Powering Ag: An Energy Challenge For Development

Our world is continually coming up with new ways to use its resources and technological advancements to use them more efficiently. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that there are still people in the world incapable of creating enough food for their families and communities to thrive or sometimes even survive. Helping developing and low-income nations step into modern times has been a constant challenge for decades, and expanding access to clean energy is a key component of global development efforts. But, how are we going to do this? This motion graphic created by Powering Agriculture, an initiative of the United States Agency of International Development (USAID), looks at how clean energy technology can be the answer.

Social Landmarks Around the World

With the summer vacation season now upon us, Facebook has dipped into its check-in data to figure out the locations of the world’s most social landmarks. The data covered 25 cities worldwide, and the most popular social landmarks included sports arenas, public areas, amusement parks, concert arenas, and shopping malls. People love checking into their favorite spots, whether to celebrate memories with family and friends, or make them jealous because they might be missing out on an amazing time. Some of the most popular check-ins are an obvious no-brainer — like Times Square in NYC or the Coliseum in Rome, Italy — others will totally surprise you, and places left off the list will leave you scratching your head as to why they didn’t make the cut.

The Unselfish Reasons Why People Write Online Reviews

We’ve all been out looking for a new restaurant or service to try, and when we see reviews online, it lets us know people are talking about them — good or bad. With so much content, services, and businesses out there (especially on the web) more and more consumers are flocking to online review sites, forums and apps to share their opinions. As we’ve all learned from social media, people like to talk, and they like to share… so it’s a logical conclusion that the best way for people to get their opinions heard and share their experiences with the masses is by posting their reviews of businesses here online.

The Generation Gap In Computer Security

Our lives are hurtling faster and deeper into the new digital world we’re creating. Now, with the broad adoption of digital media and social networking, combined with an increasing amount of sensitive data being stored online, personal security is becoming more important than ever. As with most things in life, the importance of computer security increases in priority with age. Different generations understand the problem of online security differently, but does the younger and more tech-savvy Gen Y user  manage computer security more effectively, or does the more mature baby boomers guard their personal information and data better?

9 Shocking Facts About the Food Industry

Modern farming techniques have changed the way America produces food. The U.S. grows more corn than any other country on the planet. These modern farming techniques, combined with massive government subsidies, have turned corn into an incredibly productive — and incredibly cheap — crop. 90 million acres of corn are farmed every year in the U.S., and < 1% of that is sweet corn, the type people actually eat. So, what is the corn being produced and used for? To worsen the American diet and enlarge waistlines?

The Candy Punk Aesthetic of Rik Lee And His Babes

Drawing pretty girls has been done for thousands of years. The Egyptians lavishly decorated the  walls of Queen Nefertari’s tomb — which was the largest and most spectacular in the Valley of the Queens — in honor of her beauty. The Greeks went to war over the beauty of Helen of Troy, and the Romans practically invented wine fueled orgies. But, you know who else knows about beautiful women? Rik Lee, an illustrator and artist living in Melbourne, Australia. His illustrations of pretty girls with wondering eyes, tattooed features, flipped up hood caps, the color pink, and a general air of melancholia — leave you desperate and yearning for more.

Know Your Roots: Column Five Hometowns

In this digital age, we work and have contact with people who we’ve never met in person. The only thing we may know about them is through email exchanges, Twitter feeds, and maybe Instagram photos — if we’ve been lucky enough for even that. With face-to-face interaction giving way to online interactions, it’s still nice to humanize your company and team every once in a while. Column Five, our parent company, put together this interactive to show where everyone on their team was originally born, and how some 20+ years later they all ended up working together under the same roof.

How Much Data is Created Every Minute?

The Internet has become a place where massive amounts of information and data are being generated every day. Big data isn’t just some abstract concept created by the IT crowd, but a continually growing stream of digital activity pulsating through cables and airwaves across the world. This data never sleeps: every minute giant amounts of it are being generated from every phone, website and application across the Internet. The question: how much is created, and where does it all come from?

The Secret to a Sound Ocean

Acoustics mean different things to different species. As humans, we need sound to hear our favorite music, the roar of the crowd (insert activity here), and sirens so we don’t get flattened by a firetruck or freight train. While hearing is an enjoyable part of living a fulfilled life, we can get by without it. Whales on the other hand, have a harder time. Whales are auditory creatures, meaning hearing is essential to their communication, navigation, feeding, and breeding. Imagine if we couldn’t hear then we couldn’t breed? I’d rather go blind.

Cell By Cell: Why We Haven’t Cured Cancer

The thought of getting cancer, and having your life cut short years before it should, is a constant fear we live with in our modern world. You can be walking down the street completely healthy, having the time of your life, when you realize something doesn’t feel right. You go to the doctor complaining of your ailment, and that’s when everything changes: they’ve found something, and it’s not good. We have all known someone throughout our lives that has been affected by this heinous disease, and with all of the medical advances made in the last 50 years we have to question: why hasn’t a cure been found?