Cheers to That: Game of Thrones is Back. Pt. III


To the delight of fans of epic fantasy fiction stories and grand blockbuster HBO productions (or people who’ve just grown to adore Peter Dinklage), Game of Thrones has returned to television for its third season. We and the good people at Double Neat have been chronicling the return with our special menu of cocktails inspired by iconic characters from the show – you can check out past posts here and here . For our third installment, we tackle the wily bunch beyond the walls of the Seven Kingdoms called the Wildings. More kindly known as the Free Folk, this band of outsiders have a heritage untied to any kings or queens. Some consider them savages or barbarians; we like to think of them as well-armed hippies.

An Unusual Poison: Hendrick’s Gins New Quinetum


Hendick’s Gin is an alcohol unlike any other. It was created by Quaker City Mercantile as a work for hire for William Grant & Sons in 1998, and it’s hard to imagine a time when people went on picnics without the option of being able to make a Gin & Tonic. Just writing this sentence is causing my mouth to salivate. I sit here, daydreaming of a time where I’m out at a park on a warm summer day, the sun on my face, a light breeze through the trees, a hard salami & mustard sandwich in hand; and I’m mixing a Gin & Tonic for the lovely woman sharing the blanket with me. Pour yourself a gin & tonic, and check out how they came about this unusual poison: Hendrick’s Gins new Quinetum.

Black Ink & Bits of Gold: Cosmic Images by Helen Vine

helen vine … little mummy ladies

Helen Vine is an illustrator living and working in the UK. Her work is mainly done in black ink, with some accents of color & gold. Her style conjures up the mystic properties of life, and things that fascinate her; death, life, decay, beauty, power, & want. Each of these themes are sprinkled throughout her illustrations; at once comfortable, & terrifying – sometimes in the same moment. Geisha’s stand or sit in deep thought, turned inward, or calmly taking in the scenes around them. Others look like they’re spewing rivers of the blackest blood from their mouths. This young illustrator is well on her way, already with many out-of-this-world cosmic illustrations… and each one is a treat.

Cheers to that: Game of Thrones is Back!


Fire-breathing dragons, familial backstabbing, and plenty of expository sex. Game of Thrones returned to HBO this past Sunday, March 31st, and season three of the epic fantasy show promises more blood, guts and sword-wielding glory as the seven noble families of Westeros each vie to be the rulers of all.

What makes this heady cocktail of drama so addictive? For one, there’s intrigue, adventure and magic! From incestuous power plays to dragon smuggling to the fate of one family in the hands of a bastard son, the show takes scandal to new snowy heights. For another, the intricately woven plot lines, the meticulous characterizations and the lavish production value are so well executed that all this far-fetched madness makes so much delicious sense.  

The Extraterrestrial World of Whiskey Art


 American photographer Ernie Button has a unique way of looking at the dishes. One night when he was putting the dishes into the dishwasher, he noticed there was a film on the bottom of a whiskey glass that caused, “fine, lacy lines” to cover it with intricate detail. These lines also created a vast array of different extraterrestrial landscapes. Each with its own cosmic makeup. This discovery led him to start a unique project entitled Vanishing Spirits, which entails Ernie drinking different types of whiskey, and then photographing the bottom of the glass once the whiskey has evaporated – to create the extraterrestrial world of whiskey art.

The Beatles Record Sales Over the Years


From humble beginnings in England, to touring the US, making girls faint when they even got a glimpse of their mop tops, and selling out entire baseball stadiums — The Beatles have done it all. Their first studio album, Please Please Me, was released in the United Kingdom on 22 March 1963. The Beatles have grown to be one of the biggest bands the world has ever seen, and it’s a pleasure to see a band become so loved and revered in the 50 years since releasing their first album. Not only were they a cultural phenomenon and a voice of the 60s, their records all sold well, a testament to their musicianship and song writing skills.

Vroom! Vroom! A Brief History of Video Game Driving


The thrill of driving an elite sports car to the brink of its mechanical limitations is something many of us will only watch on TV – or if you’re a real diehard for rumbling engines and impressive speeds, the grandstands. For those of us who fiend the need for speed — but don’t have the capital to hop into a sports car — video game racing has been wetting our appetites since 1974. The games we play today have come a long way since that time, each year increasing in complexity and visual appeal. The world of pixelated race cars, shoddy steering, and throwing banana peels has been transformed into games like Gran Turismo 5, with it’s 1,000+ cars, 26 locations, 71 tracks, top-notch handling and graphics. Read on to learn more in this brief history of video game driving graphic.

Formula 1 2013 Season At A Glance


Formula 1 racing is one of the biggest sports in the world behind soccer, and it’s also one of the most thrilling. Cars zoom down straightaways at speeds up to 200 mph (320 km), slow and accelerate out of corners, and tweak their way through impossible hairpin turns. These frequent cliff hanging race moments are what make the sport so spectacular. This year the anticipation of time trials, pole position, and insane passes is starting to build to a crescendo that will climax on 15 March in Australia. This graphic features the Formula 1 2013 season at a glance.

Blueberries: A Handful of Health


Plump, juicy, and sweet, the vibrant colors of this delicious fruit range from deep purple-blue to blue-black, often highlighted by a silvery, shimmering sheen called a bloom. Blueberries are a handful of health, just waiting for you to indulge in and devour. In North America blueberry consumption is on the rise, and Americans are discovering just how good these little blue wonder fruits are for their health. This graphic by the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council takes a closer look into the nutrition and consumption of blueberries. 

FML / Filter My Life — Instagram, Its Rise, and the Noise


Photo sharing sites have now turned the ugliest cat pictures into something that could be passed off as art. Filters are infiltrating our lives and making everything around us look nostalgic and campy. If you own a smartphone, you’ll know that the power of the camera in your handheld device is 10x better than handheld cameras were just a few years ago. This means we now all have the ability to take fantastic photos in regards to the quality of the photo. But, while technology and the Internet allow us to share our lives seamlessly to the world, convenience should never trump true creativity. This video by Grant Timothy McGuire looks at how using a filter has changed our world. But, have they really just created more noise?