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Fluid Graffiti Portraits by Noé Pauporté

Saturday 04.05.2014 , Posted by
1 Noe Pauporte

Emerging from swirls and splatters, and vibrantly colored geometric patterns, come realistic portraits. Born in 1985, Noé Pauporté has been drawing since he could hold a pencil, but he didn’t hone his overlapping character graffiti on canvas until 1998. The self-taught artist studied at the foundation for Fine Art in Brussels paints both realistic and imaginary characters using varying techniques such as acrylic, ink, bomb, Posca, pencil, and oil paint. He focuses mostly on living creatures in his artworks, humans especially. He also composes electronic music under the name KhromaSoma. [Read more...]


The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes… And Mouth and Nose

Wednesday 04.02.2014 , Posted by

No matter what your age is, a kaleidoscope is a pretty fascinating toy to look through. Belarus-based designer Norg Nodis had this in mind when he transformed boring, plain portraits into a kaleidoscopic vision. Selecting random shaped portions of the face and making them radially symmetrical, he achieved a very trippy version of each person. [Read more...]


Transforming Waste Into Art: World’s First Recycled Bottle Wall Art

Tuesday 04.01.2014 , Posted by

When touching a print by CO2nscience, you would never guess that the soft, vibrant material was made from recycled plastic water bottles, but it was. The company, who is passionate about our planet and carbon consciousness, has started a Kickstarter to fund their amazing project that will transform 140,000 plastic bottles into enough wall art to cover an entire soccer field. The wall art comes in 4 different styles, each with three different sizes. They have a lot of ready made prints to choose from or you can customize them with your own pictures. [Read more...]



Sunday 03.30.2014 , Posted by
Annelie Soils

Based in Trinidad, Annelie Solis expresses her truth on the canvas. Painting spiritual visions of awakening and awareness this young artist is wise beyond her years. She paints from her heart- the visions that come to her when her mind is most clear. A visionary painter, Solis’ works share a common theme of opening our third eyes and perceive more than the sensory world. In the video below, she created a paint animation of evolving to open all 7 chakras. [Read more...]


The Tiniest Sandcastles In the World: Etched On A Single Grain of Sand

Friday 03.28.2014 , Posted by
1 Sand Castles With A Single Grain Of Sand

Most sand castles require millions of grains of sand, but these microscopic masterpieces require only one. Artists Vik Muniz and Marcelo Coelho have found a way to etch awe-inspiring castles measuring less than half a millimeter in length onto a single grain of sand. A complete 180 from Muniz’ previous works that were massive drawings that required a birds eye view from a helicopter to realize, he wanted to make something that was “miniature and monumental.” [Read more...]


Corrective Baby Helmets Become Fashion Statements in the Hands of This Painter

Thursday 03.27.2014 , Posted by
1 art Babies corrective helmets

With the advent of SIDS prevention tips, which suggest positioning babies on their backs to sleep, it has become increasingly common for infants to develop plagiocephaly, also known as flat head syndrome. The diagnosis is easily treated when the baby spends an average of 3-4 months wearing a corrective helmet. As effective as these helmets are, they are not very attractive in their natural, boring, white plastic state, but painter Paula Strawn has made them so beautiful that every kid (and probably most adults) wishes they could wear one. [Read more...]


If Your Apartment Smells of Rich Mahogany, Stay Classy With These Leather-Bound Books

Wednesday 03.26.2014 , Posted by
1 Leather covers for books

Lovers of literature, rejoice! There is an Etsy store called Studio42Books where you can buy leather slip covers for your favorite novels. The artist behind the covers is photographer Alan Klem. He creates the cover designs on a computer, then sends the programs to a laser engraver to etch the images and cut the shape of the cover along with the rivet holes. Next he stains the pieces with leather stain and rivets it all together and voila, the perfect slip cover for display on your bookshelves. Based out of Toledo, Ohio, Klem started this project to pay the bills while he is getting his photography business off the ground, and learn his way around the laser engraver a little better. [Read more...]


Living Works of Art: Bring the Most Hypnotic Pet To Your Office or Home

Tuesday 03.25.2014 , Posted by
3 Jellyfish Tank

If you’ve ever been to an aquarium and watched the jellyfish or recall the stunning jellyfish scene from The Life of Pi, then you know how mesmerizing these creatures can be. Jellyfish have only been aquarium attractions for the past several years after scientists developed tanks with specialized flow patterns that could support them. In a regular fish tank, jellyfish would get stuck in the corners and sucked up into filtration systems, but marine biologist Alex Andon, has developed a home aquarium that keeps jellyfish alive, healthy, and on display for your viewing pleasure. [Read more...]


Shake Dreams From Your Hair: A 16 Month Sculpting Process Condensed Into 4 Minutes

Saturday 03.22.2014 , Posted by
3 Shake Dreams From Your Hair

Using 750 feet of steel and 200 grinder bits, sculptor Sean Sobczak created an incredible sculpture that stand six and a half feet tall. With 16 months of work, he was able to make these hard materials look soft as he shaped them into the form of a gorgeous woman. He calls the sculpture Shake Dreams From Your Hair, and Beau Lambert filmed the entire creation process, condensing it into 4 minutes, which you can watch below. I first met the incredibly talented Sean Sobczak when we camped together at Burning Man in 2010. At that time he rode an amazing horse bicycle with a head and tail made out of wire in the same way style as his sculptures. He credits his first Burn in 2001 with igniting his creative spark and has since been focusing his energy on sculpting ever since at his studio Sandman Creations. [Read more...]


The Empire State Building Made From Bicycle Tire Tracks

Thursday 03.20.2014 , Posted by
1 nyc bike art

With one of the most effective public transportation systems in the world, NYC is one of the best cities to live without a car. But you miss out on a lot of sights when you’re underground, and you don’t need a metrocard to get around the city when you have a bicycle, weather permitting… Bike culture is huge in NYC, which is why artist Thomas Yang was inspired to create a piece that showcases a New York City icon made out of inked bicycle tire tracks. Using 7 different bicycle tires, he produced a beautiful image of the Empire State Building. [Read more...]

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