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Bicycled the perimeter of USA, hitch hiked across the States dressed as monk. Nomadic for the next few years. Would love to connect, so check out my links below! email:

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One More Reason To Grow Out Your Beard

Sunday 08.31.2014 , Posted by
1  Cloe Ashton flower-beards-trend-3

You don’t have to stop to smell the roses when they are right under your nose! Aside from upping a man’s awesomeness level, beards can also be the perfect medium for a floral arrangement. The men below are starting a new fashion trend which would be the perfect accompaniment to the floral crowns that ladies have been wearing lately. Flower Power is not just for women and these manly bearded men are proud to show off their softer sides. Why buy flowers for your lover when you can become a walking bouquet? [Read more...]


Not Your Average Rock Wall: Stunning Mosaic Murals Made of Stones

Friday 08.29.2014 , Posted by

Partners in life and business, Andreas Kunert and Naomi Zettl have divinely combined their artistic talents and passions to create the most awe-inspiring arrangements of pebbles, stones, and other organic accents. The visionary artists are attuned to the natural flow of life and are guided to place each rock in the perfect position to make the most beautiful mosaic murals. Through their company, Ancient Art of Stone, they take on commissioned projects for interior and exterior designs. [Read more...]


Origami Could Be A Solution To One Of Space Exploration’s Greatest Problems

Thursday 08.28.2014 , Posted by

When it comes to exploring the vast unknown that is space, one of the biggest problems is, ironically, a lack of space. But now a team of research engineers at Brigham Young University, led by professor Larry Howell, are thinking outside the box to figure out how to get more inside the box and have begun applying origami principles to rigid solar panels. Collaborating with NASA and origami expert Robert Lang, their model origami solar array could be transported into space expand to almost 10 times its stored size once unfolded. [Read more...]


Stamping Money Out of Politics Just Got Even More Fun With The Amend-O-Matic Stamp Mobile

Wednesday 08.27.2014 , Posted by
1 Stamp_Mobile_grande

If you believe political bribes are destroying our democracy, then step right up to the Amend-O-Matic Stamp Mobile and let your dollars spread the message. The same guy who brought you the most delicious, (not to mention organic and sustainable) ice cream in your grocer’s freezer has yet another brilliant idea. Since each bill printed in the U.S. passes through 875 hands, on average, if just 1 person stamps one bill per day for 1 year, it could reach 300,000 people, which means it would only take 1,000 to reach the entire U.S. population! With enough awareness this movement could help to pass an amendment to the constitution to take back our democracy from the corporations that use their money to puppeteer our politicians. 16 states have already voted for it and 150 members of congress support it. Keep the momentum going by purchasing a stamp(at cost) on [Read more...]


Woman With Vitiligo Models How Beautiful Looking Different Can Be

Monday 08.25.2014 , Posted by
1 ChantelleWinnie

From the catwalk in Canada to America’s Next Top Model, Chantelle Brown-Young has been showing how comfortable she is in her own skin. Affected by the skin condition Vitiligo, which causes the skin’s pigment to disappear in patches, the young model has a captivating, unique beauty. Although she endured excessive bullying in her school days, with hurtful names like “cow” and “milky”, Brown-Young blocked out the negativity and embraced her individuality to follow her dreams of becoming a model. [Read more...]


Better Together: Couples Tattoos That Will Make Your Heart Melt

Sunday 08.24.2014 , Posted by
1 matching tattoo

Nothing says “I’m in it for the long haul” like getting a matching tattoo with your partner. Here are some creative expressions of love that look better together, but could also stand alone should any of the relationships fall through. Check out the perfect pairs like Mickey & Minnie, Jack & Sally, peanut butter & jelly, Pinky & The Brain, and Cat-Dog. Many wishes for a lifetime of love and happiness to all of the couples who have made this ink commitment. [Read more...]


Butter Up: Innovative New Knife Allows Butter to Spread Regardless Of The Temperature

Friday 08.22.2014 , Posted by
1 Stupendous Splendiferous ButterUp

We are pleased to present the best thing to happen to bread since sliced bread. Have you ever ripped a delicious fresh piece of bread to shreds as you battled with butter right out of the refrigerator? You end up with one big mouth full of butter in one bite and none in the next. It’s not pretty. But now there is a better way. The innovative team at DM Initiatives has created the most incredible, yet simple, kitchen utensil which they appropriately call The Stupendous Splendiferous ButterUp. This magical device turns cold butter into easily spreadable ribbons that melt like butter on your breakfast toast. Aside from the ease of spread-ability, the gadget will also help you use less butter, which can cut a lot of calories from your diet. [Read more...]


World’s Largest Rubber Duck Attends LA Tall Ships Festival

Friday 08.22.2014 , Posted by
1 Giant rubber duck

Meet one rubber ducky that won’t make bath time lots of fun. At 11 tons, there isn’t a bathtub that could handle this 6 story-high rubber duck, but I must say I am awfully fond of him and Ernie would be too. The gigantic duck was created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman as part of an instillation and has traveled all over the world before his recent visit to the Tall Ships Festival in LA. His globe trotting adventures have brought him to Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, and China.
[Read more...]


The Greatest Vehicle For Off-Road Adventure Camping

Wednesday 08.20.2014 , Posted by
1 Jeep Action Camper

As amazing as RV’s can be for camping, they aren’t the most agile vehicles in rough terrain or steep hills. Enter the Jeep® ActionCamper©! With all of the off-roading capabilities of a Jeep and the luxurious camping of an RV, this bad boy combines the best of both worlds. The pop-up roof allows 6’8″ of clearance in the dining area. The camper itself is made of fiberglass and fits a queen size bed in the full kitchen, as well as a shower and toilet. The windows are fitted with bug screens and blinds and the entire shell is removable when you want to take the vehicle for a joyride. [Read more...]


These Hermits Have Chosen To Live Alone In The Wild

Tuesday 08.19.2014 , Posted by

Society is not always the most welcoming place for all types of people and some have chosen to live their lives outside of the norm. Russian photographer Danila Tkachenko captures the wild lives of people who have left communities behind to live alone in the forest. Working with the land, they create homes among the trees in the Russian and Ukranian forest. He has compiled his collection of photographs in a book called Escape. [Read more...]

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