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Don’t Lose Your Marbles: The Coolest Marbles You’ve Ever Seen

Saturday 02.22.2014 , Posted by
10 mike gong

Marbles have been around since ancient Roman and Egyptian times, but I assure you Cleopatra was not playing with anything this badass. Marble artist Mike Gong creates incredibly detailed handmade glass marbles and the series featured here is called “Acid Eaters”. Some of Gong’s marbles sell for over $1,000, but for avid marble collectors these are definitely worth the cost. [Read more...]


Mind-bending 3 Dimensional Paintings by Mad King

Friday 02.21.2014 , Posted by
1 mad king

It’s hard to say what’s cooler: artist Mad King’s philosophy on art or the art itself. The self-taught artist AKA Jake Johanson creates paintings by hand that you feel like you could walk right into. Repeating patterns and geometric shapes give each piece a mind-bending three dimensionality that top layer objects appear to float upon. Based in Denver, he has painted entire walls in this style, but these images can not even do justice to what seeing the paintings in reality is like. Since he uses metallic paints and multiple sheens of poly-acrylic paints, a picture can never show the depth and variety of designs that is produced in different light settings. [Read more...]


Olafur Eliasson and Ai Weiwei Invite You to Make Your Mark on the Moon

Thursday 02.20.2014 , Posted by
1 Moon by Ai Weiwei and Olafur Eliasson

“The moon is interesting because it’s a not yet habitable space so it’s a fantastic place to put your dreams,” says Olafur Eliasoson of his recent collaborative project with Ai Weiwei. Utilizing the connective capabilities of the internet, they invited people all over the world to leave their marks on the “Moon” and so far over 35,000 people have participated. The duo debuted their massive scale interactive project at the Falling Walls conference in Berlin this year with the help of curator Marcello Pisu who says, “The main inspiration of the Moon is the democratization of the creative and artistic process, and the encouragement of a constructive visual dialogue.” [Read more...]


“Love From Hawaii”- People in Hawaii Send Encouraging Advice to Complete Strangers Around the World

Tuesday 02.18.2014 , Posted by
Love From Hawaii 1

In this life we all have good days and bad days, struggles and triumphs, hopes and fears, but we are all in this “human” thing together and sometimes encouraging words from another human can help us put things in perspective. Jeff Hamada, founder of, decided to help orchestrate this process with a project he calls “Love From Hawaii.” Last year, he asked readers to explain why they were in need of encouragement and received hundreds of responses with stories. He brought these responses with him to beautiful Honolulu, where he was attending the annual Pow! Wow! Hawaii Art Festival and hit the streets to ask random people to take one of the stories and send the encouragement-seeker a postcard with some words of advice. [Read more...]


Artist Shows Drawing Progression From Age 2 Through 24

Sunday 02.16.2014 , Posted by

Sometimes when we see amazing art it’s easy to just think “oh that person must be really gifted” but this progression gives hope that maybe anybody can create beautiful art if they are willing to put in the effort. Jake Lockett has been making art since he could pick up a pen at age 2 and shared with us a progression album on his website showcasing a couple pieces of art from almost every year from age 2 to his current 24 years of age. Each year his art grows a little more technical and then diverges into his unique style. It’s really awesome to see this artist’s journey laid out in picture form and would be interesting to see the childhood works from other highly regarded artists too. [Read more...]


Famous Film Directors: Portraits From A-Z

Saturday 02.15.2014 , Posted by

Previously featured for her elegant Bond Girl series, Love and Let Die, we are pleased to share another fabulous project by the talented Russian visual artist Arina Orlova. This time she shows off her illustration skills and love of film with an A-Z portrait book of famous film directors. [Read more...]


Purify Art: Art With Integrity

Friday 02.14.2014 , Posted by

We live in a generation with an unprecedented ability to broadcast your message to the world. For passionate, talented artists this means that you don’t have to be starving anymore to devote your life to art, but creators are getting little to no royalties from Facebook, Spotify and Pandora. Not every artist has the time to keep up online profiles for art and music on multiple sites, but Purify Art provides an alternative. Purify Art takes out the middle man for a direct relationship between artist and fans. It allows users to find, share, and sell art and music in one place. The Ad-free platform maximizes the revenue media creators receive from online services and protects the users privacy and the content creator’s IP rights. [Read more...]


An Artist’s Mission to Photograph 1,000 Bedrooms Around the World

Wednesday 02.12.2014 , Posted by
1000 bedrooms

A bedroom can tell a lot about a person’s character. Where we sleep and the area surrounding area often reflects our personal style and shows a glimpse at how our brains are organized, yet our bedrooms are intimate places that not many people will see. Photographer Margaret Ellen Burns from Sydney, Australia, gives us a peek into those secret worlds as she treads forward on her mission to photograph 1,000 bedrooms with their people in them. She takes the photographs on black and white 35mm film with an Asahi Pentax Spotmatic camera that used to be her mother’s. [Read more...]


Visionary Art from the Amazon Jungle

Friday 02.07.2014 , Posted by
1 Luis Tamani Amasifuen

Although similar techniques have been achieved in the digital realm, Luis Tamani Amasifuen’s works are all hand painted. From the jungle of Pucallpa, Peru, Amasifuen creates beautiful paintings from his shamanistic visions. A graduate of the Escuela Superior de Formacion Artistica Eduardo Meza Saravia, his works are rich in vibrant colors and fractal details with a mythical, spiritual vibe and a theme of rainforest protection and conservation. His works were exhibited at Festival Amo Amazonia in Trapoto 2010. [Read more...]


Swept Away: The Stunning, Temporary Sand Paintings of Joe Mangrum

Thursday 02.06.2014 , Posted by
1  Joe Mangrum

There’s a new sandman in town, and this one doesn’t sprinkle magical sand in children’s eyes as they sleep. Joe Mangrum creates beautiful murals on the ground, painting with the ephemeral medium of colored sand. He has sprinkled his masterpieces on the streets of Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and even Sesame Street. Creating vibrant, kaleidoscopic images as sand falls from his hand, Mangrum improvises the designs as he goes, never fully knowing what the final product will look like until it’s finished. After the jump, check out the time lapse video below of Mangrum creating a piece for the Museum of Arts and Design in NYC. [Read more...]

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