Complete Strangers Meet Up for Family Portraits

1 Jamie Diamond

You know those cheesy group family shots that your parents pull out anytime you introduce them to a new friend? You were probably wearing acid washed Osh Kosh B’Gosh overalls with a few teeth missing- right after that time you got a hold of scissors and cut your own hair, standing behind your mom, hands neatly folded on her shoulder pad. What if rather than uncomfortably posing with the people you’re closest to, your arms rested on the shoulders of a complete stranger? Creating that surreal experience is exactly what NYC based photographer Jamie Diamond did for a series called Constructed Family Portraits. Seeking out strangers in public and via Craigslist, the artist met people in hotel rooms to awkwardly compose the “picture perfect” holiday card that nobody would ever have.

Rain Room- Surround Yourself With Rain & Stay Dry

Rain Room Lead

There is something so refreshing and magical about rain- especially when you can be surrounded by it without getting wet! And in Random International’s incredible Rain Room, you can do just that- no umbrella required! If you live in New York City or plan on being there before July 28th, 2013, then you should definitely head over to the MoMA to see this amazing exhibit in a 300 ft² room. In the Rain Room, a field of falling water is constantly flowing, but stops wherever its digital sensors detect a human body, giving the sense that an individual can control the rain. Random International has been experimenting with audience-interactive digital practices for quite some time, but this is their largest and most impressive project yet.

The Time You Have (In Jelly Beans)

jellybeans 1

If you could see how many days you had left to live, how would you spend them? Would you do things differently than you’re doing them now? Ze Frank, an online performance artist, puts things in perspective as he uses jelly beans to represent the time the average person has in this powerful video. When we look at the days in our lives as a pile of jelly beans (28,835 beans to start- should we reach our full life expectancy) and see how many are already gone, it may have you shifting your priorities. The average person will watch television for 2,676 days, sleep for 8,477 days, spend 1,635 days eating or preparing food, 3,202 days working, and 1,099 days commuting.

Fabergé Fractals by Tom Beddard


Laser Physicist/Web Devolper, Dr. Tom Beddard has been working towards creating a WebGL 3D fractal renderer that will allow the user to explore fractal structures in real time called Fractal Lab. At the end of last year, he released a vimeo called Surface Detail (watch below) which shows “a myriad of details in an evolving fractal landscape.” His latest project, called Fabergé Fractals features vibrant designs with incredible detail.

We Love Friday!- Gorgeous Beaches Around the World


Since the beginning of time, people have gathered on beaches. Whether to feel the sand between your toes, swim in the water, listen to the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore, or to watch the magnificent sunset on the horizon, the beach is soothing to the soul. Many people work as hard as they can, saving up all of their vacation days for that tropical beach escape, but some prefer to be on permanent holiday by living in a beach town. Perhaps those who have to wait are able to appreciate the magnificence of a beach more, but since there are so many beautiful beaches around the world, it would be nearly impossible for beach lovers to see them all in one lifetime. To celebrate the beauty of where the water meets the land, we searched Instagram for a collection of beach pictures that will have you booking your next tropical vacation.

Oil Paintings of Your Favorite Internet Memes

Benjameme- 1 Gangnam Style

While the internet has been helping more and more people and animals get their fifteen minutes of fame, there will undoubtedly come a time when the memes we are so fond of today will be just a nostalgic memory. Artist Lauren Kaelin takes memes out of the digital world and into the material world via paintbrush on canvas, preserving their power. From human internet sensations like Psy, Antoine Dodson, and Ermagherd girl to our favorite animals Boo the dog, Sneezing Panda, IKEA monkey, and Grumpy Cat, Kaelin has created quite a collection on her Tumblr Benjameme. Named after art theorist, Walter Benjamin who believed that reproductions of art degrade the aura and value of the original and since memes by definition are “reproducible, shareable, and recognizable,” Kaelin gives these familiar faces an aura by turning them into original art.

Skateboard Travel Photography by Jonathan Mehring

Jonathan Mehring 3

Once skateboarder Jonanthan Mehring was bit by the travel bug, he challenged himself to find “the gnarliest, most culturally different places” to skate. His passion for skateboarding and travel combined with his amazing camera skills have allowed him to make a career out of his talents. He has been to over 30 countries with his friends, scouting the most unique locations to skate, often garnering quite an audience. Mehring’s photos have been published in Rolling Stone, Spin, Skateboarder, Thrasher, Monster Children, Slap and Kingpin and shown in galleries all over the world. Below is his fascinating interview with Andrew Norton for The Photographer Series, which “tells the stories behind some of skateboardings most epic images and the dudes who made them.”

We Love Friday!- Here Comes the Bride


Dun dun da-dun- it’s wedding season! Whether you’re a part of a wedding or just attending, there is something so magical about these romantic ceremonies. Seeing two people profess their love for one another and make a lifelong commitment is beautiful, but the best part of a wedding, in my opinion, is seeing the bride on the happiest day of her life. It’s not just the bridal bootcamp, professional hair and make-up that give her that breath-taking look- it’s the pure joy that she is emanating on her special day. Perhaps the one thing even better than seeing the bride yourself is seeing the look on her partner’s face as she walks down the aisle (bonus points for happy tears). To celebrate that magic moment, we searched Instagram for this collection of blushing brides.

Iconic Spectacles: Eyeglasses of the Rich & Famous

Federico Mauro - 1

If you’ve ever worn eyeglasses for a long period of time then undoubtedly you know that crazy look people give you when they catch you without them- it’s like you’re some alien creature that they’ve never seen before but can’t stop staring at and commenting about how weird it is to see you that way. Some celebrities and movie characters are so closely associated with their eyewear that you could identify them by simply seeing their glasses. Italian Art Director & Multimedia Designer Federico Mauro has done an excellent job collecting examples of this phenomenon with a clean, minimalistic design style. Scroll through this collection slowly and try to guess whose spectacles you’re seeing before the answer is revealed.

Home SWEET Home- A House Made of Caramelized Sugar

William Lamson 1

People who live in glass houses… probably never had a glass house made of sugar like this one. By caramelizing sugar at different temperatures, William Lamson was able to produce an array of colors, which he used like stained glass window panes for this beautiful Solarium. The one-room “house” was assembled at Storm King Art Center- one of the world’s leading sculpture parks in upstate New York. Surrounded by beautiful hills and trees in the distance on each side, the space was meant to be a meditative, plant conservatory/ zen garden that encourages reflection.