Ukranian Painter Masters the Art of Optical Illusion: Two Paintings in One

1 Oleg Shuplyak

We’ve all seen the classic young lady or old hag optical illusion, but these oil paintings by Oleg Shuplyak are on a whole other level. Famous faces emerge from seemingly normal landscape backgrounds, leaving viewers double taking each piece to fully understand the different perspectives. In some instances the faces are what the eye recognizes first and stepping back, the smaller details that make up the face can be appreciated. Other times the eye is drawn to the landscape and finding the face is more of a challenge.

Mind-blowing Illusions: Anamorphic Sculptures by Jonty Hurwitz

1  Jonty Hurwitz2  Jonty Hurwitz

Let’s face it, anamorphic art is really flippin’ cool. From drawings that jump off of the page by Alessandro Diddi and Nagai Hideyuki to the drawings of István Orosz, where hidden images are revealed only when placing a reflective cylinder in just the right place, we are always down for a good anamorphic mind blowing. These sculptures by Jonty Hurwitz do just that! As much mathematics as it is art, Hurwitz spends months planning and calculating before he materializes his ideas. For his cylindrical mirror paired sculptures, he begins by scanning each object (shown here are hands and a frog), he then digitally distorts the images and sculpts them so that their identity is only revealed in the reflection on the cylinder.

These Are NOT Photographs: Freakishly Realistic Portrait Paintings

1 kang kang hoon

Who needs a camera when your painting skills are better than photography? Korean artist Kang-hoon Kang creates large-scaled oil on canvas portraits that look way too real to be paintings- but they are. He doesn’t play it safe with flat, simple pictures, rather he shows glare and depth with a range of accessories on his subjects. With dynamic characters, each of his paintings invite the viewer to understand the person. Whether each person is being true to themselves or posing for his desired sentiment, each painting has a persona that begs the question, who am I?

To Your “Health”- Visualizations of Some of the Craziest Popular Fad Diets

Stephanie Gonot Fad Diets 1

People will try anything for a miracle weight loss trick. The old tried and true eat wholesome, healthy foods and exercise regularly is too difficult in this fast paced world, so instead we convince ourselves that drinking lemon water with maple syrup and cayenne pepper for ten days will make all of our dreams of turning heads on the beach come true. Maybe if we eat nothing but bacon, sausage, and grapefruit we’ll get that “healthy” body we’ve always wanted- who needs kidneys anyway? LA based photographer Stephanie Gonot had the brilliant idea to create visual representations of several fad diets to put into perspective just how dangerous some of these quick fixes really are.

Breaking Bad Locations in Real Life: Screen Shots Juxtaposed Over the Actual Spots Where They Took Place


As the final season of Breaking Bad comes closer to the end, jaws are dropping more and more every week. For those of us who are all caught up with the episodes, waiting for Sunday to see what crazy shenanigans Walter White will get himself into and out of is almost painful. The show is just as addictive to viewers as the Blue Sky is for fictional meth-heads all over Albuquerque. Luckily the world wide web gives us a little fix to make the week go by a little more quickly. Breaking Bad memes, commentary, and art keep the excitement going for the 7 day stretch until the next episode and will hopefully help to fill the empty space in everyone’s lives once the final episode has been aired.

Where Do Narwhals Get Their Horns? The Magical Secret Revealed

1 narwhal unicorn by kozyndan

As the national animal of Scotland, surely unicorns once existed, but where have they all gone? For centuries narwhals have been swimming around in oceans of lies, concealing a secret, but husband-wife artist duo Kozyndan (Kozy & Dan) have revealed their confidential information. Though scientists once believed that a Narwhal’s horn is an enormous canine tooth, or tusk, Kozyndan show us that inside of every Narwhal, actually lives A UNICORN! Teaming up with Pretty In Plastic, Kozyndan brought their illustrations of this phenomenon to life with 24″ resin sculptures of their explanation. You can impress your friends with your “in-the-know” status of the Narwhalian truth by displaying one of them in your home or office if you head over to their online shop and place an order.

We Love Friday!- How It Feels to Fly- Ziplining Around the World


Imagine being a bird, soaring through the air. Humans have dreamed of having this super power for as long as they have co-existed with birds and we have found many ways to simulate the experience. Zip-lining is one of these techniques and quickly becoming a popular vacation excursion. From the rain forests to the beaches, mountains, and cities zip-lining is a thrill seeker’s way to explore a destination the way a bird would see it. To celebrate this fun frenzy, we searched Instagram for some adventurous images of zip-liners around the world. The fastest known zip-line is in the United Kingdom in Penrhyn Quarry, Bethesda, Wales at Zip World. It measures 0.99 miles long and claims to reach speeds of 99 mph. The award for steepest, tallest, and longest zipline goes to the ZipFlyer Nepal at HighGround Adventures. It is 1.12 miles long with a vertical drop of 2,000ft and goes 75 mph at top speed.

Artist Uses Toasted Bread As a Canvas for His Anime Drawings

1 Toast Art by Hittomii

Move over latte art! Japanese toast art may just be the next big thing. A Japanese artist by the name of Hittomii uses lightly toasted bread as a canvas to make these adorable anime illustrations. He first “painted” on cookies, but has moved from dessert to breakfast with these new creations. He shows us that playing with your food is a good thing!

Have You Heard About the BIRD? Gigantic Big Bird Drops Loads of Good Luck on Secret Garden Partiers


This years theme for the annual Secret Garden Party arts and music festival, which is the UK’s 4 day version of Burning Man started by Fred Fellowes, was superstition. Since it’s a well known superstition that being shat on by a bird brings good luck, Hungry Castle decided to bring lots of good luck to all the attendees with the biggest bird they could think of. When brainstorming for a large bird, there is one particular famous one who often comes to mind- therefore the studio created a large-scale Big Bird to drop loads (of luck) on the Secret Garden Partiers as they slid down a super fun slip-n-slide on a hill!

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk- Turn It Into a Celebrity like Artist Vivi Mac

Vivi Mac 1Vivi Mac 3 - milk

If you’ve ever thought that it’s too late to do something you’ve always wanted to- let this story be an inspiration to change your mind. With no formal art training, Vivi Mac is now a freelance artist. She has used blogs and Facebook to teach herself how to create portraits on paper and has now translated her knowledge to unique mediums of painting. Using a straw and liquids like milk, caramel sauce, and rum she has cleverly created celebrity portraits speed paintings. Appropriately titled Art Ephemere for their brief, transitory nature (since most are food items), her paintings are shockingly easy to recognize.