Eyeing Justice: Social Justice in Saudi Arabia

Social justice is brewing in Saudi Arabia. With the recent news that Saudi women may get the right to vote and with the sentence of lashing for the act of driving being revoked by King Abdullah, I thought a piece regarding women’s rights in Saudi Arabia would be pertinent. Titled, Eyeing Justice, the woman in the piece has the reflection of the scales of justice in her eyes.

Broken Through: A New Flag for Libya

In celebration of the overthrow of Gaddafi’s long and tightly held grip on the people of Libya, artist Robbie Douglas created a new piece he calls “Broken Through.” A sequel to his previous work, “Breaking Through,” this rendition sees the iconic green flag torn completely through, revealing the new red, black and green flag. Robbie says the people of the country have now “escaped the control of the old regime and are now outside of it, tearing it down.”

Tension: The National Debt Plan

With President Obama signing legislation to raise the debt ceiling just before a potential national default, few seem happy about the outcome, even the very people that voted for it. Here we bring you “Tension,” the latest drawing from Robbie Douglas. He says: “I wanted to do something regarding the debt situation that’s been taking the center stage of the news for the last week or so, the idea with the piece being that the fighting between the two parties has been essentially just a strain on the situation.”

Art Inspired By The British Phone Hacking Scandal

In the last few days we have seen long-held allegations of phone-hacking come to a head against News of the World, a British newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation . Did the periodical actually tap into the voicemail account of a murdered 13-year old and the phones of fallen soldiers in Iraq and Afganistan? Time will tell, but the organization has far from a clean record when it comes to digging for information.

Just as Murdoch releases an nation wide apology in Britain’s newspapers, we bring you artist Robbie Douglas’ interpretation of the situation: titled “Privacy.” He draws Murdoch with earphones on, plugged in and listening to an unsuspecting world.

Focus: Where is Mass Media Taking Our Attention?

From the multiple conflicts in northern Africa, the tsunami and earthquake in Japan, ongoing economic problems in the US and more… it seems strange that the media would give so much attention to the situation with Andrew Weiner. In his newest contribution to Visual News, Robbie Douglas created a piece centering on this issue and it’s alternate options, stating: “I wanted to address the focus that’s been on him and his questionable but legal behavior rather than on more important matters.” We couldn’t agree more.