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Shawn Saleme is a full time writer for Visual News. Having traveled to over 50 countries, his international escapades continue to influence his writing and perspective. When not in a foreign territory, he makes his home in his native San Francisco Bay Area. Become friends with him on Facebook and invite him to share drinks and stories with you.

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Fractal Experience 2: GIFs That Maximize Creativity in a Tiny File

Thursday 01.22.2015 , Posted by

These GIFs may seem like simple eye candy, but they are actually complex arrangements exploring the relationship between geometric patterns, fractals and patterns in the space time continuum. This series is a continuation of Erik Soderberg’s first set of GIFs released in 2011, titled Fractal Experience. In contrast to his earlier work, these images move. [Read more…]


The Animal Kingdom, Hidden on the Form of the Human Body

Tuesday 01.20.2015 , Posted by
Incredible body art work

We have done our share of posts on body painters, from Moran Newman, to Cecilia Paredes and Johannes Stötter, but Shannon Holt brings out the animal in us like no one else. The Florida-based artist embarked on a painting exploration that involved testing different surfaces on which to paint animals – and it was her last experiment that revealed her final destination. [Read more…]


Creepy Couture: A 3D Printed “Spider” Dress That Senses and Reacts to Motion

Monday 01.19.2015 , Posted by
Spider-Dress 202092

3D printing is being explored in many different ways, and Dutch artist Anouk Wipprecht isn’t afraid to use the technology to push the limits of fashion. Her latest creation is the “spider” dress, which is outfitted with six customized legs that spring out when it senses motion nearby. [Read more…]


Mexican Restaurant with 10,000 Animal Bones for Decor

Friday 01.16.2015 , Posted by
cadena-asociados-bones-collector-hueso-restaurant-guadalajara-mexico-visual news 2

If bones are your thing, then you need to get down to Guadalajara and check out ‘Hueso’, the classy new restaurant that features over 10,000 different bones adorning its walls. Hueso (which translates to Bone in Spanish) is the brain child of Mexican architect Ignacio Cadena. [Read more…]


Murray Fredericks Captures the Starry Skies and Vast Landscapes of Greenland

Thursday 01.15.2015 , Posted by
Murray-Fredericks 1

Australian photographer Murray Fredericks isn’t afraid to venture into the vast unknown, often for long periods of time and in challenging environments. In his youth he spent significant time in the Himalayas and the deserts of the Middle East – wilderness that provided him with a basis for his approach as a photographer. In one of his latest series titled Topophilia, he traveled to Greenland six different times with his camping gear, large camera and supplies to access far out places. In this series, he sought to convey “an emotional experience of space.” [Read more…]


Landscapes Dominated by the World’s Largest Statues

Wednesday 01.14.2015 , Posted by
Dai Kannon, Sendai, Japan, 330 ft, built in 1991

Around the world, people have built massive statues to symbolize the religious and political icons of their particular region. There are the Buddhas in Japan, Mao Zedong in China and Jesus Christ in Indonesia. Photographer Fabrice Fouillet traveled around the world documenting the largest examples and how they affect the surrounding landscapes. He shares via his artistic statement: [Read more…]


Speedy Graphito: A French Street and Pop Art Legend

Tuesday 01.13.2015 , Posted by
speedy graphito 01010

A pioneer of the street art movement in France, Speedy Graphito brought the avant-garde to the streets and inspired a generation of future artists. Expressed in many mediums, his work is bold, vibrant and controversial – and while a good amount of his creativity is paint-based, he also works with sculpture, installations, video and photography. [Read more…]


Metal Figures Sculpted from Wire Fencing

Monday 01.12.2015 , Posted by
metal sculpture 11

Sculptor Edoardo Tresoldi is a bit of an alchemist. And while he may not be transforming base metals into gold itself, he does take normal industrial metal fencing and change it into something quite beautiful. Tresoldi delicately shapes the mesh into figures of the human form. [Read more…]


Danmalas: Meditative Arrangements of Flower Petals

Friday 01.09.2015 , Posted by

Kathy Klein is an avid lover of plants and the divine presence they can bring to other living beings. She creates “danmalas” as a way to share her passion for life. In Vedic sanskrit dān means “the giver,” and mālā means “garland of flowers”. She does just this, giving away her arrangements of petals and bulbs, which resemble mandalas. [Read more…]


One Photographer’s Journey to Document the Human Struggle with Water

Thursday 01.08.2015 , Posted by

Water. Humans need it to survive and thrive. Yet 17% of the global human population does not have access to a clean or reliable source. The UN has warned that by the year 2025, 3.4 billion people will face water scarcity. Photographer Mustafah Abdulaziz took on a mission to document the human relationship to this precious resource. He was commissioned by the United Nations and WaterAid to visit some 32 countries, observing the conditions in which people go to retrieve water and learning about the challenges first hand. [Read more…]

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