli artist and designer Ron Arad (currently based in the UK) does that with actual Fiat 500 cars! Six of his crushed cars have been installed in the Holon Design Museum (which Ron Arad designed with Bruno Asa) in Tel Aviv for an exhibition called “In Reverse”. The exhibit commemorates 30 years of Arad’s metal work, which includes sculpture and furniture. The 2 dimensional Fiat 500’s are mounted to the walls of the gallery like paintings. [Read more...]


Rain Room- Surround Yourself With Rain & Stay Dry

Monday 06.24.2013 , Posted by

Rain Room Lead

There is something so refreshing and magical about rain- especially when you can be surrounded by it without getting wet! And in Random International’s incredible Rain Room, you can do just that- no umbrella required! If you live in New York City or plan on being there before July 28th, 2013, then you should definitely head over to the MoMA to see this amazing exhibit in a 300 ft² room. In the Rain Room, a field of falling water is constantly flowing, but stops wherever its digital sensors detect a human body, giving the sense that an individual can control the rain. Random International has been experimenting with audience-interactive digital practices for quite some time, but this is their largest and most impressive project yet. [Read more...]

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