From Action Sports Athletes to Pop Culture Superstars: There are Some New Style Influencers in Town


Welcome to a new paradigm. Surf, skate and snow are no longer the sports reserved to low budget, flannel shirt wearing, flip-flop clad punks. The standard ‘throw on a hoodie and drink beers by the fire’ for after surf or apres ski is not so typical anymore.  Now that action sports athletes have emerged in the spotlight as very well paid and very well-dressed icons, they are contending with the usual suspects of fashion and style like models, rappers, and movie stars.  With bigger pocket books, and more attention than ever before, the philosophy of no suits and no stress has been substituted for Oscars parties, private jets and hobnobbing with who’s who at events all over the world.

H.G. Wells Time Machine: A Poster Made in Time Lapse


Sometimes illustrations look so daunting that it is hard to believe that a human, even with the help of a computer, can produce such incredibly intricate artwork… but somehow they still manage to produce these things of wonder. Beyond the most skilled at computer illustration, the way these creations come to life is truly a mystery… that is until now. Kevin Tong is the master behind this poster, featuring a tribute to H.G. Wells Time Machine, and has been gracious enough to provide a time lapse of his craft.

Earth’s History in 2 Minutes


Let’s start with the fact that this was done by a 19 year old. Then we can add that he is in a beginners video production class. Then lets add that he was able to find all of these photos with quick and easy internet searches for photos. Now add to the whole picture that after he uploaded the video, in three months he received over 1 million views. It is a different world from when older generations used linear editing systems.

How Would Kerouac Like Becoming an Infographic?


Jack Kerouac’s gravestone reads, “He honored life.” Said to be a progenitor of the hippie movement and pioneer of the beat generation, he lived a simple life. Kerouac claimed that he wrote his novel, On the Road over the course of three weeks on a 120-foot roll of teletype paper. The makeshift roll was actually tracing paper sheets taped together and the novel was typed single spaced, without margins or paragraph breaks. His antics made it hard to doubt that he marched to the beat of a different drummer than most.

Take That You Ugly Ship


“Your ship looked like s#!t, so we painted it,” is the tag line from the Vimeo video showing the process of sprucing up this busted ship. Deemed “The Fun Ship,” this massive vessel has been beached at Llanerch-y-Mor near Mostyn since the summer of 1979.  For those of you, like myself, that do not know where to find Mostyn on a map, it is around the way from Liverpool in the UK (see map below). Liverpool based Empirewise Ltd had big plans for the ship to transform into a 300-room hotel, static leisure center and market, but not much has happened since its arrival in ’79.

Time Travel with Digital Photos


Roads run through places in the USA forgotten by time, roads which meander through places that seem like they have not been updated in decades, if not centuries. Sometimes the nostalgic look is on purpose, to capture traditions of the past; other times the run-down look is simply because the places have been left alone by progress. The wonders of digital photography allow us to manipulate photos in many ways, but in the last handful of years that ability has allowed us to transport the images back in time.

Mountain Biking in Afghanistan, for Women


No, this is not a tour company that is taking women to one of the most inhospitable countries in regards to women’s rights. And, no, this is not yet another adrenaline junkie adventurer going to a very dangerous country in search of a few kicks. This is Shannon Galpin, the founder of Mountain 2 Mountain, an organization started in 2006 based on a simple and noble principle:

All women deserve the same rights and opportunities as her own daughter.

Shannon chose Afghanistan because of its terrible track record in women’s rights. Most would say that her choice of countries is either a lost cause or too dangerous to approach, but Shannon’s track record has proven to the contrary. In 2009, she was the first woman to ride a mountain bike in Afghanistan. In total she has traveled there 12 times; each time coming home not only happy and healthy, but also knowing that she is making a difference in a region that rarely gets any press beyond death tolls and security reports.

The real stories of the silk Rail road


Often, photographers capture beauty of landscapes, of faces, of artistic expression, but more often than not, the stories behind the photos are not told. Randy Lin and Dimitry Levdanski are setting out to go beyond the two dimensions of photography.  Their project titled “Silk Rail Road” is setting out to capture the incredible beauty and landscapes of the rail road that runs from Astana, Kazakhstan to Bejing, China that runs along the old Silk Road.  Covering 2,500 miles, this journey will go well beyond the natural beauty of this incredible region.

See their Kickstarter here.

Go Pro Torpedo Accidentally Captures Dolphins!


These days, engineering anything from a homemade RC helicopter to a personal submarine is about as easy as going to kickstarter and then taking a few trips to the hardware store. There are countless plans, tutorials, and guides out there to help anyone to get on track towards inventing just about anything. With the objective of capturing underwater footage, Mark Peters took some time creating a mini torpedo housing for his GoPro camera – something sleek he could tow behind his boat while deep sea fishing. His inventive design used a plastic housing which allowed the camera to float behind the boat and capture the tuna he and his buddies reeled in.

8000 Toothpicks Later: Art Inspired by the Movie “Drive”


When you were a kid in elementary school and it was time for art hour, often popsicle sticks and toothpicks were the medium. Later on, many of us spend less time in the realm of arts and more time being practical – like making it to the cubicle on time each morning. Whether able to find the time for a little right brain stimulation or not, adults often skip over Elmer’s glue and little pieces of wood to release their creative spirits. Danish artist Mark Nors Arnesen not only chose the time honored tradition of glue and little pieces of wood, he found time to turn 8,000 of those little sticks into a cover for a publication.