Exploding Lightbulbs Filled With Colorful Surprises

1 Light Bulbs Exploding by Jon Smith

Not every artist is able to do art full time, but the need for that creative outlet never goes away. Scientist Jon Smith of Wide Eyed Illuminations is one example of this. The self-taught photographer learned the art scientifically- through experimentation, trial and error. His specialty is filling light bulbs with random, often colorful materials, and capturing them just as they shatter (after he shoots them), releasing all of their contents in an explosive burst. Why lightbulbs? Smith loves that they are such a common household object that most people ignore them- he loves giving them life and energy- out of their normal element and showing people the amazing moment that is normally unseen when one shatters.

Original Ceramic Pieces by Picasso- On Auction!

Picasso Ceramics 1

From 1946 through 1971, Pablo Picasso often spent his summers kicking back on the French Riviera, taking breaks from painting. Not far from there, in Vallauris, he spent hours at the Madoura ceramics factory where he tried his hands at clay sculpting. Some pieces were original creations, others in series of hundreds, but all reflect his signature abstract style. Artnet Auctions has quite a collection of these ceramics and if you have an extra $35,000+ lying around, you can make the next highest bid on the piece above called Laughing-Eyed Face, which was made in 1969 as number 277 of 350.

The Whimsical, Wonderful World of Trees

Toni Demuro 1

For the International Year of Forests (2011), Italian artist Toni Demuro created 238 clever tree-themed illustrations which he exhibited all over the world last year. Choosing just 12 to share was no easy task since they are all incredibly inventive, but here are some of my favorites. In some drawings, Demuro shows the similarities between the veins and arteries of the cardiovascular system and a tree’s branches, in others trees grow from buildings and animals; some are thought-provoking, others just plain hilarious. The colors and styles change, but the trees remain the same, though not always the focal point. How Demuro came up with 238 designs, each more clever than the last in unbeknownst to me, but this is one compendium worth perusing.

We Love Friday!- Stars, Stripes, & Celebration


The wise Abraham Lincoln once said, “I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.” All over the USA, people are showing their patriotism, celebrating their freedom, and probably eating and drinking way too much! However you celebrate- with family and friends, fireworks, parties, or just enjoying the days off of work, find time to think about what this holiday is about and be grateful for how fortunate you are. If you want to really open your eyes as to how lucky you are, try entering your income into this Global Wealth Calculator. If you make $24,000/year, you are among the top 2% richest people in the world! To see how people all over the US spent their 4th of July, we searched Instagram for this collection of people with true American spirit!

City of Dreams: Gorgeous Steel Cityscape Sculptures

Hu Shaoming City of Dreams 1

As countries become more urbanized, packing more people into taller buildings, nature often suffers, although having massive homes and multiple gas guzzling vehicles is just as devastating. Each human is like a miniature volcano emitting carbon dioxide through their vehicles and appliances and when that volcano becomes too large, it can cause a mass extinction, like the 5 our Earth has already experienced. As a reminder to think about the consequences of urban development, Chinese sculptor Hu Shaoming created a beautiful sculpture called City of Dreams where a city is emerging from the head of a massive seahorse beneath the water. Using cold steel parts as a symbol of China’s urbanization, Shaoming develops intricate, shining cities that look like the cogs and parts from the industrial era.

Adorable Miniature Clay Hoodlum Sculptures

KaSplosion 1

Remember those little Precious Moments figurines that all the hippest moms in the 80’s had in their knickknack display cases? Well these miniature sculptures by Minnesota-based Redditor KaSplosion are way cooler. The sculptor creates tiny little edgy characters out of oven baked clay with air dry clay for touch-ups and calls them Hoodlums. He uses acrylic paint to paint everything and covers it in some laquer or spreads some super glue on it to give each one a nice shine. As you can see how small they are in relation to the pennies, Hoodlums are the perfect little knickknack and KaSplosion has plans of creating an Etsy page for all those interested in having a Hoodlum of their own.

Cat Vs. Mouse: Medieval Battle Wear

1 Armor for cats jeff de boer

It’s always fascinating to go to a history museum and see suits of armor from the past, but it’s unlikely you’ve seen any of the armor that protected the pets of the time. Long before humans ever battled within their own species, cats and mice have had a long standing nemesis. Earlier than Tom & Jerry, Tweety & Sylvester, or Itchy & Scratchy ever graced our television screens, there lived a whole lot of cat and mice colonies strategically plotting how to take one another out. Although none of the original historical pieces have survived, as cats and mice were very good about keeping their wars a secret and never fighting with armor in the presence of humans, metal magician Jeff de Boer has sculpted these incredible hypotheses of what the suits of cat armor would look like.

We Love Friday! – 50 Shades of Red – Summer Sunburn


As the weather warms up this Summer, applying (and re-applying) sunscreen is a must for those of us venturing outdoors. Don’t let a painful sunburn ruin your summer vacation. You can still get that golden tan with sunscreen on and save yourself a lot of suffering. As a reminder to slather your skin with sun protectant, we searched Instagram for this collection of people who probably wish they had. We went for the funniest pics with the strangest tan lines over the gross peeling ones, of which there were plenty. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than radiating with heat from your sunburn- except for when your friends make it worse by smacking your burned back or poking your skin to see the white circle emerge.

Play With Your Kid While You Nap

Playtime Back T-shirt 1

Kids are amazing little creatures. In their own little worlds of imagination, they can be entertained for hours, playing with cars or dolls. No matter how much coffee adults drink, as a babysitter or parent, playtime can be very tiring, but rather than toss your kid in front of a TV while you nap, you can become part of the child’s play with these awesome new T-shirts. The Play Mat T-shirts by Bky Kid on Etsy allows you to engage in playtime with your kids, while enjoying a nap. Your back becomes a railroad or car track for your kids to zoom cars along as you catch some Zzz’s.

Suitcases Become Memories of the Places They’ve Been

2  Memory suitcases

When you think of all the places you’ve been with your trusty suitcase, the memories of your vacations, visits to friends far away, and weekend getaways fill your mind. A suitcase is often an accessory that is with us for some of the most pleasurable moments and it holds an impression of all the places we’ve been. As adorable as old fashioned suitcases are, they just can’t handle the beating of TSA employees, luggage stacking, and baggage carousels, but Israeli artist Yuval Yairi has given them a new purpose. Yairi gives a nostalgic homage to the places a suitcase has traveled by painting beautiful landscapes on their surfaces.