We Love Friday! Dynamic Ceramics


Last year, archaeologists discovered the oldest known clay pots in the world in China and suspect that they date back 20,000 years ago- 10,000 years before people settled down to farm. (Daily Mail) The oldest potter’s wheels, called tournettes date back to 4,500 B.C. in Romania. But perhaps the most famous potter’s wheel is the one that led to quite a steamy scene in the 1990 movie Ghost. In fact, any time I see a potter’s wheel, “Unchained Melody” starts playing in my head- RIP Patrick Swayze. The age old practice has remained very popular over the years and many crafty people have showcased their talents on Instagram. Here are some of our favorites!

Bright Neo-Futuristic Avatars for The New Flickr

1 Flickr Avatars

With Yahoo! on a roll with their recent acquisition of Tumblr, a re-vamping of Flickr was in order and aside from the new free Terabyte of photo storing space (537,731 6.5 megapixel photos) and app with filters, the whole site got a makeover. The new UI is awesome and to go along with the new design, they hired the super talented, award winning, Greek designer Charis Tsevis to create their new avatars. His unique style which he calls Neo-futurism or Neo-cubism features vibrant color palettes and perfectly layered geometric shapes. He credits his style to studying under teachers Nino Di Salvarore, Carlo Nangeroni, Augusto Garau who introduced him to Gestalt psychology and to the love of pure form and color.

The Vast Expanse: Visualizing Collective Consciousness

1 Altamash Urooj

Being human is such a strange thing. We are given this opportunity as a conscious being to experience the universe, yet our perceptions of our self can divide us and make us forget that we all came from the universe. Carl Sagan explains, “The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.” Though we may look different, dress differently, and have different beliefs, we are all conscious beings made up of the same exact stuff. Altamash Urooj has captured this idea beautifully in a photo series he calls The Vast Expanse. The Pakistani/Venezuelan photographer visualized the collective conscious by wrapping models in cloth shrouds. In this way, you can not tell whether they are a man or a woman or what race they belong to- they are all just human. A visual communication graduate from the American University in Dubai with a concentration in photography, Altamash’s work often features themes of the “ongoing struggle that every creative soul encounters on his journey to becoming an artist…His passion is to discuss, explore, depict and project his cathartic struggle to be delivered from the dark womb of creativity into the light of artistic expression.”

The Unbelievable 3D Latte Art of Kazuki Yamamoto

1 3D Latte Art by Kazuki Yamamoto

We’ve seen latte art before, but these designs by Kazuki Yamamoto are over the top- literally! The Japanese “cappuccino painter” piles up foam to make three dimensional designs that defy gravity. Based in Osaka, the 26 year old took his flat latte art (also very impressive) to the next level, even making foam sculptures from one mug climb into another.

Disney Characters Discover Their Cliques


With Disney’s latest Pixar movie Monsters University hitting theaters next week, 27 year old illustrator and Disney fan Rubén B. Caballero (also known as Hyung86 on deviantART) decided to re-imagine his favorite characters as college students. Aside from putting them in modern clothes, he assigned them to various clubs and sports that would go along with their character. Aladdin loves breakdancing with Esmeralda on the school dance team. Snow White and Aurora are choir girls and love to help Kenai and Pocahontas with the Animal Welfare Association on campus. Tinkerbell is a cheerleader, while Peter Pan rocks eternally youthful Bieber-like style.

We Love Friday! CrossFit- Take It to the Limit


With 6,100 affiliate gyms around the world, CrossFit, started by Greg Glassman, is quickly becoming a household name in fitness. You may have seen friends on Facebook proudly flaunting their newly toned bodies and wondered what CrossFit is all about. Unlike a typical gym, a CrossFit “box” does not have any weight machines- your body is the machine. There are ropes, bars, rowing machines, Olympic weights, kettlebells, jump ropes, gymnast rings, medicine balls, plyo boxes, and gigantic tires. CrossFit encourages “constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement.” Each day there is a different WOD (Workout of the Day) and participants constantly strive to beat their own records in time, reps, and/or weight. The most athletic and motivated CrossFitters go on to compete regionally for a chance to go to the international CrossFit Games. In honor of all the people pushing themselves beyond their physical limits, we searched Instagram for some awesome CrossFit pictures to show what it’s like. It took a lot of sifting through ripped up hands because these workouts are no joke, but we hope this collection will motivate you to kick your fitness up a notch.

Modern Celebrities Get a Classic Painting Makeover

1 Leo DiCaprio by Vincent Van Gogh

If the renaissance took place in modern times, and the models were famous pop culture celebrities, what would the artwork have looked like? This was the theme for Worth1000’s photo manipulation contest and the results were quite hilarious. Master Photoshoppers let their creative juices flow as they imagined how Renaissance artists would have painted the pop icons of today. From Leonard DiCaprio starring in Van Gogh’s last self-portrait to Angelina Jolie as Rogier van der Weyden’s Portrait of a Lady many artists found the perfect fit and then there was Keanu Reeves as Edouard Louis Dubufe’s Portrait of Madame F…

Feline Fantasies: Cat Superheroes by Jenny Parks

1 cat hero by Jenny Parks

If you’ve ever wondered what The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon would look like as a cat, wonder no more. Made internet famous by her “Doctor Mew” illustration, Jenny Parks is at it again with her Catvengers series. Featuring a green Hulkitty Persian, a Siamese Iron Cat, and a slender beige Captain Catmerica, Parks matches each character’s personality with the perfect feline. Parks is a freelance scientific illustrator in San Frnacisco, and as most scientists, a self-proclaimed “shameless nerd”. She got her BFA in illustration from California College of the Arts, and a graduate degree in Science Illustration from UC Santa Cruz.

Playful Pencil Shaving Portraits

1 Kyle Bean pencil shavings

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! For this series, illustrator Kyle Bean sat down to create a portrait, but once he sharpened his pencil, he put it down, using only the shavings to create facial details. He arranged colored pencil shavings in a precise way to create depth and texture to re-create the faces of contributors to Wallpaper’s ‘Handmade issue’. The UK based designer is known to re-appropriate everyday materials for his art, having created a chicken out of eggshells which he titled What Came first?

We Love Friday! Wonderful World of Wanderlust


St. Augustine once said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” With the rise in remote jobs, more and more people are traveling while they’re still young, rather than waiting for retirement, and seeing others living this way through social media is helping wanderlust to spread like wildfire. It’s also causing a positive shift in global consciousness, since the more people travel, the more accepting of other cultures they become. Mark Twain said it best:

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the Earth all one’s lifetime.

To celebrate those with wanderlust, like most of the Visual News team, who have caught the travel bug, and spend their free time planning their next trip, we searched Instagram for this lovely collection of travel pics that will undoubtedly have you price checking plane tickets to someplace awesome.