Then & Now- Famous Face Mash-ups

Marc Ghali- 1 - O:X

They say history tends to repeat itself and apparently the saying extends to the looks of those making history as well. From Hollywood heart-throbs and singers to princesses and civil rights leaders, Marc Ghali has found the perfect pairings from then and now. The Toronto-based graphic designer has combined the faces of two similar figures in the public eye decades later.

Creative Mommy Makes Blackboard Adventures for Baby

Anna Eftimie 1

To announce the birth of her son, photographer Anna Eftimie wanted to do something memorable and different. After brainstorming with her creative husband, a light bulb went off in their heads and they decided to create a stork scene with chalk on a blackboard and place their 5 day old baby in a blanket bundle in the stork’s mouth. The announcement was a huge hit and their families and friends were begging for more. The couple, based in San Jose, CA found sources of inspiration all around them and soon a whole series of blackboard adventures was imagined and achieved.

We Love Friday- Yo DJ Pump This Party!


Dancing is one of the most natural parts of being human- scientific studies have shown that dancing is innate in all babies, yet in cultures that promote insecurity, like ours, that natural knack can fade away. Shiva Rea gave an amazing Ted Talk at Burning man on this topic called Tending the Sacred Fire: The Origins, Repression, and Revival of Free Movement. Dancing is so good for our bodies and souls and sometimes all we need to let go and feel the beat is the right DJ. To celebrate the power of an awesome DJ cross-fading all the right music, we searched Instagram for a collection of photos that will make you want to get out on the dance floor.

Magic Movie Moment Paintings by Alice X Zhang

Alice X Zhang 1- The Dark Knight

For every great movie, there are several memorable scenes that remain etched in our minds forever. Designer/illustrator Alice X. Zhang has a knack for choosing these magic moments and bringing them to life with her unique style of digital painting. A self-proclaimed “artistic fangirl” she recreates captivating scenes with an astonishing use of color for this series called Moments. Though she makes it look easy, these pieces can take over 4 hours, so don’t be fooled into thinking that she has a “magic brush set” on Photoshop. As you can see in the time lapse video of Alice digitally painting a Sherlock Holmes piece at the bottom of this post, she navigates Photoshop like a boss.

Surprising Paintings Pop Out of Tree Hollows

Wang Yu 1

In Shijiazhuang, China passersby have been seeing a new kind of street art. 23 year-old art student Wang Yue has been taking her paint set to the streets, using tree hollows as her canvas to create surprising public art for all to enjoy. In some paintings, happy little critters and birds appear to peek out from inside the tree and smile at the people passing by, while others look like a secret passageway to another world. Shijiazhuang is known for it’s horrible air pollution and Wang Yue seeks to brighten things up through the fog.

Space Traveling Dog Photography

1 warpdogs1

How fast is that doggy in the window? You might wonder while looking at these incredibly imaginative photoshop masterpieces by blogger Benjamin Grelle, aka The Frogman. Just as dogs love riding in the car with their heads out the window on the highway, they are shown enjoying space travel at warped speeds. With their gums and tongues flapped back, the dogs appear to be smiling as they zoom through the universe.

Babymugging- The Latest, Greatest Photo Trend


For the latest photo trend all you need is a baby and a mug- or teacup, solo cup, or Chinese food container- as some have shown. Using forced perspective make it look like the baby is popping out of it and voila you’ve just caught a #babeinacup! Also known as #babymugging, this Instagram trend was started by Mommyshorts blogger Ilana Wiles. The creative mother of two beautiful girls has a hilarious parenting blog about her family life in NYC.

We Love Friday!- Let’s Go Fly a Kite!


Kites speak a universal language of awesomeness! All around the world there are kite festivals for all to enjoy and the first kite is thought to have been flown over 3,000 years ago! Kites have saved the day for many fisherman who have lost their way by helping rescuers locate them, entertained people of all ages, and helped Benjamin Franklin discover that lightning was, in fact, electricity. As the warm weather moves through this Spring, the wind is perfect for flying kites. Here is a collection of some of Instagram’s finest kites.

Massive Handmade Cloud Leopard Paper Cut Sculpture

Nahoko Kojima 1

Using one single- rather large- piece of black paper, Japanese artist Nahoko Kojima of Solo Kojima hand cut an unbelievably intricate cloud leopard sculpture. The cutting process took five months and it was assembled by securing it in the air by fishing wire hung from the ceiling. The Crafts Council chose Kojima among just nine other international artists to display work in the Project Space at the Saatchi Gallery in the UK earlier this month. Before that, in February, the piece was assembled at Le Beffroi in Paris.

Colorful Canines: Vibrant Pooch Paintings

Lauren Carlson Walcott 1

Lauren Carlson Walcott is one artist who is as bright and bubbly as her paintings. Using watercolors and sometimes acrylics, she captures the spirit and soul of everything she paints. In this dog series, she has paired each playful pup with the perfect colors and accessories to accentuate their individuality. Based in Philadelphia, she is inspired by all of the beauty around her- people, vintage clothing prints, architecture, green space, patterns, dreams, creative friends and, of course, DOGS. Lauren gets lost in painting and finds it to be the most therapeutic way to relax after a long day. By day, she is a visual merchandising manager at Anthropologie and is half of the print design duo called Rue + Jane which is sold there. You can see more of her work on Squarespace and purchase prints on Etsy. You can also contact her to make a custom painting of your favorite pet! Despite her busy schedule, we were fortunate to get an interview with the beautiful, talented Lauren Carlson Walcott! (See below)