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Double Exposure Photography Like You’ve Never Seen It Before… In Motion!

Wednesday 03.05.2014 , Posted by

Although this new digital generation may not know what it’s like to get back film that was accidentally double exposed, there have been some phenomenal examples of photographers intentionally layering 2 shots together. Filmmaker Paul Trillo brings the double exposure technique to life in this unique music video for “Be Around” by the LA band The Peach Kings. Based in NYC, Trillo has worked with The Peach Kings on 2 other music videos and was excited to do this one for their upcoming EP Mojo Thunder. [Read more...]


You’ll Never Believe That These Are Ballpoint Pen Drawings

Tuesday 03.04.2014 , Posted by
1 wang2mu

Based in Shanghai,China, Wang 2mu (二木 王) is pretty handy with a ballpoint pen. The illustrator works mostly with blue and red ink to create intricately detailed designs that look as though they could be digital. His themes revolve around technology, childhood nostalgia, and domestic culture. The level of saturation and three dimensionality that he achieves with simple ballpoint pens is unbelievable. [Read more...]


Brilliant Brazilian Ad Campaign Features Legendary Artists on the Dissecting Board

Monday 03.03.2014 , Posted by
1 DDB Brazil

Art is an expression of what’s on the inside and now we can see what it was that gave Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent Van Gogh their signature styles. In an ad campaign for MASP Art School in Sao Paolo, Brazilian advertising agency DDB puts famous artists on the dissecting board to show how their insides are different from ours. Each artist’s internal organs are presented as he might have painted them. My imagination is running rampant with all of the possibilities for a continuation of this series. [Read more...]


BAG: A Peek Into the Private World of People of All Ages As Shown Through the Contents of the Bags They Carry

Friday 02.28.2014 , Posted by
1 ellie_brown_a1

The items a person chooses to carry with them at all times can give clues to piece together their personalities. In a diptych series, which has been made into a book called BAG, photographer Ellie Brown photographs everyday people of all ages with their bags then asks them to open up their bags so that she can take a picture of the contents. She shows a dichotomous view view between each person’s public and private identity. A Boston-native currently based in Philadelphia, where she is a professor at Moore College of Art, Brown beautifully executed this concept conceived by Camille Thoman. [Read more...]


We Are All Made of Stars: Gorgeous Black Light Photography

Thursday 02.27.2014 , Posted by
5 we are all made of stars

“The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff,” said Carl Sagan in Cosmos. Russian photographer Daria Khoroshavina brings this quote to life with this beautiful conceptual series we are all made of stars. Using body paint, glitter, and black light, her subjects appear to be made up of stars. Also into retouching and cinemagraphs, Khoroshovina used a Canon 6d/50mm 1.4 for this series but also owns some vintage zenit cameras with a bunch of helios lenses. [Read more...]


4 Year Old Fashion Designer (& Her Mommy) Create Dress Fashions Out of Paper, Tape & Glue

Tuesday 02.25.2014 , Posted by
1 fashionbymayhem

Mommy blogger Angie, who gives her 4 year old daughter the nickname Mayhem to preserve some anonymity, noticed early on that her daughter was into fashion far more than a typical toddler. Mayhem withdrew interest from her pre-made princess dresses and started using Angie’s scarves and sheets to create her own dresses. In attempt to restore order in her closets, Angie suggested that they make dresses together out of paper. Mayhem was hooked and still is 9 months later, which is an eternity in toddler time, leading us to believe this is more than just a phase. Angie started the hashtag #fashionbymayhem and has begun gathering a following of people who can’t wait to see what the two will come up with next. [Read more...]


Tatay’s Gift: An Awesomely Illustrated Children’s Book Teaches Children About Giving

Monday 02.24.2014 , Posted by
1 tatays gift

After spending time in the Philippines and being immersed in their hardworking, loving, generous culture, artist Brad Woodard wanted to share the lessons he learned with his young son. Using his illustrating skills and his wife Krystal’s storytelling abilities, the duo has come up with a vibrantly illustrated children’s book. They seek to help those who still need help after typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and bring a beautiful story about giving into the world. Tatay’s Gift tells the story of a young Filipino boy learning the importance of serving and giving in his community by watching his Tatay (Tagalog for dad) every day. [Read more...]


The Adventures of Little Wooden Cutouts in A Great Big World: Street Art by Joe Iurato

Sunday 02.23.2014 , Posted by
1 Joe Iurato 1

Using layers of hand cut wood and spray paint, Joe Iurato narrates his life story by placing his defining moments in a miniature form around the streets and parks of NYC. Using the same style he used to do for large scale street art pieces, Iurato creates small figures and finds imaginative places to put them in this big world. The figures represent different stages in his life and he leaves them to interact with the environment and the community in whatever ways they see fit. [Read more...]


Don’t Lose Your Marbles: The Coolest Marbles You’ve Ever Seen

Saturday 02.22.2014 , Posted by
10 mike gong

Marbles have been around since ancient Roman and Egyptian times, but I assure you Cleopatra was not playing with anything this badass. Marble artist Mike Gong creates incredibly detailed handmade glass marbles and the series featured here is called “Acid Eaters”. Some of Gong’s marbles sell for over $1,000, but for avid marble collectors these are definitely worth the cost. [Read more...]


Mind-bending 3 Dimensional Paintings by Mad King

Friday 02.21.2014 , Posted by
1 mad king

It’s hard to say what’s cooler: artist Mad King’s philosophy on art or the art itself. The self-taught artist AKA Jake Johanson creates paintings by hand that you feel like you could walk right into. Repeating patterns and geometric shapes give each piece a mind-bending three dimensionality that top layer objects appear to float upon. Based in Denver, he has painted entire walls in this style, but these images can not even do justice to what seeing the paintings in reality is like. Since he uses metallic paints and multiple sheens of poly-acrylic paints, a picture can never show the depth and variety of designs that is produced in different light settings. [Read more...]

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