Hermit Crabs Upgrade to Metropolis Shells

1 AKI INOMATA hermit Crabs

Did you ever have hermit crabs for pets as a kid? It would be so fun picking out new shells and hoping they’d upgrade to the one you Bedazzled or painted. Japanese artist Aki Inomata is also fascinated with hermit crab shell promotion, but her offerings are not the typical heart and star painted ones- she creates famous translucent cityscapes atop the shells that she also sculpts. She titled the project, “Why not hand over a shelter to hermit crabs?” To ensure inhabitation of her creations, Inomata imaged the insides of typical hermit shells with a CT scanner and modeled the base of her sculptures after the results. With Inomata’s mobile homes the hermit crabs can choose which city to inhabit- and they don’t even have to worry about rent or cost of living!

South African Cell Phone Towers Disguised As Trees

1 Cellphone Towers Disguised as Trees

It’s pretty rare in this day and age to find someone without a cell phone. In order to service all of these phones, cell towers are popping up everywhere, but in South Africa you may not be able to spot them. Many of the cell towers there are disguised as trees (although they don’t look all that natural towering over the natural flora in the area). Photographer Dillon Marsh captures some of these costumed towers in a series he calls Invasive Species.

Golf Ball Guts: An Inside Peek

1 Golf balls by James Friedman

Though not a golfer himself, photographer James Friedman had a collection of golf balls. He grew curious about what insides would look like, so he decided to cut them in half. In doing so, he revealed that the cores can be quite beautiful and made for a very interesting photo series which he called Interior Design. He used 20 different types of golf balls and all of them were vastly different. I always just assumed the inside was white like the outside, but Friedman shows that some interiors are brightly colored, some have rings of different materials, and some look otherworldly. You can’t judge a golf ball by it’s cover!

We Love Friday!- Rainy Days


Rain can be a beautiful thing, bringing in a nice breeze after steamy hot weather, giving life to thirsty plants, and making for some seriously romantic movie scenes- i.e. The Notebook. You can’t stop the rain, but you can choose to let it get you down or embrace it. Roger Miller said it best: “Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.” Rain brings flowers and rainbows, just like adversity brings strength and the ability to have gratitude when things are going well. Rain gives us an excuse to slow down and curl up with a book or watch the storm from the safety of our homes. So let it rain- and enjoy this collection of picturesque rain photos from Instagram.

Triptych Paintings Created With Dry Tea Leaves

1 Andrew Gorkovenk Tea Art

Sometimes the design on a package can be deceiving- like TV dinners or fast food advertisements– but TripTea has created a branding that perfectly communicates their company. To demonstrate the idea of exotic travel for the best tea leaves, they hired Russian graphic designer Alexander Gorkovenko to create beautiful illustrations out of the tea itself. Aside from the brand name representing travel, TripTea is also named for “triptych”- the three-part painting style that reveals one key message. Each package has a triptych picture on three of the sides, created out of the tea variety inside (green, black, ceylon, etc.) that features a landscape of the country where it was produced and assembled. The whole picture can be shown on the shelves of stores when the boxes are arranged to reveal each of the 3 sides next to one another.

Blast From the Past: Passports of The Rich & Famous

1 Passport Photos of Iconic Figures

One of the best perks of fame and riches is the ability to travel the world, but no mater how famous you are, you can’t get very far without a passport. Here is a collection of passports from some of the most iconic jet-setters of yesteryear. It looks like time travel was not the only type of travel Albert Einstein was concerned with and David Bowie also enjoyed floating in a tin can far above the world. Muhammed Ali floated like a butterfly outside of the ring too and Rene Magritte may have gotten inspiration for his surreal works while high in the sky. Roy Orbison may have traveled with The Traveling Wilburys.

Baa Baa Black Sheep- Have You Any Phones?


Remember back when people actually used their landlines because we didn’t have direct access to them at all times via cellular service? Go back a little further before cordless phones with buttons to that obnoxious rotary phone- where you had to wait for the wheel to return before dialing the next number and if you mis-dialed a number you had to start all over again- not to mention the tangling cords and obnoxiously small radius that tied you down to one spot. Other than reminiscing, and antique collections, there is not much use for the phones that once existed in every first world household. Jean-Luc Cornec came up with an amazing way to recycle these phones by turning them into a flock of sheep!

We Love Friday! Cacti, the Gems of the Desert


Even in the roughest of conditions, life finds a way to survive- as evidenced by the cactus! This beautiful desert plant has saved many lives of both humans and animals with its amazing water storage abilities. Rather than leaves, a cactus has spines, reserving all of its water in a viscous gel form in the stem. Cacti can survive long periods without rain because their extensive, long root systems extract water from the soil. Some cactus flowers open only in the daylight, others just at sunset, to attract insects and hummingbirds for pollination. (source) To celebrate cacti and all their beauty, we searched Instagram for this lovely collection of cactus flowers and prickly stems.

Supersize Me- Superheroes On an American Diet

Carlos Dattoli 1

Did you ever wonder what a superhero might look like on the Standard American Diet of refined breads and sugars, fast food, and processed snacks loaded with high fructose corn syrup? Wonder no more because Mexican artist Carlos Dattoli has created this hilarious superhero satire! It’s as if Superman, Flash, Batman, & Robin went on Morgan Spurlock’s McDonalds diet from Super Size Me. From man of steel to man boobs, spandex doesn’t look quite as good on Superman’s no longer chiseled figure and he needs a crane to soar through the sky. Obese Batman and Robin would have trouble fitting in the Batmobile to hit up all the drive-thru’s in Gotham City. And from “super-speed” to super-size, Flash would be going nowhere fast.

Barbie Got Back- Doll With Real Woman Measurements

Nickolay Lamm- Barbie 1

Long before every magazine cover was photoshopped, little girls were learning impossible ideals of what a woman’s body “should” look like from their favorite doll, Barbie. Even as Mattel has tried to make their dolls more PC- with ranges of hair colors and skin tones (though black Barbie still had Caucasian features), Share a Smile Becky- a friend in a wheel chair, and prestigious careers like Dr. Barbie, her proportions remain sickly. If the average Barbie were 5’9″, she would weigh 110lbs, with a BMI too low for menstruation, and her measurements would be 36-18-33. Even “Human Barbie Doll” Valeria Lukyanova doesn’t quite meet that standard at 34.5-18-34.5 and she is far from “normal” looking. Nickolay Lamm shows just how crazy this ideal is by creating a 3D model of the average 19 year old woman and placing it beside a Barbie doll.