Playing with Food: The Art Toast Project from Ida Frosk

The Art Toast Project

What if famous painters had used a piece toast as their canvas, and foodstuffs instead of paint? Well, it might have looked something like The Art Toast Project. Brainchild of Norwegian Instagram food artist Ida Skivenes (who goes by her online pseudonym Ida Frosk) The Art Toast Project is a series of our favorite paintings by well-known artists, created entirely out of edibles on slices of toast.

White Bed Frames Take Montreal: 30 Lits by Kanva

Kanva 30 Lits

30 Lits – French for 30 Beds – is an urban art installation by Montreal multidisciplinary architecture and design studio Kanva. Located in an abandoned lot in Montreal’s city center, 30 bed frames appear beside the sidewalk as if out of nowhere.

Scopophilia: A Postcard-Sized Collage Exhibition


Now live, Scopophilia is an online exhibition of postcard-sized collages. Launched at the tail end of July, the exhibit is presented in the form of a blog, where two works are posted to the site every day.