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Lizzie is a blogger, social media consultant and publicist with a specialized interest in the science, engineering and arts sectors. These days she’s often found in trains, planes and automobiles searching for Wi-Fi connections with her artillery of Mac devices, writing about anything from 3D printing to kinetic outdoor art installations. Outside of writing and travelling, her main passions are live music and hot yoga.

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Photo Series of Lost Astronauts Discovering Earth

Wednesday 09.25.2013 , Posted by


A collaborative photo series of lost astronauts bizarrely navigating earth emerged organically last week in Calgary, Alberta. An organization called Beakerhead had the suit flown in for a week-long event series, and photographers Neil Zeller and Kelly Hofer capitalized on the opportunity to take some stunning photos.  [Read more…]


Trippy Temple: Projection Visuals at Shambhala

Wednesday 08.28.2013 , Posted by


This Canadian temple stage, dubbed the Pagoda Stage, has a reputation for being a magnet for people who love to dance in furry animal hats, EL wire tutus and tight neon bodysuits. For one weekend in August every year, Shambhala festival unites bass heads who want to take in the sights and sounds of this crazy forest. The Pagoda Stage is famous for having mind-bending, transformative visuals, never looking like the same place twice.  [Read more…]


Counting Sheep In Technicolor

Monday 07.22.2013 , Posted by


Why do the most creative ideas come at night? Much of the psychology on the topic explains that parts of your brain responsible for processing new information will relax, allowing the more mysterious parts of your brain to run wild.  [Read more…]


The March of Progress Re-imagined

Sunday 10.14.2012 , Posted by

The original “March of Progress” image is one of the best known scientific illustrations in the world and is remixing it, 2012-style, 99 times over. The 99 Steps of Progress, coming out of the Paris based artist collective Maentis, is a release of 99 re-imagined versions over the course of the next 99 days. Their on-going project is unfolding now on their blog[Read more…]


Punchy, Paper Cut Action Silhouettes

Tuesday 10.09.2012 , Posted by

From scenes of western bar brawls to trigger-happy zombie hunters delivering headshots, the silhouette art of David Reeves covers broad-spectrum action scenes. Halifax-based artist / designer / photographer David Reeves re-creates action landscapes borrowed from movies and video games using paper, an x-acto knife, some clever lighting techniques and his trusty Cannon camera. [Read more…]