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An Artist’s Vision of Inflationary Multiverse Theory: A New Video by Tatiana Plakhova

Thursday 01.16.2014 , Posted by
1 ORBITAL MECHANICS by Tatiana Plakhova

Inspired by the lectures on Inflationary Multiverse Theory by Russian-American theoretical physicist Andrei Linde, Tatiana Plakhova has created a beautiful graphic video. We highly recommend that you watch this video in full-screen. Then sit back and travel through the universe on this amazing journey. [Read more...]


World’s Largest Bible Weighs Over One Half Ton

Wednesday 01.15.2014 , Posted by
worlds largest bible

Here’s a bible that won’t do much thumping. Weighing 1,094 pounds, with 8,048 pages that measure 43.5 inches tall, and a laid open width of 98 inches, this bible was the Abilene Christian University library’s “largest” donation ever in 1956. The bible was built in Los Angeles by Louis Waynai in 1930 who gave it to a church in Fort Worth which later passed it on to ACU. Louis spent 2 years and over 8,700 hours creating this massive version of the complete King James Bible. Using a huge rubber stamp press that he made himself, Waynai was able to print the text on each page. [Read more...]


Augmented Tape Mapping on a 3D Animation Brings Futuristic City to Life

Tuesday 01.14.2014 , Posted by

Looking at this video you would never believe that the skyscrapers of the futuristic city were 2 dimensional augmented tape art. This installation appears in the bar area of Generator, a new artsy hostel in Berlin Mitte. The project was created by Jaques-Andre Dupont, an audiovisual creative in Berlin. His vision for the future is “an invasive city, occupying every surface, forever growing on itself. A concrete and light saturation.” [Read more...]


The World’s First 3D Food Printers Make Edible, Geometric Treats

Monday 01.13.2014 , Posted by
0 3D Food Printers

If you’ve ever stepped foot in a candy store, then you are well aware that sugar can take on all kinds of shapes and colors. This is what makes it the perfect medium for the world’s first 3D food printers. 3D Systems unveiled the edible 3D printers called Chefjet and Chefjet Pro at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas last weekend. The printers create unique geometric shapes that look too good to eat and can print in milk chocolate or sugar in the flavors of mint, cherry, or sour apple. [Read more...]


Minimalist Illustrations of the Animals That Have Traveled to Space

Friday 01.10.2014 , Posted by
1 Animal Space Travellers

Thirteen years before a human ever traveled to outer space, on June 11, 1948, a heroic rhesus monkey named Albert made the journey, paving the way for future astronauts. Sadly Albert died of suffocation during the flight, but he was the first of many test monkeys. Before Albert only fruit flies had been sent to space, but he was the predecessor to monkeys Albert II through Albert VI, Gordo, Able, Sam, Miss Sam, Ham, and Enos among several other animals. Based in Budapest, Hungary, designer Norbert Mayer gives an illustrated history lesson on our animal friend space travelers in the images below. [Read more...]


A Slice of Time on A Crowded Subway Platform: Stunningly Clear High Speed Video

Thursday 01.09.2014 , Posted by
Adam Magyar

Somewhere along the border of still photography and motion picture lies the stunning high speed footage shot on Adam Magyar’s self-constructed slit screen camera with homemade software. Over a span of just seconds, on a busy NYC subway platform, there is so much going on and Magyar slows it down so that we can see how much our eyes miss. Hundreds of lives, all on a different path, converge for a moment on a single subway platform, likely never to line up in that same way again. [Read more...]


Brock Davis Turns the Ordinary Into Extraordinary on Instagram

Wednesday 01.08.2014 , Posted by
1 iphone-photos Brock Davis

When life hands you lemons, some make lemonade, but rather than go the traditional route Brock Davis might hand the lemon a guitar and some sunglasses and put it on a graphic tee. Davis’ ability to constantly think out of the box has helped him create ground-breaking work as a creative director, gaining international acclaim, winning just about every prestigious award in advertising possible. When he is not working on ads or editorial work, the Minneapolis-based artist keeps his creative juices flowing with t-shirt design, stop motion vines, and the clever iphone photography shown here. There is no such thing as ordinary through the eyes of Brock Davis and he shows there is more to everything than what meets the eye. [Read more...]


Walking Through The Clouds- An Ethereal Installation by Kohei Nawa

Tuesday 01.07.2014 , Posted by
1 cloud like landscape by kohei nawa

Always forging new roads into the possibilities for sculpture, Kohei Nawa is one of Japan’s most inspiring young artists. We’ve seen his crystal-beaded taxidermy sculptures in PixCell and now he experiments with foam solids to create a cloud-like dream world in a black room. The material appears flimsy, yet stays in position giving off a vibe that it is from another planet. The installation appeared at the Aichi Triennale 2013 with a theme of Awakening. [Read more...]


The Gap Mannequin Project: Clothes Make the Mannequin

Monday 01.06.2014 , Posted by
8 gapmannequinproject

Steve Venegas, one half of the comical duo that is The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John has started a stylish photo meme known as The Gap Mannequin Project. The Vancouver-based podcaster dresses exactly like the mannequins in The Gap, then poses next to them like a chic Derek Zoolander for a twinsie shot. The photos are hilarious and I can imagine the reactions of the staff at The Gap are even funnier. Venegas says, “I try on clothes and have my photo taken because it’s funny to dress like a dummy.” [Read more...]


Cruelty Free Animal Dissections with Adorably Knitted Anatomy

Sunday 01.05.2014 , Posted by

Remember the days of high school biology with that year end milestone of dissecting a frog? These days most schools offer the cruelty free option of doing a digital dissection, but why not turn this momentous occasion into something cute and cuddly? That’s exactly what knitting enthusiast Emily Stoneking has done. Her Etsy line, which she calls aKNITomy, began with the dissected frog and has expanded to the other common dissections- earthworm, fetal pig, and lab rat, but also offers some items most of us (barring the CIA) will never get the chance to dissect- an alien autopsy, a bisected human head, and the Easter Bunny (filled with Easter eggs and plastic grass of course). Stoneking says, “I love the idea of making something that is so icky out of something so cuddly and cozy.” [Read more...]

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