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Rainbow Colored X-Ray Style Large Scale Murals Art By Shok-1

Saturday 01.04.2014 , Posted by
1 Shok-1

London-based street artist Shok Oner, better known as SHOK-1, is back with a vibrant new x-ray style. Layering spray paint, he creates patterns and geometric shapes out of neurons, bones, and insects in vivid colors. Last month, he displayed his new style in a solo show in London appropriately named X-Rainbow. Be sure to watch the video below in which SHOK-1 explains the intentions behind his work and “organic” methods. [Read more...]


A Humbling Photo Series That Will Make You Grateful For What You Have and Even Consider Getting Rid of Some Stuff

Thursday 01.02.2014 , Posted by
1 Huang Qingjun

Stuff. We all have it and most of us have a lot more than we need, especially here in America. The funny thing is the people living in the place where we get most of our stuff (China) don’t care about stuff as much as we do. Huang Qingjun captures these humbling images of Chinese families with all of their possessions outside of their dwellings. Most of them have big smiles on their faces and are probably a lot happier and healthier than some people living in abundance. [Read more...]


Beadist Transforms Ordinary Objects Into Ornate Treasures

Tuesday 12.31.2013 , Posted by
1 globe

From tabletops to dolls to statues and figurines, Jan Huling has a hobby that transforms ordinary objects into one of a kind artworks. She combines her love of indigenous art, pop culture, and world religion with her patience and steady hand to create stunning designs. She begins by stringing a strand of small beads, then carefully applying it to the object with a thin line of glue from a syringe, then removing the string. She never knows how a piece will turn out until it’s finished, but each piece ends up far more unique and beautiful than it started. [Read more...]


Man Still Follows Girlfriend Around the World: Update on the #Followmeto Project

Monday 12.30.2013 , Posted by
1 muradosmannfollowme2

Since we first featured Murad Osmann’s stunning Instagram project #Followmeto last Februrary, he and his lovely photography muse, girlfriend Nataly Zakharova, have grown even more famous. Their images have been used for Michael Kors’ #WatchHungerStop campaign, they collaborated with Alec Monopoly and showed their prints at the Versace Mansion for Art Basel in Miami, and they invited others around the world to participate in the fun, holding #followmeto_contest on their Facebook page. Since their photos have circulated the internet, copycats are documenting their vacations and travel in the same way and the couple couldn’t be more pleased. [Read more...]


Pantone Perfection: The Color Palettes of Nature

Sunday 12.29.2013 , Posted by
6-natural-palettes new 600

We have seen breakfast food Pantone-style and famous movie scenes dissected by color and now we get back to the roots of color with Natural Palettes. This awesome new Tumblr is devoted to matching colors from the Pantone spectrum with gorgeous natural landscapes. With looping GIFs that every color aficionado will love and both simple and striking scenes from nature, it’s easy to get lost scrolling through the collection. [Read more...]


Ice Ice Baby: The Winter Wonderland Inside Soap Bubbles At Frigid Temperatures

Friday 12.27.2013 , Posted by
Angela Kelly 1

Everyone loves blowing bubbles outside, but not many of us think to do it when the temperatures are below freezing. Angela Kelly, a photographer based in Washington state, decided to trek outside with her 7 year-old son and a homemade bubble solution of dish soap, Karo syrup, and water when the temperatures fell to 9 degrees. She created stunning planetary orb-like crystal balls and photographed them so that the light reflected beautifully off of their frozen formations. She calls the series Frozen in a Bubble. [Read more...]


Harbin Ice Festival 2014 Unveils Some of Their Snow Sculptures Early

Thursday 12.26.2013 , Posted by
harbin-art-expo 1

Although temperatures reach -30 °C, many people flock to China each Winter to explore the magical Harbin Ice Festival. Some of the finest ice and snow sculptors in the world come to showcase their talents, creating massive snow creations that tower over the Winter Wonderland. The official annual start date of the Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival is January 5th and goes through the end of February, but sculptures of this magnitude take quite a bit of time to prepare, so we can get a little sneak peak of what to expect. 80% of the sculptures are done, and those visiting now get to see them in the making. [Read more...]


This 9 Month Pregnant Ballerina is Still Dancing

Tuesday 12.24.2013 , Posted by
Mary Helen Bowers 9

Standing in pointe shoes is impressive in itself. Doing it on one leg while 9 months pregnant is unbelievable… until you see these photos. Mary Helen Bowers, who trained Natalie Portman for her ballerina debut in Black Swan, is due to deliver a baby any day now, and has beautifully documented her pregnancy and dance skills on Instagram. The professional dancer began studying at the School of American Ballet in Manhattan as a full scholarship student at age 15. By 16 she was invited to join New York City Ballet, where she was a ballerina for 10 years. [Read more...]


The Pointer Brothers: 2 Very Handsome Dogs Spreading Christmas Cheer

Sunday 12.22.2013 , Posted by

They might not have any Grammy Awards like The Pointer Sisters, but the Pointer Brothers are so excited for Christmas. Don’t be fooled by their nonchalant appearance, they just take modeling very seriously. Also known as Gus and Travis, the two German Shorthaired Pointers have quite a following on their @ifitwags Instagram account at almost 50,000. The canine models, who kicked off the pet lovers’ popular #peanutbutterseries hashtag, live with owner, photographer Steph McCombie in Vancouver, Canada, which has been the perfect setting for their holiday photo shoots. [Read more...]


Rescue to Recovery to Breast Pocket Companion: Meet Biscuits the Flying Squirrel

Saturday 12.21.2013 , Posted by

Found half-dead lying on the sidewalk in the Florida sun, Biscuits’ odds of survival were not very good, but with patience and love, Redditor 3stgtejeff nursed her back to health. Now Biscuits is 3 months old and the perfect pocket-sized pal. See The Chronicle of Biscuits below and watch as a hopeless frail, barely-recognizable creature grows into a lively, adventurous flying squirrel. Biscuits loves skateboarding, eating pecans, and taunting dogs. It’s close to impossible to look through this collection without saying “Awww!” [Read more...]

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