We Love Friday!- Flying High Through The Sky: The Wonderful World of Skydiving


“If riding in an airplane is flying, then riding in a boat is swimming. If you want to experience the element, then get out of the vehicle.” (Anonymous) It’s a strange thing that the closer an experience is to death, the more alive it makes you feel. Skydiving is one of those things. I have not found a single thing more exhilarating than that amazing feeling after the airplane doors open and the cold air rushes toward your face and you look down to see the tiny world beneath you as you plummet towards the ground. The chute opens and fear melts away as you gently sail to a safe landing, but the natural high lasts for hours after you hit the ground. Something magical happens along that 15,000 feet journey that quickly puts life in perspective and returns you to the land with a new sense of clarity.

Dennis Duinker’s Photo Tricks Create Streaks of Light, Giving Motion to Cityscapes

Dennis Duinker 1

Normally when a camera captures a cityscape, the image is lifeless, which is the total opposite vibe of a city. Packed with people, cities have a boundless pulse of energy and life. Dutch photographer Dennis Duinker captures this vitality beautifully with his dynamic techniques. For his Skylights series, he uses a slow shutter speed with a vertical pan to capture light traces in the air, creating a lovely, vibrant graphic pattern. He connects the dots in his black and white Skylines series of Rotterdam landscapes, unveiling a geometric puzzle in the sky above the towering architecture. Using a motion blur, he brings the city up to speed with an emphasis on horizontal and vertical lines.

Awkward Years Project- Shows Adolescents That There IS Hope

Merilee Allred 1

Ah, the awkward years. Although a lucky few escape them, many of us went through some years that we wouldn’t be terribly upset to erase. But the truth is, those are the years that built the most character and helped shape us into the wonderful people we are today. For me, it was 7th grade.

A Day In the Lives of Houseflies: Art by Flychelangelo

0 Dead Flies Art by Flychelangelo

With an average lifespan of 15 to 25 days, houseflies know they need to seize the day. “YOLO” they say as they hop around from food to tasty piles of dung, buzzing around your picnics, but there is a part of their lives they like to keep secret, which artist Flychelangelo has brought to life. Using dead fly corpses, he places them in humorous scenes like waiting in line for the restroom, running track, fly pyramids, sunbathing, and public urination.

Hakuna Matata- African Wildlife Living the Dream

1 Thomas Subtil

Elephants and Giraffes and Zebras, oh my! Ever since I saw The Lion King at the ripe age of 10, I have loved African wildlife. That first magical scene while “Circle of Life” plays as all of the beautiful animals are presented harmoniously was the first thought that came to my mind when I saw these awesome photo manipulations by Thomas Subtil. The series, appropriately titled Hakuna Matata, features the most majestic safari animals doing hilarious or surreal things. Giraffes holding up a laundry line with their teeth, a zebra floating through the air on a balloon tied to his tail, an animal pyramid, giraffes with their heads in the clouds, and zebras waiting in line for the port-a-potty are just some of the clever imaginings he has brought to life in black and white.

Refugees Pose With “The Most Important Thing” They Couldn’t Leave Home Without

1 Brian Sokol

We’ve all asked ourselves the question: “If your house were burning down and you could only save one thing, what would it be?” For me it would be my pictures- or my computer, which has most of them in digital format, but thankfully I have never been in a situation where I’ve really needed to make that decision. However, 43.7 million refugees around the world have been less fortunate, forced to flee their homes under threat of persecution, conflict and violence. NYC based photographer Brian Sokol featured some of the people who have made that painstaking decision to abandon their homes and the lives they once knew to protect themselves and their families. In a series for the UN Refugee Agency called The Most Important Thing, Sokol took captivating black and white photos of refugees from Syria, Mali, and Sudan with their most prized posessions.

We Love Friday! – Get Into the Groove and Dance


Although it’s rare for me to dance in public (unless I’ve had a few drinks), I love to dance when I’m alone, while singing at the top of my lungs! I’ve always been in awe when I get the opportunity to watch people who can really dance- not even necessarily skilled dancers with years of practice, but the ones who are truly free- letting go of everything and allowing the music take them away. The most amazing thing about dancing is that we are all born to do it- ask any baby to dance and you will see- but many of us tell ourselves we can’t so much that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. In an amazing, energetic Black Rock City TedX talk called Tending the Sacred Fire, Shiva Rea talks about the history of dance, and how to get back to our natural dancing roots. To celebrate one of the most amazing parts of being human, we searched Instagram for this collection of pictures and videos that will make you want to get out on the dance floor!

Classical Cats Dressed In Gentleman’s Wear


While many cats have an elitist attitude as if they were royalty, few have actually dressed the part…until now. Uzbek artist Eldar Zakirov has created this hilarious series of cats in seriously regal gentlemen attire. The series, which he calls The Hermitage Court was created for Hermitage Magazine and features a Chamber Herald, Waiter, Moor, and Outrunner uniform, all with holes for tails of course. The costumes in Zakriov’s digital paintings are detailed as exquisitely as the perfectly kept whiskers of the noble cats wearing them. Though I’m much more of a dog person, I would not mind seeing one of these cats drinking tea on the fainting couch in my parlor (if I had one). With their refined style and chivalrous manners, they could teach the cats of today a few lessons.

Picture Perfect Pup: Champ the Happy Golden Retriever


Bet you can’t look at these photos without smiling! The happy golden retriever shown here goes by the name of Champ and belongs to a young photographer by the name of Candice Sedighan. The self-taught 20 year old photographer began using her dog Champ as the subject for her photo sessions when she was only 13 and Champ was 3. Over their 7 year photography partnership, Candice’s skills have continued to improve along with Champ’s patience. He now gets very excited anytime she brings out her camera. See more of her work and stay tuned for the possible release of a book or calendar on her Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram pages. Enjoy our interview with Candice after the jump!

Imaginative Silhouettes In a Little Leaf World

1 Leaves by Tang Chiew Ling

Inspired by artists like Banksy, Malaysian artist Tang Chiew Ling creates minimalist stencil-like silhouettes, but then she adds a fanciful twist. For this series called Object Art: 1, Ling adds leaves to each of her illustrations to tell a playful story. A couple holding hands beneath a rain cloud of leaf matter, a bundle of leaf balloons, and a little girl blowing bubbles of leaves are some of the whimsical images she has created. Ling is a freelance graphic designer who loves to illustrate on the side. She has another Object Art project that uses cotton balls in a similar narrative way.