Made for TV: Television’s Most Excellent Roommates

We’ve all had our fair share of roommates. Having the right one can enhance your life tremendously, and account for hours and hours of ridiculous conversation and hilarious hijinks. Being stuck with the wrong roommate can turn your life into an awkward living hell, where the torment of not getting along, mixed with the continuous stream of passive aggressive notes about inconsequential things, will drive you to the brink of jumping straight off a bridge. Because of these polar extremes, roommates have always made great content for television.

Americans Rate Their Utility Companies

There are choices for many things in life. We can choose to not have a cell phone, delete our Facebook account, never fully understand Twitter, buy our dogs ridiculously priced sweaters and treats, complain about politics, or quit our jobs to move halfway across the world to a beach in Thailand to completely start over and live in boardshorts. But, there is one thing — unless you live completely off the grid — that we don’t have a choice in, and that’s dealing with a utility company. So how do Americans feel about their power company? And how does that change depending on what company they use and whether they use solar or grid power?

Why Retailers Should Get On Board With Pinterest

Pinterest is making an actual vision board obsolete. People are flocking to the social networking site to keep a virtual space of recipes, decor ideas, fashion must-haves, beauty tips, and artwork. By now, most people are familiar with the pull Pinterest commands around the web in terms of driving traffic — as compared to other social networks. Almost two out of five consumers follow retailers through one or more social networking sites, with Pinterest users following an average of 9.3 retail companies… that is more than the average amount of Facebook and Twitter users. With so much happening on Pinterest, it only makes sense that retailers set up a Pinterest profile and interact with consumers on the platform.

Winning Wimbledon Tennis Tournament

With the 2012 Wimbledon Championships just ending this past weekend, spectators at the event and around the world witnessed records being broken, upsets stealing the show, and the domination of the Williams sisters and Roger Federer. Wimbledon combines the best modern-day advanced sports technology with the charm of an English country garden, and is the only one of the major tennis championships to be played on grass. Whether you saw every match, or didn’t watch a single moment, there are still some interesting facts to learn about the Wimbledon Championship in this graphic created by Confused

Travel Like a Local: San Francisco’s Best-Kept Secrets

Seeing the majority of a city through a camera lens, hanging out at the busiest tourist spots, and wearing tan shorts with black socks isn’t the way everyone wants to travel and experience new cities. Some people hate the idea of sticking out like a sore thumb when they’re on vacation, and will go to great lengths to make sure they fit in with their surroundings. San Francisco is one of the best cities in California, and there’s so much more to enjoy than the Golden Gate Bridge or Fisherman’s Wharf.

Sharks: Decoding the Mysteries of the Ancient Predator

Sharks have been one of the most feared creatures of the ocean for nearly 400 million years. There are more than 400 living species of sharks in our world, with over 200 of those species being listed on the World Conservation Union’s “Red List” of endangered species. This graphic from the History Channel brings us some very interesting facts about these wild creatures while highlighting their new series Shark Wranglers . The show will head to the Atlantic Ocean, faring some of the world’s most treacherous waters, while following Chris Fischer and his crew aboard the shark research vessel OCEARCH. Their mission: to decode the mystery of one of the planets most notorious predators, the great white shark.

California Americana: Photography of Harper Smith

California has a look and feel unlike any other place in the world. Not only does it sit firmly behind the wheel — pole position — taking us all to the promised land of the future; but, it can never fully shake the traditions of the past. There’s something cosmic about the ocean, occult about the deserts, and mystical about the sun and moon of California that separate it from anywhere else. It’s not something easily explained to people, it’s something felt. Like having a glass of red wine while watching the sun set over the hills from a balcony overlooking a canyon, the sunlight kissing the brush gently as the shadows take hold, carrying everything into the night. Photographer Harper Smith catches these divine moments for us on film… maybe so we don’t have to burn them into our collective consciousness, hoping to keep their vision before us in silent wonderment.

Explosions in the Sky: Independence Day Fireworks

More than 67 percent of Americans are planning to join in the Fourth of July festivities this year. It’s time to hang out with family and friends, grill food, and light off a ton of fireworks. Unfortunately, those exciting explosions can also kill the party in a major way.

The ROI of Summer Internships: How Much Does It Pay?

Summer is shining down upon us — currently melting people’s faces off on the Eastern seaboard — and with the summer heat wave also comes another favorite time of year for students: the summer internship. Hiring for internships is expected to rise 8.5 percent in 2012, meaning more undergraduates will have the opportunity to gain some hands-on experience in their field of study. New research suggests that the ROI of a summer internship can have huge payoffs when it comes to immediate pay — beats making $9.00/hr at a retail location — and can pay off long term when it comes to career opportunities.

True Colors: What Brand Colors Say About A Business

Studies have shown that a product’s color influences 60-80 percent of a customer’s purchasing decision, which makes choosing the wrong color a death sentence before your brand ever has a chance to get off the ground. The most recognizable labels in the world are defined by their colors. Take a second to think of some of the most popular brands that instantly come to mind: Coca-Cola, Facebook, Apple, McDonalds, and Google – to name a few. All of these companies strategically use colors in their logo, website, and product to appeal to customers, making them instantly recognizable across the globe.