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Rescue to Recovery to Breast Pocket Companion: Meet Biscuits the Flying Squirrel

Saturday 12.21.2013 , Posted by

Found half-dead lying on the sidewalk in the Florida sun, Biscuits’ odds of survival were not very good, but with patience and love, Redditor 3stgtejeff nursed her back to health. Now Biscuits is 3 months old and the perfect pocket-sized pal. See The Chronicle of Biscuits below and watch as a hopeless frail, barely-recognizable creature grows into a lively, adventurous flying squirrel. Biscuits loves skateboarding, eating pecans, and taunting dogs. It’s close to impossible to look through this collection without saying “Awww!” [Read more...]


92 Year Old Grandma Creates Simply Stunning Embroidered Temari Balls

Friday 12.20.2013 , Posted by
2 92-Year-Old-Woman-Embroided-Astounding-Collection-of-Traditional-Japanese-Temari-Balls-2-600x744

Traditionally created from the remnants of tattered or old kimonos, temari (Japanese for hand ball) are a traditional toy and art form. When the tradition began, the kimono fabric would be wadded up in the shape of a ball and covered with strips of fabric, wrapped so tightly that it would bounce. Over time, it became a craft and the stitching become more intricate and artistic. The centers were replaced with rubber once it was brought to Japan and the art form became a competitive craft among women in the Japanese upper class. Here are some beautiful examples of temari created by a 92 year old grandmother, Nana Akua and photographed by her granddaughter.
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Afghan Women’s Cycling Team Breaks Gender Barriers to Promote Women’s Rights

Thursday 12.19.2013 , Posted by

Susan B. Anthony once said, “The bicycle has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world. It gives a woman a feeling of freedom and self-reliance. The moment she takes her seat she knows she can’t get into harm unless she gets off her bicycle, and away she goes, the picture of free, untrammeled womanhood.” In Afghanistan, however, most women do not get to experience this freedom. Although men there are allowed to ride their bicycles, for women it is considered a sign of immortality and regarded as a social taboo. One of the best modes of transportation, it’s hard to believe that anyone could be chastised for riding a bicycle, but this is a reality for the women of Afghanistan. Twelve very brave women in Kabul have taken a stand against this gender oppression, forming the first Afghan Women’s Cycling Team. LET Media has turned their passionate story into an inspiring documentary called Afghan Cycles. [Read more...]


Not Your Typical Homeless Portraits: Beautiful, Upbeat & Dignified

Wednesday 12.18.2013 , Posted by
1 homeless by Rosie Holtom

Nobody dreams of being homeless when they grow up, but difficult times, foreclosures, and a continually declining job market have left some people without a roof over their heads. Whatever the struggle, it’s important to remember that these people are people and they don’t deserve the stereotypes that are commonly associated with the homeless. Photographer and long-time homeless shelter volunteer, Rosie Holtom seeks to show the beautiful souls shining through the faces of people in unfortunate situations, fighting to make a better life for themselves against all odds. She captured some of the strong individuals at Shelter from the Storm, London’s ONLY free homeless shelter, giving them dignity and hope. The portraits are black and white and show each person’s strength and value, and they look just like anyone else, reminding us to be grateful for what we have and understand that nobody is immune to tragic circumstances. Before thinking of someone as homeless, think of them as a person. [Read more...]


Ramon Bruin Plays Tricks on Your Eyes Using Just Pencil and Paper

Saturday 12.14.2013 , Posted by
8 3d

When viewed at just the right angle, Ramon Bruin’s pencil drawings appear to pop right off of the paper. The self-taught, freelance artist proves that he has mastered the art of anamorphism with his latest collection of optical illusions. His photorealistic images combined with eyeball trickery have landed him an article in the upcoming 2014 edition of Ripley’s Believe it or Not. Based in the Netherlands, Bruin has many other artistic talents outside of drawing- painting with oil, acrylics, watercolors, and most favorably an airbrush. With over 9 years of experience in airbrushing, including a graduation from the Airbrush Academie in Lelystad, Bruin is a professional airbrush artist. He started his own company called JJK Airbrush. [Read more...]


Christmas Tradition: 2 Brothers Sit On Santa’s Lap For 34 Years

Friday 12.13.2013 , Posted by
Xmas Brothers 3

Although holiday traditions change as we get older, add on to our families, or get separated by distance, most of us have some that we try to keep alive. Whether it’s a special recipe that is passed down for years, a certain place where everyone gathers, or decorations that make it feel like the holiday season. For these two brothers, sitting on Santa’s lap is a tradition that never slipped away. For the past 34 years they have sat on Santa’s lap, showing the progression of fashion, or lack thereof, through the decades, transitioning through the awkward years, and growing families to start the tradition all over again. [Read more...]


Emptyland: Hollow Animal Pairs Unravel Before Your Eyes

Thursday 12.12.2013 , Posted by
Jaume Montserrat 1

Most of us have all experienced strange dreams in our lifetimes, but not all of us have the ability to bring them to life through illustration. Two years ago, on a flight from Miami to Madrid, Barcelona-based illustrator Jaume Montserrat had a surreal dream that he could not get out of his mind. In the dream he felt as though he had woken up on an island filled with hollow, asexual, peaceful creatures- one of each species- that lived together symbiotically. He felt as if he was in a space-time vacuum and lived on the island for a month, watching the sun rise 29 times before he awoke and realized it was all a dream. He was inspired to create this series which he calls Emptyland. [Read more...]


Impossible Yet Awesome Architecture by Victor Enrich

Wednesday 12.11.2013 , Posted by
8 Victor Enrich

Sometimes the most amazing things to see are the ones that don’t exist in “real life.” Photoshop, in the hands of a gifted digital artist, has brought us some of the most magnificent things like a baby fruit ninja and of course, dogbirds AKA dirds, and now Barcelona-based artist and photographer Victor Enrich brings us buildings that could never be- at least not on Earth. Since just about everything imaginable is likely to exist somewhere in this vast universe, perhaps there is a planet where sideways, or spiral, floating buildings could be the norm and it appears Enrich is tapping into that planet in this surreal series. [Read more...]


Eyelids Become a Canvas for Miniature Masterpieces

Tuesday 12.10.2013 , Posted by
1 Eye-Makeup-Art-by-Tal-Peleg

With an abundance of makeup art tutorials on YouTube anyone with an interest can learn how to glam it up, but it takes more than just the perfect blending brush to accomplish this level of make-up art. Israeli Tal Peleg, who also goes by the name Scarlet Moon, takes the term “makeup artist” to the next level as she transforms the eyelid into a miniature canvas for her creative paintings. From a bundle of sushi resting atop a thick lined blue eye to a curved eyelid that is the perfect wave for a family of ducks to ride, to Breaking Bad’s Heisenberg on the lid with eyelashes for a mustache and a hat among the brow, Peleg utilizes the eye’s natural shape and features to complete each work. [Read more...]


Whooz iz it? Vinyl Labels for Your iDevice Chargers

Sunday 12.08.2013 , Posted by

1 whoozizit

In families and shared households where most members are technologically savvy, there are often many white cords lying around. With iPods, iPads, and iPhones, USB chargers often seem to disappear and most of us have scooped up someone else’s by mistake only to realize it’s not ours when have discovered our original. You can avoid this problem forever with Whooz Iz It identification labels. The vinyl stickers transform your mundane white chargers into “little characters with big personalities.” Each set of Whooz comes with four different designs. In the iPod/iPhone collection, which comes with labels for the charger base, ear buds, and both sides of the USB cord. Choose from the Domesticated set where the characters are your favorite pets (shown here), the Freaks set with monsters, a skeleton, and a vampire, Superheroes, basic caricatures, or solid colors. [Read more...]

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